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When I very first started blogging in late 2013, I never ever could have guessed just how quite a few new expertise I would discover (out of each necessity and interest) along the way.

Nor did I completely comprehend just how quite a few tasks went hand-in-hand with operating a weblog as a small business.

With pretty tiny expertise when it came to something personal computer-connected, I’d have to do an huge quantity of “on the job” coaching.

I’d have to get started Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts in order to share my content material a lot more broadly and connect with my audience ’round the clock.

I’d will need to discover the ins and outs of subjects like Search Engine Optimization, HTML, and e mail advertising and marketing. 

I’d have to make captivating visual content material in the kind of higher-excellent photography and personal computer graphics to accompany the written content material I was currently publishing.

In hindsight, it is dizzying how a lot I had to discover in order to develop a weblog that was extensively study and lucrative.

And you never ever seriously cease finding out, of course–I’m nevertheless operating to enhance all of these expertise and obtain new ones on a every day basis.

Fortunately, I have a single pretty strong secret weapon that has been in my toolkit due to the fact the pretty starting, and that secret weapon is a tiny system called…

Why Every Blogger Needs to Start Using The New PicMonkey for Design Projects


“Soo, what’s PicMonkey and why must I care?”

If you are a blogger your self, I have no doubt you have heard this name ahead of.

Although nevertheless a relatively new firm at just six years old, PicMonkey has been a mainstay in my arsenal due to the fact my blog’s earliest days and is common amongst content material creators across all niches.

It is an on line photo editor and a graphic design and style tool (picture a thing like Photoshop but devoid of the higher cost tag and steep finding out curve) that has produced content material creation speedy, painless, and accessible to anyone–with or devoid of a background in the digital arts.

I never ever believed I’d be attempting cool black and white double exposures, but appear at me now!

A double exposure created in the New PicMonkey

And even when competitors would spring onto the scene, I generally stuck by PicMonkey for its ease of use and affordability. I even became an affiliate, recommending it to other bloggers anytime I got the opportunity.

Particularly when your weblog is brand-spanking new and you do not have a lot of dollars to invest, it is comforting to know you can nevertheless design and style skilled graphics devoid of feeling the pinch on your wallet, so I wanted to spread the great word to other people who’d been in my position.

To give you an thought of how precious terrific design and style can be, here’s a pin I made in PicMonkey a handful of years ago that has due to the fact generated upwards of 100,000 web page views for my web page. That translates to a LOT of ad and affiliate income, my mates.

If you have utilised PicMonkey in the previous but weren’t convinced, then I’ve got Wonderful news for you. Simply because I’ll admit, as well, that PicMonkey has had its limitations and increasing pains in the previous.

But this year, they’ve decided to rebuild the system from the ground up to make it larger, far better, and more quickly than EVER ahead of.

Yep, you study that right–they’re rebuilding PicMonkey from the ground up. In quite a few methods, it is like working with a entire new system!

Subscribe to PicMonkey now for three cost-free months!

And due to the fact they’ve permitted customers access to the New PicMonkey even though it is nevertheless in Beta, that signifies individuals like you and me have had a exclusive chance to contribute our thoughts and feedback to the PicMonkey group all through this rebuilding procedure.

In reality, that is a single of the factors I’ll generally be loyal to PicMonkey–because it is clear to me that they care about OUR expertise and are not just generating assumptions about what we want or will need from an editing app.

They’re ASKING us straight and integrating our concepts into their solution.

The way it must be, correct?

Back in April, I had a opportunity to take a look at PicMonkey HQ in Seattle, Washington. There, alongside PicMonkey designers and developers, we place the new system to the test and discovered about all of its superb new options as nicely as their plans for the future.

Here’s a tiny design and style I whipped up to use in my Instagram Stories:

Designing with the New PicMonkey at PicMonkey HQ in Seattle, Washington

Fairly cool, huh?

When we ran into factors that didn’t function so nicely (which is to be anticipated in a beta phase of computer software improvement), we have been in a position to offer that feedback to the group and get immediate confirmation of their plans to enhance upon it.

Our opinions felt valued and our voices heard. More than the weeks that followed, they granted a lot more and a lot more customers access to the New PicMonkey Beta to hold gathering this kind of feedback.

Now that we’re a handful of months additional down the road, the system is coming collectively very nicely, with smoother functionality, new options becoming added virtually every day, and a vision of the New PicMonkey taking shape ahead of our eyes.

And in case you haven’t had a opportunity to attempt it for your self just but, enable me to confirm:

Yes, it seriously is far better than ever ahead of.

Designing unique graphics with New PicMonkey

What’s New in the New PicMonkey

At the finish of this post, you will discover a video exactly where I demonstrate just a single of the quite a few methods I personally use New PicMonkey to make Pinterest graphics that assist my weblog stand out from the crowd.

But due to the fact there are so quite a few cool new options that I cannot possibly cover them all in a single video, here’s a speedy overview of the insane design and style energy you are going to have at your fingertips when you sign up:

The Hub: All your projects will be saved automatically to The Hub, so your styles will generally be there for you to edit and re-edit, or access from your mobile device. Huzzah!

Expandable Canvas: Did you settle on a particular set of dimensions for your design and style and then alter your thoughts? You can now resize any canvas to be smaller sized OR bigger. Just hit the Crop button and drag the corners of your canvas outward till you have reached your preferred size–there’s no will need to get started more than.

Grouping: Want to apply the very same set of effects to various components? Want to move them as a single unit? Group as quite a few components as you like, and then ungroup them later if you like!

Apply Effects to Something: Add effects, adjustments, and textures to ANY portion of your design and style. Text, photos, overlays, you name it!

Re-Kind Text With Similar Edits Applied: Make edits to a text box, such as adding a texture or even erasing. If you choose you want to alter the text, the very same edits will nevertheless be applied to the new!

Curved Text: I’ve been waiting for this function! Add a curve to your text for some additional flair. You know you wanna.

For a lot more tutorials and enjoyable concepts for taking your design and style expertise to the subsequent level, be certain to verify out the PicMonkey weblog.

As I pointed out, New PicMonkey is nevertheless in the functions, but you can get exclusive access ahead of absolutely everyone else.

If you subscribe with this hyperlink inside 48 hours, PicMonkey will tack on three cost-free months!

This hyperlink gets you access to Beta, so register with that. Then to take benefit of the present, just go to from your desktop to subscribe.

How I Use PicMonkey to Develop My Weblog with Pinterest

In the video under, stick to along as I take you via my design and style procedure for generating Pinterest graphics even though highlighting some of PicMonkey’s coolest new options.

A Couple of Crucial Notes About This Video

• Yes, this is seriously how extended it requires me to make a brand new pin, unless I’m operating with a template. Then I make minor alterations to the design and style so I can A/B test two pins for each and every weblog post. The second pin commonly requires just a handful of minutes.

• The dimensions of PicMonkey’s Medium Pinterest canvas are 600 x 1260.

• Keyboard shortcuts I utilised (Mac):

  • Copy: Command + C
  • Paste: Command + V
  • Move an element freely devoid of alignment assist: Hold ‘Control’ important
  • Undo: Command + Z

• Here’s a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Computer customers.

• When I added the very first overlay and then copied it (7:00), this was of course not the most effective way to do factors. It would have been a lot much easier to erase each edges of the very same overlay. I mainly just wanted a opportunity to demonstrate a handful of keyboard shortcuts as nicely as how to group layers (you can also ungroup them at any time).

• I was wrong–you CAN alter your browser settings so that you will generally be asked exactly where you want to save your files, as an alternative of sending them to your downloads folder. Adhere to this hyperlink for guidelines for Chrome. It is life-altering!

• Why did it take me so extended to discover the correct purple?? Sorry for the unnecessary hemming and hawing. Hopefully my facial expressions have been entertaining at least.

Prepared to attempt New PicMonkey for your self? Here’s that sign up hyperlink a single a lot more time. If you subscribe with this hyperlink in the subsequent 48 hours, PicMonkey will reward you with 3 months cost-free.

What will YOU design and style with this awesome tool?

Designing Pinterest Graphics and More in the New PicMonkey! Tutorial video included! #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #graphicdesign

This weblog post was written as portion of an ongoing paid partnership with PicMonkey. All opinions expressed are these of The Sweetest Way.


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