The Best Summer time Skincare Routine by Paula’s Selection


For the typical traveler, the word “routine” tends to churn up uneasy feelings. We favor to fly by the seat of our pants to normally be prepared for the subsequent spontaneous adventure to really feel free of charge and unrestricted.

But if I’ve come to discover something from a lot of years of continual travel, it is that a tiny bit of routine can go a Lengthy way in maintaining me sane, delighted and healthier (not to mention prepared for something).

You see, by getting even a handful of straightforward routines in location, I free of charge up extra of my mental faculties for the critical perform of mindfully taking in each and every and each new travel encounter.

Routines can also save us a hefty quantity of time, which can then be spent expanding our horizons even additional.

So just before you hop on your subsequent flight this summer season, I want to share with you the new skincare routine that is simplifying my life and altering the way I travel.

Summer Skincare Routine: The RESIST Travel Kit by Paula's Choice Skincare

But initially, a handful of critical messages…

The Duty of the Customer

My extended-time readers know by now that I’m rather discerning when it comes to my getting choices, regardless of whether I’m getting groceries, clothes, cosmetics, or something in in between.

I think we, as customers, have the energy to modify the globe by deciding upon extra meticulously exactly where our challenging-earned dollars go. When we assistance the people today, the businesses, and the industries that share our core values, we are sending the message, “Yes! I want extra of this!”

And the universe responds in type.

Even though I wasn’t normally so cautious with my money in the previous, these days I refuse to settle for brands with no social conscience. And thanks to sincere people today like Paula Begoun, creator of Paula’s Selection Skincare, I do not have to.

Introducing Paula’s Selection

Paula’s Selection Skincare was developed with a vision of assisting females shop for skincare items confidently buyer advocacy and education is at the forefront of all that they do.

As a young lady, Paula struggled with her personal skin problems such as eczema and acne and grew tired of getting only items that contained a laundry list of dangerous components like acetone.

Acetone…on your face?? That is the active ingredient in nail polish remover…yikes!

So Paula set out to modify the skincare game, making revolutionary items ranging from exfoliants to anti-aging options to cleansers and toners–all primarily based on peer-reviewed and published skincare study and free of charge from dangerous and irritating components.

A Simple Summer Skincare Routine by Paula's Choice

Rest assured realizing Paula’s Selection items:

  • Are manufactured in the USA
    • Due to the fact fair labor practices matter.
  • Are By no means tested on animals
    • As a participant in the Leaping Bunny System, Paula’s Selection has eliminated animal testing from their personal organization as nicely as their ingredient suppliers.
  • Are non-irritating
    • Paula’s Selection items are free of charge from added dyes, fragrances, or other components that can harm the wellness and function of your skin.
  • Come with a 100% dollars-back assure
    • Do not like your results? Get a complete refund or credit toward other items for products returned inside 60 days.

When we vote for accountable businesses with our dollars, we are telling other folks that they ought to rise to the occasion or be left behind.

Will you join me in the fight for elevated customer awareness and private duty?

A Perfect Summer Skincare Routine by Paula's Choice

A Summer time Skincare Routine I Can Stick To

My principal ambitions when it comes to a summer season skincare routine incorporate:

  • Much less time and significantly less fuss
    • I want to be out the door and on my way to the subsequent adventure, stat! We’re burning daylight, people today.
  • The capability to go makeup-free of charge
    • Smooth skin with an even tone implies I will not have to pile on the makeup, which will only melt off in the summer season heat anyway. In the summer season, makeup-free of charge is the way to be!
  • Traveling is a breeze
    • I do not want to travel with an complete vanity’s worth of items I’ll take a handful of I know I can trust and leave the rest at property. If they can travel in my carry-on bag (30 ml/1 fl oz), even superior!
  • Sun protection is a ought to
    • I under no circumstances leave the home with no wearing some kind of sun protection, specially on the delicate skin of my face and neck. Future me will be grateful for that.

Summer Skincare Routine by Paula's Choice Skincare

So, picture how excited I was to uncover out that the RESIST Travel Kit for Standard to Dry Skin met each and every and each one particular of my wants. This effortless-to-comply with routine rehydrated my skin (which can dry out all as well very easily in the intense summer season sun) and left it hunting smooth, supple, and dare I say…younger?

This kit contains a hydrating cleanser, an exfoliant, a daytime moisturizer with SPF 50, and a nighttime moisturizer with retinol.

It may possibly not sound like substantially, but the beauty is in its simplicity.

Here’s how I place the RESIST Travel Kit to use:

As I start winding down from a extended summer season day, my skincare routine starts with the hydrating, lotion-primarily based cleanser. This felt a bit strange for me at initially, considering the fact that it did not generate a lather like most cleansers I’d made use of previously.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

In truth, in the previous, I was convinced my skin was as well oily due to the fact it would normally seem shiny by the finish of the day. I now know that my skin was essentially SO DRY (due to the fact of the harsh drying components in the skincare items I swore by at the time) that it was crying out for aid, making an excess of oil only due to the fact I’d stripped it of its all-natural, healthier oils.

So now I make a point of maintaining my skin as hydrated as doable, each with items like this one particular and with suitable eating plan and water intake. For the ideal benefits, I normally use cleansers in conjunction with a facial brush for deeper extraction of dirt from my pores.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

Subsequent, I use the Each day Smoothing Therapy with five% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). This solution is developed to smooth wrinkles and reveal youthful, radiant skin.

I’m commonly a bit skeptical when it comes to such claims, but I’ll admit that I was SHOCKED at how my skin glowed the morning following I initially made use of this solution. For me, it is almost certainly the most potent solution in this kit–the one particular that actually permits me to skip the makeup the subsequent morning due to the fact every little thing is so even and smooth.

On the other hand, due to the fact the active ingredient in this exfoliant can enhance your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight and sunburn, I do not use this one particular in the course of the day, but only at evening.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

Ultimately, I finish my evening routine with the Barrier Repair Moisturizer which is meant to soften and smooth the skin of the face and neck. Due to the fact it includes retinol, I only use this one particular at evening just before bed (it is not encouraged to use retinol in the course of the day either, as it degrades swiftly in sunlight and can essentially have damaging effects).

When made use of correctly, however (at evening), retinol–a vitamin A derivative identified for reversing sun harm and indicators of aging–is a potent ingredient to have in your skincare arsenal.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

The subsequent morning, I start off my routine once more with the Hydrating Cleanser.

Soon after cleansing, the subsequent step in this super-straightforward morning routine is a layer of sun protection from the skin restoring moisturizer with SPF 50.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

It protects my skin beautifully with no the greasy look for which sunscreens are frequently notorious.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

At this point, I can pick out to add a light layer of makeup or go without–and in the summer season, I pretty much normally favor the latter. If my skin is glowing with all-natural beauty, why cover it up?

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

So, to recap the methods in this stupid-effortless summer season skincare routine:


  1. Optimal Benefits Hydrating Cleanser
  2. Each day Smoothing Therapy five% AHA
  3. Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol


  1. Optimal Benefits Hydrating Cleanser
  2. Skin Restoring Moisturizer SPF 50

And repeat!

The RESIST Travel Kit for Standard to Dry Skin will save you time and anxiety so you can maximize your enjoyable. Soon after all, is not that what summer season is all about?

A Sampling of Other Paula’s Selection Goods

In addition to the RESIST Travel Kit I got to test drive, Paula’s Selection sent me a handful of other items that will no doubt serve to improve my currently remarkable skincare routine: the RESIST Brightening Essence and the Radiance Renewal Mask.

Goods in the RESIST collection are developed for anti-aging, so the Brightening Essence, a silky, lightweight fluid made use of following cleansing, aids in this method by means of the use of antioxidants which aid to restore a healthier complexion.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

Just a handful of drops are sufficient to smooth more than the complete face this solution can be made use of morning and evening for optimal benefits. It is also modest sufficient to fly with you in your carry-on bag at just 30 ml volume (1 fl oz).

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

The Radiance Renewal Mask is not the type of mask that turns you into 1990s Jim Carrey for 10-15 minutes, but rather a further lightweight formulation that is meant to be applied as the incredibly final step in your nighttime routine after a week, no rinsing needed.

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine for Summer Travel

This is the only solution I sampled which would have to go in your checked baggage due to its slightly bigger size, but for trips shorter than one particular week, you wouldn’t want to tote it along anyway.

All round, I have been really pleased with Paula’s Selection items and the benefits I have observed in such a brief time.

My skin feels smooth and nicely-hydrated, and due to the fact I can forego makeup with this routine, I’m avoiding the breakouts and blackheads that have a tendency to outcome from blocked pores mingling with sweat (ahh, summer season).

If you are in the marketplace for an anti-aging skincare routine that essentially performs, from a organization that essentially cares, I cannot advocate Paula’s Selection very sufficient.

Pack the RESIST Travel Kit on your subsequent adventure and make the most of your summer season, all whilst hunting fabulous.

What do you usually appear for in a summer season skincare routine?

A simple 4-step skincare routine that's perfect for summer travel. Save time and have more adventures with the RESIST Travel Kit from Paula's Choice Skincare #ethicalbeauty #ethicalskincare #packing

Thank you to Paula’s Selection Skincare for sponsoring this post and making items we can really feel superior about employing all opinions expressed in this write-up are these of The Sweetest Way.


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