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I’m in enjoy with extended, shiny, silky and – most of all – healthier hair!


I say “yes” to light and wavy hair and “no” to split ends and broken hair. This is why I have lately engaged with the robust care of my hair. As a lady who is a super-fan of alterations and experiments with different hair lengths, I represented the “short hair, do not care” slogan final year. I had my hair reduce extremely quick and with bangs – with no hair dyes at all!-. It was a entirely new “me” but I didn’t push it away. As an alternative, I embraced it with enthusiasm, recognizing that in this way, I could refresh my hair, bringing my all-natural hair colour back also.


But this was just the preparation stage for my final objective: Increasing MY HAIR.


My objective was to attain the fantastic hair length as rapid as attainable and at the very same time, maintain my hair gorgeous. It sounds amazing, appropriate? Having said that, I knew from the start out that it wasn’t going to be quick and my hair would be broken due to the intense way of living and the unstoppable travelling I do. Just take into consideration the pollution, the climate alterations and styling solutions that are initial on my each day list. So, you think about that I was conscious of the reality that the longer my hair was, the extra it would be “harmed”.


In practice even though, this method wasn’t so pessimistic as it seemed. This is mainly because I had by side two highly effective supporters: the loved ones of Kérastase and my hairdresser, Stamatis Karaiskos, who is the Ambassador of the brand in Greece and the owner of my favourite location on earth, Sadhu Hair.


You currently know that I share with you my hair alterations by Stamatis on my INSTAGRAM account.



The query is: Was it quick to make my hair develop?

This summer season, just just before my Epic Road Trip in the USA, I began a customized hair strengthening system with the Résistance Extentioniste line a new hair care collection, particularly developed to enhance the beauty of your hair. It is not a straightforward hair remedy, but extra, an workout-like hair system to 3 major points: the root, the shags and hair suggestions.


DAY 1: The #LongHair method began in the middle of June at Sadhu exactly where Stamatis or my hair coach – yes, you can contact him that way- place the Kérastase Extentioniste Protocol into practice. The “training” began with my hair strengthening, robust repair and preparation. With each other with Stamatis, we set the objective for my dreamy hair length.


At this point, my hair length was 42,5cm. 

WEEKS 1-eight:  So, I followed a strengthening system each at property and throughout my trips, employing exclusively the Résistance Extentioniste line. It includes 3 astounding solutions: The Bain Extentioniste shampoo which is enriched with taurine in order to “wake up” the scalp and the hair, the CREATINE RTM mask and maleic acid to empower the lengths and hair trips as effectively as the Sérum to make the hair stronger even from the root.

Two months later, I paid yet another pay a visit to to Sadhu Hair to refollow the hair protocol and to get my benefits estimated, with a tape measure.

At this point, two months later, my hair length was 46cm.

My hair was three,5cm longer! 

DAY 90: 3 months right after the implementation of Résistance Extentioniste Protocol, my hair was four,five cm longer. It even surpassed the initial guarantee of the brand with a half cm longer!

My hairdresser’s estimation was total and of course, good: 99% much less broken hair suggestions and 78% much less split ends!




With fantastic care at Sadhu as effectively as at property, obtaining the solutions with me on each trip throughout this time, I Produced MY HAIR Develop and I now have the hair I dreamed of: extended, healthier and super silky! #TeamLongHair


Translation: Adriana Argyropoulou


Maria Kalymnou

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