Panoramic views of Southern Laos


If a image is worth a 1000 words, then I bet panoramic shots are worth a lot a lot more. I certainly like panoramic shots, specially of picturesque landscapes. In some cases you just can not see the complete beauty of the spot with a single shot. In our current trip to Southern Laos, I couldn’t assistance but take lots of panoramic pictures, thanks to the function on our iPhone. Whilst I want I took a lot a lot more, right here are a couple of panoramic pictures that could possibly persuade you to pay a visit to Southern Laos.

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Wat Phu / Vat Phou

This is a photo of the lake just at the base of Wat Phu, which is a ruined Khmer temple complicated and a UNESCO globe heritage web page.

wat phu

Walking along the causeway path and up the stairs, we turned back and saw this view of the Wat Phu complicated. If you appear closely, you can see the temple ruins on either side of the tree in the middle.

vat phou

Phou Salao viewpoint

Perched on top rated of a hill, overlooking the Mekong river, the Lao-Nippon Bridge and town of Pakse is Wat Phou Salao. More than right here you will obtain a giant Buddha statue and many smaller sized ones. There is also a attractive temple. The view up right here is fairly fascinating as you can see.

Phou Salao

The viewpoint is very easily accessible from town. You can either take a automobile, a motorbike or if you are match adequate, hike up the mountain.

Khone Phapheng Falls

If there is 1 point you have to have to see even though in southern Laos, it is the Khone Phapheng waterfall. It is the biggest waterfall in all of Southeast Asia. That was a surprising truth for us at initial but when you are there and witness the monstrous raging rapids of the Mekong river, it is uncomplicated to see why that is.

Don Det

Don Det is 1 of the 4000 archipelago islands in the Mekong river. We stayed 1 evening a attractive hotel with a sunset view, overlooking the river and other islands.

Li Phi / Tat Somphamit Waterfalls

Soon after crossing more than to Don Khon from Don Det, we explored the Li Phi aka Somphamit waterfalls. It is 1 of the highlights of the 4000 islands.

You may well not be in a position to inform from the pictures, but the roaring rapids from the Mekong river coming down the inlets and by way of the rocks tends to make it a magnificent sight to behold.

Tad Gneuang waterfall

This was likely 1 of the most epic and awe-inspiring spots we visited on our trip by way of Southern Laos. It felt like we had been in a scene from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. The sheer all-natural beauty is just remarkable.

I have to break my panoramic shots to show you how attractive and majestic the waterfall right here definitely is.
laos waterfall

Sinouk Coffee Resort

Did you know Laos is also recognized for its production of coffee? Neither did we. They mostly generate Robusta and Arabica, ordinarily at higher altitudes like the Bolaven Plateau. It is the country’s fifth biggest export solution.

Right here we visited the Sinouk coffee resort exactly where you can keep and find out how they make their coffee.

Tad Hang Waterfall

A further beautiful waterfall worth going to in southern Laos. This 1 is portion of a total of three waterfalls in Salavanh province.

In this location, you will obtain guesthouses and resorts in conventional-style architecture. There’s also a incredibly cute village about the corner across a tiny bridge.

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