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There’s one particular certain Spanish meals I generally appear forward to when I’m going to Spain. It is anything no tapas spread is ever total devoid of – and no, I’m not speaking about sangria (although sangria generally has a spot at my table). Of course, I make an work to attempt the regional delicacies wherever I travel, but there’s one particular issue my belly cries for when it knows I’m going to Spain. Iberian ham, or Jamón Ibérico, is element of the culture and tradition of Spain’s individuals, inextricably woven into the history of Spanish gastronomy. I ate it at every single meal final time I was in Spain (no, seriously) and generally attempt to bring some back as a present. It never ever pretty tends to make it into the mouths of its intended receivers, though…

On a current day exploring Malaga, I was fortunate sufficient to do an Iberian ham tasting session and got to find out all about the diverse varieties. It seriously underlined how passionate the Spanish are about their cured meats – possibly much more passionate than the Brits when it comes to right brews or roast dinners. I discovered that carving is an art type and that not all Iberian ham is equal the excellent varies based on how the animal is reared and how ‘pure’ it is. It took a couple of bites, but as soon as it was pointed out to me I could totally taste the distinction.

Spanish tapas feast recipe ideas with ham

The EU and Spanish non-profit organisation ASICI (Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig) are carrying out their finest to highlight the worth of Iberian ham as one particular of the important ambassadors in the globe of Mediterranean gastronomy and to let individuals know that the Iberian ham marketplace focuses on sustainable production, exactly where animal welfare and traceability matter. As their European ‘Ham Passion Tour‘ comes to an finish, they sent me a couple of packs of the great stuff so I could relive my trips to Spain by producing my personal tapas feast at residence. Occasionally my job is so excellent.

I spent a lot of time reading diverse recipes and considering back to family members holidays to Spain, exactly where I’ve attempted Iberian ham in different restaurants. I wanted to produce the ultimate Spanish tapas evening with all genuine dishes. We whacked the heating up higher so it felt like we seriously have been living la Viva España and got cooking. I do really like a themed feast evening!

Spanish tapas recipe concepts

Right here are some effortless recipes you can copy to produce your personal Spanish tapas at residence, if you are dreaming of a fortnight in Costa del Sol but can only afford a trip to Asda.


Gambas Al Ajillo

This dish is so easy but so scrumptious. Fry fresh prawns in chopped garlic, salt, pepper and crushed chilli flakes. Attempt to ignore the smell, which will make you want to scoff the lot as quickly as they’re accomplished. Serve sizzling in the pan with fresh crusty bread.

Spanish tapas feast recipe ideas

Spanish tortilla

Fry finely sliced potatoes and onions in a pan for about 25 mins, and add beaten eggs. Cook for a different 20 minutes or so to type a firm omelette. Can be served hot or cold. Spanish tortilla generally reminds me of a college trip to San Sebastian when I was a kid, exactly where our host gave us tortilla sandwiches in our packed lunch every single day.

Spanish tapas feast recipe ideas

Pan con tomate

Not technically Spanish, this is essentially a standard Catalonian tapa that’s identified in Catalonia as pa amp tomàquet. It’s only as great as the components you use. Fresh vine tomatoes chopped and mixed with finely chopped garlic, a generous glug of olive oil, salt and pepper. Spoon more than huge chunks of toasted bread. I hammed mine up with some slithers of Iberian ham and can 100% propose.

Pan con tomate recipe

Meat and cheese board

I possibly do not want to inform you how to assemble a cheeseboard, but here’s what we place on ours: Manchego cheese (to tie in with our Spanish theme), the rest of the baguette from our tomato bread recipe, grapes, oranges, mini peppers, Iberian ham and other cured meats and cheeses. Ideal for when you are as well complete to consume a different issue, but want anything to choose at extended immediately after the hot dishes have disappeared.

Spanish tapas feast recipe ideas

Ham-wrapped bites

I’m not positive if there’s a name for these lazy recipes, but I also wrapped slithers of Iberian ham about grilled peaches and fresh melon, drizzled with honey and served in my finest bowl.

Spanish tapas feast recipe ideas

Ham croquetas

Croquetas need to be on every single tapas spread, but I really feel like we generally overlook about them in the UK. BBC Very good Meals has an effortless recipe.


We served all the things as it was prepared and scattered the table with assorted small bowls of marinated olives, crips and nuts for individuals to graze on more than the sangria.


Stick on a Spanish playlist and hunker down for a feast!

I really like the Mediterranean diet regime, do not you?! What are your favourite Spanish dishes?

This post is sponsored by the EU and the ASICI. Opinions are my personal.


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