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Ever raised an eyebrow at the cost of a meal on vacation? Spare a believed for these that reside there. The Economist Intelligence Unit has published its annual Worldwide Price of Living survey and it tends to make for really fascinating reading.

The survey was developed to assist providers calculate expense-of-living for expatriates and small business travellers. Comparing the expense of 160 things, such as meals, drink, transport, utility bills and rent in 133 cities, it tracks no matter whether costs have gone up or down by comparing them with their equivalents in New York, which is applied as a benchmark.

The title of most costly city is shared by Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore — the 1st time in the survey’s 30-year history that 3 cities share the leading spot.

Right here are the leading ten most costly cities (properly, essentially it is eleven… simply because tenth location is tied!):

1.= Singapore (Singapore)

The worldwide monetary centre comes with a tropical climate, a multicultural population and soaring living expenses. The small business-friendly island city state continues to hold its quantity one particular spot for the fifth year operating.

1.= Paris

The epicentre of art, style, gastronomy and culture, Paris is a vacation rite of passage. With its chic café culture and designer boutiques, it is one particular of the most well known tourist cities in the globe. It is also now the joint most costly to reside in.

1.= Hong Kong

With a major port and a skyscraper-clad skyline, the former British colony is a buzzing monetary hub. Jumping 3 locations from its 2018 position, the Pearl of the Orient now shares the crown of the most costly city in the globe.

four. Zurich

Set to the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps, and embracing a dazzlingly pristine lake, Zurich is a image-great medieval city. Conventional however effective, historic however modern day, it is a core of finance and banking, and now ranks as the fourth most costly city.

five.= Geneva

The second Swiss city to function in the leading ten, Geneva also enjoys dramatic views of the Alps. Renowned for its luxury watches and gourmet chocolate, it is also a diplomatic hub, with many worldwide organisations, charities and institutions headquartered right here.

five.= Osaka

With its modern day architecture, vibrant nightlife and hearty street meals, Osaka is a thriving port city. Encircled by a moat and scattered with cherry blossom trees, the fifth most costly city is a blend of 16th history and sprawling tower blocks.

7.= Seoul

Glistening skyscrapers, futuristic purchasing malls and pop culture mingle with Buddhist temples, ancient palaces and crowded street markets in this Asian metropolis. A culture bent on challenging function and accomplishment tends to make Seoul a thriving small business centre and it prices as the seventh most costly city in the index.

7.= Copenhagen

With its cool Scandi vibe, cutting edge minimalist style and revolutionary cuisine, the Danish capital is a fantastic city to stop by and reside in. When taxes are higher, healthcare and transport are exceptional, and locals do not look place off by its ranking as the joint seventh most costly location in the globe: Danes are regularly voted the happiest population in the globe.

7.= New York

Purchasing, culture and commerce – it is all to be discovered in the Major Apple. Encompassing the sweeping beaches of Lengthy Island, the towering offices of Manhattan and the vibrant lights of Broadway, NYC is a 24/7 city loved by numerous. Moving up six locations to seventh in the ranking, life in the Empire State is not low-cost, having said that.

10.= Tel Aviv

With its stark 1930s Bauhaus buildings, cultural centres and museums, as properly as its balmy Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv is a well known location for expats and travellers alike. The only Middle Eastern city in the leading ten, its rise in expense of living is due to an appreciation in the Shekel, as properly as other higher expenses certain to Tel Aviv, such as acquiring, insuring and sustaining a automobile, which “push transport expenses 64% above New York prices”.

10.= Los Angeles

The US capital of film and tv, LA is dwelling to the most popular studios in the globe Paramount Photos, Universal and Warner Brothers are all to be discovered right here. Hip shops, glamourous beaches and celebrity packed neighbourhoods make the Californian City of Angels an fascinating location to reside. Its fashionable life-style, coupled with the rise in the US dollar cost, push LA up 4 locations to quantity ten in the ranking.

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