Renting a Vehicle in Costa Rica: Ideal Ideas & Guidance


Driving in Costa Rica can be intimidating, but there’s no much better way to discover the nation. It provides you the freedom to cease and go as you please and keep at areas that tourist buses do not attain. Most roads are smooth and drivers have a tendency to drive cautiously comparing to other nations I drove in.

Nevertheless, you may well want to rent a 4×4 as an alternative of a standard vehicle, as quite a few roads are unpaved and can get muddy and unpassable. I’m glad we had a correct automobile as we had been in a position to cross paddles with no obtaining to be concerned about sinking.

Right here are some standard issues to know about renting a vehicle in Costa Rica in order to make your expertise smooth and hassle-free.

Renting a Vehicle in Costa Rica

Should really You Rent a Vehicle in Costa Rica?

Even though it is daunting to rent a vehicle anyplace in the globe, particularly as a 1st time visitor, obtaining your personal vehicle makes it possible for you to strategy your trips and visits according to your schedule. You do not have to rely on public transport timetables to get you exactly where you have to have to be.

Plus, regional buses are not the most comfy kind of transportation. I took some for the duration of my 1st check out to Costa Rica when I couldn’t drive and I possibly wouldn’t do it once again. They take a extended time, do not ordinarily cease for a bathroom break and can really feel incredibly cramped.

A lot of areas in Costa Rica are only accessible by vehicle, so unless you are organizing on sticking only to the tourist route you will not see the greatest of the nation. You could reserve a chauffeured transfer, but these largely run on the major roads and are not affordable. For a solo traveler or a couple, it tends to make no monetary sense.

waterfalls Costa Rica

Remote waterfall – we had been only in a position to check out it due to the fact we had a vehicle.

You should really be conscious that the roads can be a bit unpredictable considering that there are incredibly handful of roads indicators and not all of them in English. There are incredibly handful of street lamps, so driving at evening can be a bit difficult if you are not utilised to it. The highways might not be that significant so drive occasions might be longer than you anticipate.

Vehicle Rental Insurance coverage in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the government is mainly in charge of the liability insurance coverage, albeit only minimal coverage, of auto cars by means of the INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros). This legally mandatory insurance coverage only covers harm to other individuals, automobiles or house but does not truly cover your rented vehicle.

In order to cover your vehicle, you have the selection to appear into the optional insurance coverage presented by the rental vehicle organizations, with no which you might be totally accountable for all damages to the automobile.

In reality, most vehicle rental organizations have their personal insurance coverage policies that they’ll talk about with you. These are identified as Collision Damager Wavers, but do not extend to harm brought on by vandalism, negligence, road harm or theft. In order to get complete coverage for these, you have to have to appear for Zero Liability insurance coverage policy.

You can get covered by your credit card such as American Express, but this depends on the agreement you have with your card provider.

renting a car in costa rica

Do You Need to have a 4×4 in Costa Rica?

You might have heard that it is advisable to rent a 4×4 when searching to drive the roads in Costa Rica. It actually depends on exactly where do you want to go and far more importantly when. The major roads are normally in superior situation, so a 2WD should really do the trick and functions out less costly.

Nevertheless, fording rivers in the rainy season becomes substantially far more challenging with a 2WD automobile due to the enhanced flow of water. The rainy season extends from mid-May possibly to late November, but in some areas it may well rain unexpectedly all year round.

If you are organizing on driving to the Osa Peninsula or Monteverde you have to have 4WD considering that quite a few roads are unpaved. We wouldn’t have been in a position to attain some camping places in a standard vehicle.

Significant: If you do determine to cross a river, normally be positive to wade by means of 1st on foot to verify the depth, as most rental vehicle organizations will not cover any harm brought on by rivers.

Nomad America

driving in Costa Rica

Needs for Renting a Vehicle in Costa Rica

All you have to have in order to rent a vehicle in Costa Rica is a valid license from your house nation. There is no particular requirement to have an international driving license. It is advised to retain a copy of your passport on hand, as an officer might ask for it if you get pulled more than.

Ideal Vehicle Rental Organizations in Costa Rica

If you assume you can get a much better deal for a vehicle in individual in Costa Rica than on line you are incorrect. In case of Costa Rica, it is undoubtedly less costly to pre-book your vehicle on line. You can examine vehicle rental organizations at

Specially if you are flying into San Jose airport you will not come across any rental organizations at the airport, so they have to have to know you are coming and choose you up with a shuttle.

Adobe is a preferred rental vehicle organization in Costa Rica that is typically advised, but their rates have a tendency to be far more pricey for what you may well have to have.

For my second trip to Costa Rica, my husband and I opted for an FJ Cruiser with a tent on prime of it from Nomad America. The vehicle was definitely far more pricey than standard automobiles we could have located on line, but considering that we camped it saved us some dollars.

Car Rental Insurance in Costa Rica

Ideas for Driving in Costa Rica

  • You might want to make certain that any vehicle that you rent has a GPS incorporated or have a functioning WiFi connection to verify Google Maps.
  • The most crucial driving tip for Costa Rica is to watch out for potholes and speedbumps. They’re significant, they’re everywhere and not normally marked.
  • Getting parking was by no means an problem as all restaurants and hotels have a parking lot. We had to spend for parking at some national parks, but that is about it.
  • Costa Ricans enjoy passing even in areas exactly where you shouldn’t be passing other automobiles, such as uphill. Even though I do not propose performing it oneself you should really be conscious that locals may well attempt to pass you quite a few occasions, so keep alert.
  • You will encounter quite a few 1-lane bridges. Slow down when you are approaching it and see if there’s currently an individual approaching. If so, they have the proper of the way and you have to have to wait. If automobiles in front of you are currently moving, you can continue driving behind them.
  • If you are driving at evening, take precautions as some automobiles may well not have their lights on.
Palmito cheese

If you are driving you can choose up some common Costa Rican Palmito cheese sold on the side of the road.

Price of Renting a Vehicle in Costa Rica

Renting a vehicle in Costa Rica is surprisingly affordable. You can get a compact 4WD for as tiny as $20 a day, or get a larger campervan if you want to also save dollars on accommodation.

Preserve in thoughts that all gas stations in Costa Rica have the similar government-regulated rates so there’s no have to have to shop about. Rates will be all the similar and there will normally be an attendant who will fill up your vehicle, like anyplace else in Latin America. Make positive you have some money for it, as it is less complicated than hustling with a credit card.

Price can differ based on the season, so make positive you verify diverse rental organizations through and choose your greatest rental vehicle for Costa Rica.

 DON’T Neglect ABOUT TRAVEL Insurance coverage

Do not overlook to arrange overall health insurance coverage prior to heading to Costa Rica. The easiest and the most dependable insurance coverage is World Nomads Travel Insurance coverage. Get it before your trip to skip unnecessary troubles that may well ruin your holidays!

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