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Sakura Spa Pune Entrance

Sakura Spa at Marriott Suites Pune is your finest bet in Koregaon Park if in search of more than the top rated facials and physique remedies. A pampering voyage that started, the moment I stepped onto the other side of the teak door, into a tranquil space of a lavishly drenched Spa. The 1st factor I noticed upon getting into the Spa was the gigantic Buddha statue that quickly helped me unwind just before I approached the reception and the therapy area.

Sakura Spa Pune Buddha

In point of reality, the healing remedies of Sakura Spa at Marriott Suites Pune inspire discerning travellers like me, to get to practice mindful meditation by putting the correct components at the correct spot. No matter whether Cleopatra or Uma Thurman, radiance-boosting facials have been touted for centuries by the royalties and celebs as a portion of their lavish beauty routine. As a result, for the duration of my keep at Marriott Suites Pune, I could not resist the ridiculously indulgent Thalgo facial.

Absolute Soothing Facial Sakura Spa

A therapy that started with Satyajit Kawade, the Spa manager presenting me with a consultation type that delves into our health-related history and skin connected challenges. A terrific initiative as your consultation type aids the manager to determine which therapy would be best suited for your skin sort.

Sakura Spa Pune Thalgo Products

Embracing indigenous traditions, Sakura Spa requires pride in authenticating wellness by incorporating Thalgo skincare solutions into each and every one particular of their therapies. And so, to definitely pamper my skin, I opted for the Absolute Multi Soothing facial meant to heal, ‘dry and sensitive’ skin in a matter of sixty minutes. Not so lengthy immediately after, I was ‘convoyed’ to the luxe therapy area basking in the subtle shades of red and gold.

Sakura Spa Pune Spa Room

Encounter: The Absolute Multi Soothing facial began with my therapist pressing the acupressure points in and about my face, to enable me slip into deep relaxation. Followed by a Thalgo face massage stated to boost circulation, restore power, soften tight muscle tissues, lighten blemishes, and naturally exfoliate the dead skin. Additionally, the facial is capped off by a neck, complete-arms, and a back massage to enable release any physique ache.

Sakura Spa Pune Absolute Multi Soothing Facial

From the way my face felt immediately after the facial, I’d say a skin or face therapy at Sakura Spa in Marriott Suites Pune is ‘certainly’ worth just about every penny you devote.

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