How To Cross From Israel Into Egypt


How To Cross From Israel Into Egypt - Sinai/Taba Border

Hey guys! As numerous of you know by following my Instagram account @hofitkimcohen, I just got back from a three.five weeks trip to Israel, Egypt and Paris. Egypt was definitely NOT in the program, in truth, for all I knew, I didn’t even feel it was protected to pay a visit to, let alone for Israelis and particularly not as very simple as from the border of Eliat and Sinai.

Spontaneous Trip To Sinai, Eygpt (Security/Price)

How To Cross From Israel Into Egypt - Sinai/Taba Border - Hofit Kim Cohen

I originally came to Israel on the hopes that I could ultimately pay a visit to Petra, Jordan but heard numerous rumors that it wasn’t protected for Israelis. Nevertheless, if you are not Israeli, I’m certain it is fairly protected.

I was nevertheless toying about with the concept of going, having said that, that all changed on a wonderful Saturday morning when my mom had invited my favored childhood family members to pay a visit to us. My mom’s most effective good friends asked me why do not I go to Sinai in Egypt. She had just gotten back from an incredible trip out there and it was her 3rd trip more than the final handful of months.

I believed she was crazy for going simply because from what I keep in mind Israelis/people today (but mostly Israelis) utilised to pay a visit to Sinai about 30-40 years ago and it was the taking place spot but due to terrorist attack and such, they’ve all stopped going.

She was explaining to be that it is super affordable, she stated you can get a beach hut also identified as a “Husha” for 60 Shekels, I stated to her, “$60? You imply?”, she stated no, “60 Shekels!”, I believed that was crazy. That is about $16! She started telling me what an incredible spot it was, how affordable it was and by the time she left, she had generally sold me on it. I began asking my mom to discover out how protected it actually is, she showed me pictures of numerous Israeli celebrities there and her good friends going to there with their babies, so I figured if people today are bringing their babies, It is Secure!

Exactly where I Stayed

Sofitel Taba Heights - Sinai, Egypt (Hofit Kim Cohen - Vanilla Sky Dreaming)

So I booked a three-evening remain at the Sofitel Taba Heights, a luxury five-star resort simply because I figured if a 60 shekel remain on the beach was a factor, which is a two-three star expierence, I wondered what a five-star hotel would expense, turns out it begins at $58 a evening! At a wonderful enormous resort on the beach. SOLD!

Crossing The Border From Israel to Eygpt (Eilat to Taba)

My mom’s buddy briefly explained to me the course of action of walking across the border, YES, you have to physically stroll across the border. But I’ll be sincere with you, I was nevertheless nervous and confused about it, particularly because I was traveling solo as a female and as an Israeli.

So right here are the actions into going to Sinai, Eygpt and physically crossing the border.

BY Automobile:

Not numerous do this simply because it is honestly a waste of dollars, but if you want, you can rent a car or truck and drive to Eilat which will take you 5hrs. Nevertheless, you can not drive your car or truck into Sinai, you’d have to leave it in Eilat, Israel till you get back, so for expense purposes, it is personally pointless and a waste of dollars, but can be performed. I’m just not certain exactly where you would park your car or truck all these days with out it acquiring towed…which is why 90% of people today take the bus.


1st points very first, you will will need to obtain a bus ticket to Eilat that will leave from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. This must definitely be performed on the internet simply because space is restricted. I would book a ticket two days just before if you want to get a decent time.

Weekends sell out quicker.

Obtain TICKET Right here

  • 1-Way is 70 shekels / Round-Trip 112 shekels

There are buses that leave the Tel Aviv central bus station to Eilat pretty much just about every hour, having said that, also take into consideration that it requires five-6hrs to get to Eilat by bus. The bus does make two most important stops for bathroom use and grabbing some meals, every quit is about 15mins, plus in numerous instances, it also picks up other people today on the way and drops them off.

You also will need to take into consideration that as soon as you get to the central bus station in Eilat it will in all probability take you 40-60mins to grab a taxi and drive more than to the border and then go by means of the border which may possibly have a extended line or not and then get transportation to your hotel, so ideally, you want to leave Tel Aviv early!

Most people today which includes myself, usually leave Tel Aviv central station involving 6am-9am.

I took the 8am bus and got there at 1:30pm, took one more hour to get to the border simply because taxis had been really hard to discover and then completed the border immigration at three:30pm and got to my hotel space at about four:30pm which was through sunset time (Sept time).

When you have bought your ticket on the internet, you will get a confirmation quantity by e-mail which will be pretty significant for choosing up your ticket.

When you get to the Tel Aviv central bus station, you are gonna wanna go all the way to the major floor and print out your ticket by means of the machines subsequent to the ticket booth employing your order #.

***As a security precaution, please do not wonder also considerably in the central station unless you are at the major floor exactly where you see alot of people today. The central station is not positioned in the most effective location, but do not be concerned, you will be protected. Just go exactly where absolutely everyone else goes and you will be fine.

When you have your ticket printed, you will discover your bus seat quantity and also the gate that the bus will be leaving from.

Then you are on your way to Eilat. Love the view &#x1f642

Arriving To Eilat 

When you arrive to Eilat’s ultimately quit which is the Eilat Central Station, you will attempt to grab a taxi and inform them you want to go to the Eygpt/Sinai border.

I think my cab ride expense about 55 shekels but there was site visitors. He initially stated it would expense 70 shekels.

Like I described earlier this is about a 30min drive (give or take).

Arriving To Sinai Border 

When you get to the border, there are a handful of actions/buildings you will have to go by means of.

The very first is a safety checkpoint from Israel.

Suitable immediately after that, you will have to spend taxes of 100 shekels I think for tax purposes.

Then you will comply with the sign that says Egypt ——-&gt

Then you will have to go by means of one more safety checkpoint which would be the Eygpt safety point.

This kinda got confusing to me simply because there is not actually a individual telling you exactly where to go or when you are really officially completed but just hold walking…there are about three-four buildings you have to go by means of and in involving, you are really walking outdoors.

Then you will stroll by means of the Egyptian immigration/ customs creating, that says Eygpt, exactly where you will have to fill out a custom paper (have a pen on you).

Now just before you go by means of and really line up to get your passport stamped, there is a side window exactly where you can exchange dollars which you will will need if you didn’t do it back in Israel. This window does not say “Exchange” or something lol, so you are just gonna have to go and ask if its the actual window exactly where they exchange the dollars.

I produced the error of walking by means of, acquiring my passport stamped and then acquiring all confused on exactly where the currency exchange really occurs and had to go back to it lol. It is kinda odd simply because like I stated earlier, no a single actually tells you exactly where to go or if you are going the proper way. Several points do not have indicators and you hold pondering you are performed and you are not….that is the middle east for ya lol.

Ok, so now that you have passed all these levels, once again, you get a bit confused, as to what now, you are in a spot that appears like a parking lot but hold going straight, which is the final quit exactly where they verify your passport stamp to make certain you did it all proper and as soon as you did that you will see that, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY IN EYGPT!

***As a side note, this does not give you an official visa to pay a visit to all of Eygpt, this enables you to pay a visit to Sinai. There is a diverse spot you have to go to get a Cario VISA which is immediately after you have crossed all these levels.

Arriving To Sinai &amp Transportation 

Now it is time to grab a taxi to your hotel, resort or “Husha”.

There are two techniques about this, a private taxi which is regarded pricey AF in Egyptian land, but not also undesirable for the typical individual. On the way back to Israel I ordered a single of them and it expense me 450 Egyptian pound AKA Lira, which is about $25 from Taba. However, the additional common way of undertaking it is by a shared taxi which requires a handful of travelers and drops them off on the way. The only downfall to this is that they want the entire taxi van to be complete, so they may well wait till additional travelers come but this is by far the most common and least expensive way. You may well also have to use your bargaining capabilities.

To my hotel, it expense 40 Egyptian pounds! Which is only $two and it was a 30-40min drive. I later located out that some people today even paid as low as 20 Egyptian pound which is a $1.

This shared taxi/bus tends to make diverse stops all more than Sinai, it drops people today off at Taba, Nueva &amp Dahab, which does modify the value, but once again not by considerably. I feel Dahab which was the furthest was only 60 Egyptian pounds.


Ahead of you feel it is more than which for a moment, I pretty much believed it was. Following you spend the taxi driver and he collects all the dollars. He will ask absolutely everyone to fill out a piece of paper that has your information and facts, name, passport quantity, and so on.

There is also one more safety quit on the way that at present expense 400 Egyptian pounds (Sept.2018). Without the need of paying it, you can not enter Egypt. I heard that a handful of months back it was only 100 Egyptian pounds, so this may possibly modify.


Love your time in Sinai!

If you have any queries, please really feel free of charge to ask them beneath &lt3


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