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This month, I’m dipping a toe in the water as a freelancer once more to see how it feels.

I’ve got just 1 client and am performing a quite light quantity of function, but I have to say, it is been actually enjoyable so far.

It is also a way to lift the burden off my weblog as my sole supply of revenue, and I have to be truthful, it is a relief to know that freelancing is very easily inside attain ought to I ever need to have the added revenue.

Thanks to my previous freelancing endeavors, I’ve constructed adequate of a reputation to nonetheless be getting referrals from mates and fellow bloggers.

Prior to going all in with my weblog, I spent a couple of years operating as a Pinterest VA and fortunately, there is an ongoing need to have for this service amongst bloggers (and any small business that has a web site, actually).

So as soon as once more, I get to commit time making wonderful graphics, scrolling by way of travel articles, and placing my tough-won Pinterest expertise to function to enable a fellow blogger attain their objectives.

It is 1 of the areas I really feel actually comfy and confident in my skills.

I produced the choice final April to start blogging complete-time, but more than the year that followed, I grew to resent my weblog additional than something else. I guess I liked the Notion of becoming a complete-time blogger additional than I liked it in practice.

The stress to develop my revenue month more than month wound up sucking all the enjoyable out of an activity I as soon as loved.

Writing became a chore I felt as even though I had to conform to what the blogging authorities told me to do (Stick to your niche!!! By no means stray from your niche!!!1!!1) and the words that as soon as flowed freely from my fingertips left me in a puff of smoke.

I wrote a couple of blogging revenue reports, which several folks identified valuable but in the end weren’t motivating me in the way I hoped they would.

It took me several months and a lot of quiet contemplation ahead of I would let myself admit that complete-time blogging wasn’t in fact the path I was meant to take.

Why I started freelancing again

From exactly where I sat, it basically looked like I was failing.

My site visitors remained relatively steady, in spite of my very best efforts to boost my Search engine marketing (even investing in Search engine marketing consulting for several months), use superior key phrases, be additional active on Pinterest, get my name into massive publications and so on.

I poured tons of power into constructing my current Instagram account, attempting each new approach I could believe of, which includes several I generally swore I’d never ever use. In the finish, I produced quite tiny progress and began to neglect why I even cared about Instagram results in the initially spot.

I also started questioning specifically what type of influence I actually wanted to have on these reading my content material, and no matter if my present posts have been accomplishing that.

In spite of the lack of development in terms of followers and site visitors, I continued to have lots of possibilities to companion with brands that I really like, which was most likely the 1 factor that kept me moving forward even when my heart was whispering to me to chart a new course.

But the sheen of all of that gradually began to fade.

I hated how a lot I cared about numbers and how a lot of my day was spent worrying about my weblog. If I wasn’t operating on it, I was pondering about it–all the emails I necessary to respond to, how to boost this or that, an old weblog post that necessary to be updated, or how I was going to increase my revenue in a sustainable way.

I hated how normally I was on my telephone. I hated that checking Instagram had grow to be my initially priority of the day, ahead of I ever even got out of bed in the morning.

It became blatantly clear that blogging this way wasn’t producing me really feel fantastic any longer, and it was nonetheless tough to modify my mindset about it.

For instance, the aggravation of losing followers on Instagram just simply because I didn’t post for a couple of days never ever stung any much less. Reading “inspirational” stories about bloggers earning 10K per month never ever ceased to depress me.

And while I evaluate myself to other people far much less normally now, I nonetheless have moments of weakness–I nonetheless let others’ results (or numbers, rather) make me really feel inferior, each as soon as in awhile.

I’m only human, soon after all.

Why I started freelancing again

I’m capable to see the complete image a lot additional clearly now even though, and I know that my weblog stalled basically simply because my heart wasn’t 100% on board with my strategy.

I have other passions I want to pursue. I need to have to give my thoughts, physique, and soul the nourishment they need to have, and these wants are not becoming met by way of complete-time blogging.

There are larger and superior issues out there for me. I may possibly not know what they are just but, but I’m moving into the second half of the year with an open heart, prepared to acquire the gifts the universe has in shop for me.

I’ll never ever believe of the final year as a error, but as just yet another stepping stone on the path to exactly where I’m meant to be. Progress.

Freelancing is yet another 1 of the stepping stones I’ll take to attain my subsequent chapter.

If you, like me, are experiencing a period of transition suitable now, know that you are not alone and that it is completely okay to experiment with as several issues as you like till you obtain anything worth pouring your complete self into.

In reality, you owe it to your self.

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. -Khalil Gibran


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