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Considering that my final post was a appear back at what I’ve accomplished, failed at and exactly where I’ve been in the previous 12 months, I figured my very first post of 2019 must concentrate on my dreams, objectives and plans for the year ahead. It is a tiny bit late, since I was unwinding in Saint Lucia for the very first week of the year. Sorry (but like, not that sorry).

I do not commonly share posts like this, partly since I do not want to bang on about myself as well considerably on the online, but mostly since I’m really not considerably of a aim getter. Does that surprise you?

2019 goals

Bbikini was a present from Noire Swimwear

Try to remember at college when teachers would force you to set oneself Wise objectives? I cannot even keep in mind what Wise stood for. A thing, Measurable, Achievable, Rotton, Torturous? Dunno. Anyway, I loathed it. I’m an ambitious gal, but I’ve in no way had considerably interest in in fact identifying what I want and how I’m gonna get it. My dreams are major and loose and abstract, and my objectives are not a thing I can define or quantify very easily. Life is not a checklist we’re all operating our way by way of! It is a messy adventure with hurdles, bridges, snakes and ladders – and I like it that way.

2019 goals

The other explanation I commonly stay clear of setting objectives like a colleague with a BO trouble is that I do not believe I’ve ever in fact met a ‘proper’ aim I’ve set for myself in my complete life. In truth, I’ve had to delete overly ambitious notes from my telephone when I’ve stumbled upon them months immediately after I produced them, mortified that I was ever so bold as to set myself such lofty targets. For me, objectives frequently finish up serving as reminders of my failures in life. Yeah, not so Wise.

2019 goals

Happily, my greatest successes in life have been purely accidental. That’s not to say that they haven’t been the outcome of challenging function – I’ve worked considering that I was 14 and will COME DOWN on any person who inquiries my function ethic – but my favourite achievements are not the items I’ve intentionally set out to do. They’ve commonly come about from some significantly less attainable but loosely associated lengthy-term aim that I was inching towards with pig-headed determination.

For instance, I in no way in fact believed Though I’m Young would be my job. When I began, I just hoped my weblog would be a hobby that possibly led to a cool job (not blogging, that is for confident). However right here I am receiving paid to go on press trips with tourism boards and travel brands and create about it right here. It blows my thoughts.

2019 goals

As I’ve got older (sob, I’ll be 27 extremely quickly), I’ve discovered that it is essential to celebrate the accidental successes in life – since from time to time they indicate exactly where you Should really be aiming, or open doors you weren’t even attempting to push by way of.

2019 goals

Anyway, adequate preaching from me about why not reaching your set objectives is not usually a terrible factor. Here’s what I’ve got planned for 2019. Perhaps I’ll smash these plans, or possibly fate will throw a thing unique my way. I’m excited to see!

2019 goals

My 2019 objectives

Pay a visit to 12 new destinations

Ambitious, considerably? This is the 1 resolution I make each and every year! I began the year in Saint Lucia so I’ve decided that counts as my very first location, but immediately after that the only trip I have booked is to Poland in March with Tom. I’m not considerably of a planner and commonly just book flights on a whim (commonly when ‘real life’ is receiving to me) but I’ve realised that my resistance to producing plans is stopping me from placing all my half-formed dreams in motion. So this year, I’m going to make confident I have a trip booked each and every month, either abroad or to discover someplace new in the UK. I want to see additional of Scotland in 2019, and lastly see the southern coast. So you can anticipate additional UK travel content material, but hopefully some major adventure stuff as well.

Top rated of my list when it comes to far-flung destinations is a US road trip (I’m open to suggestions for group tours), India (I’m reading Shantaram and it’s really promoting the nation to me) and Australia. I’ve currently been to Oz but I want to go back to pay a visit to my brother.

So considerably to see, so tiny time…


Relaunch my web site

For a extremely lengthy time, I’ve disliked how my web site appears and feels. It is in fact held me back from undertaking a lot of the stuff I’ve had on the backburner for a lengthy time. I’ve usually been a wordy particular person, but I’m not so great with the visuals so I’m operating with a pro to get Though I’m Young searching awesome. Any ideas are extremely welcome!

I cannot wait to share the new Though I’m Young with you. I’d also like to give additional, smaller sized bloggers the chance to have their function featured right here, so I’ll be hashing out the particulars of that as well. It will usually be my child, but I believe it is time that Though I’m Young grew up a bit. Following all, I have. I’m not the clueless 19 year old girl who began this web page any longer, thank god!


Invest additional time in Isle of Man – and create about it!

I’ve stated this each and every year for the previous 5 years most likely, but I truly want to devote additional time at dwelling with my mum and dad. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised how fortunate I was to develop up on an island. It is so secure and life is just extremely simple there. Living in England has truly opened my eyes to how simple I had it on ‘The Rock’!

In 2019 I want to take additional trips back to the island I grew up on, and remain for longer.

The factor that motivated me to make income from my weblog was that I wanted place independence and the capability to function from anyplace. At the time, I visualised ‘anywhere’ as getting a beach in Bali – but now I realise that whilst tropical destinations are enjoyable to pay a visit to, my life is not there. The truth I can function anyplace that has Wi-Fi must imply that I devote additional time with my loved ones.


Book our wedding

I haven’t shared any weblog posts about our wedding arranging method however since very honestly, it is been truly challenging! I do not want to publish weblog posts about arranging a location wedding till I’m in fact succeeding at the method, and at the moment I’m not. We’ve run into a lot of hurdles attempting to book the wedding we truly want, but we must be capable to lock every little thing in more than the subsequent 12 months. I’ll let you know when I do!


Pass my driving test

Ugh, this. Nevertheless at it. Nevertheless hate it. One particular day.


Pay a visit to South America

Each traveller has a ‘big one’, a bucket list location that they’re just inexplicably drawn towards. I realise that naming an complete continent as my dream location is vague, but I honestly do not know exactly where I’d most like to pay a visit to in South America. I’m open to ideas! I’d in fact very like to attempt a group tour with other men and women about my age, since I’m not brave adequate to ‘do’ South America solo and I’d really like to relive my backpacking days. I really feel like group travel in your 20s is such a bucket list expertise!


Figure out what I’m undertaking with my hair

I’ve usually been awful at styling my hair. I’m as well lazy to go by way of a rigourous blowdry and style regime, but I will need some sort of go-to style that does not scream ‘wandered out of a jungle’ so considerably. 2019 is the year I’m going to spend far better consideration to my mane.


Get rid of additional stuff

I have way as well considerably stuff. It is a very first globe trouble, but it genuinely stresses me out. I’m continually placing garments into bags for charity but it nevertheless appears to mount up – and I’m not even considerably of a shopper, so I do not know how it occurs. This year, I want to give additional to charity, and quit kidding myself that I’ll sell stuff on ebay. I’ve attempted all the unique apps for promoting garments and have in no way had considerably luck, so it is all going straight to a charity shop as quickly as I’ve decided I do not will need it any longer.

Does any person else just really feel like it is a lot easier to breathe when they’re not surrounded by crap they do not will need? In truth, this is 1 of the causes I wrote a present guide that solely functions ‘experience’ primarily based present tips. No one wants additional material possessions.


Do a thing major for charity

I in fact have  a ‘thing’ in thoughts, but I’m scared to sign up for it at the moment. It is on my to-do list for 2019, and my dad will be by my side on the day so it will really feel additional particular. I’ll let you know about that as quickly as I’ve tossed my name in the hat!


What are your plans, dreams and objectives for 2019? I’d really like to hear them!

2019 goals

2019 goals


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