Beginner’s Guide For 1st Time Snorkelers


Do you have a adore/hate connection with water as I do?   My husband is an avid swimmer and loves snorkeling but me on the other hand not so significantly.  I have been tolling about with the notion of snorkeling for about a year or so but I didn’t know how to swim and I had a thousand concerns:

  • Is snorkeling for non-swimmers?
  • Do I want to be a powerful swimmer to snorkel?
  • What really should I not do whilst snorkeling?
  • What snorkeling ideas do you want to know ahead of snorkeling?

If you have by no means gone snorkeling, and you are scared AF let me inform you: I know specifically how you really feel!

I decided to ultimately face my worry of water and tackle snorkeling for the very first time in Hawaii.  If you have ever been snorkeling and observed somebody flapping about in the water, just about drowning, and just seeking plain crazy properly that was likely me or someone like me who did not do sufficient study on snorkeling for newbies ahead of they decided to take on a new sport.


Right here are my Best eight beginner’s Strategies To Snorkeling For Non-Swimmers.

  1. You do NOT want to know how to swim to snorkel. I took swimming lessons for an complete year top up to my very first time snorkeling so I could be at least comfy in the water.
  2. Make positive you put on a comfy bathing suit whilst snorkeling.  This was not the time to have on a cute tiny tiny two-piece that is barely held with each other.  My bathing suit was cute but sensible but some I saw a lot of folks with shorts and tee’s on.
  3. Listen incredibly cautiously to your instructors ahead of you go out and ask any a lot of concerns as you like so you really feel as comfy as attainable.
  4. Make positive your masks match comfortably and that it does not leak which is incredibly significant.  My instructor showed me how to hold the masks up to my face, the straps match comfortably about my head,  and I that I knew how to inhale rapidly with my nose to suck in any air and kind a tight seal about the mask.
  5. You will be capable to breathe by means of the snorkel tube.  This was the most uncomfortable aspect of the practical experience for me and I freaked out the very first couple of instances.  I was taking brief erratic breaths by means of the tube and got fully disoriented.   Then I had an all-out panic attack and had to be rescued by the crew.  Can you say embarrassing!  I took about a 30-minute break to collect myself and practice on my breathing,
  6. The quantity a single rule of snorkeling is Do not PANIC! 
  7.  Don’t appear down. When snorkeling, you really should often appear straight ahead of you, and then a slight angle.  This keeps water in your tube.
  8. Snorkeling can be a lot of entertaining but as with something else, your security really should come very first which implies there is a threat of drowning.  Make positive you put on a flotation device this implies you will want a life jacket or a snorkeling vest.


Suggestions For 1st Time Snorkelers

I decided I wasn’t going to let a tiny factor like worry get the greatest of me so I gradually produced my way into the water holding tightly onto the life jacket as worry began to cripple me and I froze in a panicked state.  The waves started to push me about like a rag doll.

At that point, I promised myself, if I came out of the water alive, I owed it to the universe to create a post detailing what nonswimmers like me necessary to know about snorkeling for the very first time.


I Did It Y’all

I gathered my shit and got back in the water and with nerves of steel this time I kept saying to myself you can do this, you can do this, you are fearless, you are powerful!  I nonetheless just as horrified as I was ahead of but I took slow deep breaths and calmed my nerves and took a peek below water.   That wasn’t so terrible let’s attempt it once again.  There is a sea turtle, there are fish, OMG I am ultimately snorkeling and I didn’t die.

Just after an afternoon of snorkeling, I was starving and thank God the adventure came with meals.  We had our selection of hamburgers, marinated chicken breasts, hot dogs or veggie burgers complete with all the trimmings and tasty Maui-Brand potato chips!

Just after a complete day of snorkeling, we got back onboard the boat, and the smell that scrumptious aroma coming off the sizzling BBQ grill… You will BE HUNGRY! Terrific way to finish an adventurous day!

More Snorkeling Strategies For Novices

1. Picking a Place:

Snorkeling can normally be accomplished closer to the shore, as properly as in open water.  For my very first time, I chose the open waters due to the fact the water can be pretty choppy close to shore and the marine life close to the shore is seldom as vibrant and colorful as in open waters.

If you choose to snorkel close to the shore, you will of course be like “Why are there beer bottles floating about and yuck this is nasty!  My guidance is to sign-up for a single of the a lot of snorkeling trips readily available in most destinations renowned for snorkeling spots. This will make certain that you are taken to a excellent spot, there’s legit &amp certified private guidance, and there’s often somebody about to bail you out if some thing goes incorrect.

two. Comprehend Your Gear, and Insist Upon a Floatation Device:

Taking into consideration you are a non-swimmer, you will be provided a floatation device anyway, but in case somebody forgets, make positive you insist on a single and verify it is functioning as preferred. As soon as you have that strapped to you, it is practically not possible to drown in any water, let alone sea-water.

Snorkeling gear commonly, this consists of a face mask and a pair of flippers. The flippers appear effortless sufficient but are so really hard to deal with. Attempt them on and make positive they are not also loose or also tight due to the fact you do not want to shed a flipper in the water.

The face mask requires a tiny longer to fully grasp. It consists of a snorkel tube that you should place in your mouth and breathe by means of, and an eye/nose mask which guarantees that no air passes by means of your nose and no water enters your eyes. Make positive that the strap is just beneath the broadest aspect at the back of your skull, and make certain it is tight sufficient so that no air or water may perhaps slip in by means of the eye-mask – a great indicator of this is when you cannot breathe by means of your nose at all.

The snorkel tube – the aspect of the tube that goes into your mouth.  It has gone into a lot of other mouths ahead of yours so if it bothers you a lot, you could contemplate shopping for your personal snorkel mask.  Now, this aspect that goes into your mouth has a incredibly common indentation – a aspect of it is supposed to go behind your teeth line, and a aspect is supposed to stay in front.  If you clamp down on it appropriately, it will kind a mold about your teeth, and you will be capable to breathe by means of it devoid of opening your mouth.  Try and remind oneself to loosen up.

three. Calm Down and Breathe Slow:

The most significant rule is to “Preserve Calm” the most important lesson I have discovered is the a lot more you are capable to loosen up, the superior you will be capable to float and the superior handle you have more than your movement in the water. When I stepped off the final stair and into the open water, inside two minutes I was screaming and crying with snot flying everywhere.

I panicked like a turkey at Thanksgiving and clung on to the anchor chain for dear life.  After my second try, I figured it out I was floating effortlessly, and all I had to do to hold breathing was to hold my snorkel tube above the surface.

Take slow, deep breaths, which go a extended way in slowing down your heartbeat. As you start to loosen up, reinforce the truth that it is practically not possible for you to drown with a floatation device.

four. Get out of your Comfort Zone:

No matter how afraid you are to attempt some thing new just do it!  What’s the worst factor that can take place?  It’s ok not to be fantastic on your very first snorkeling try but do not give up.  Focus on attempting to appreciate oneself as significantly as attainable devoid of drowning.

five. Stay Conscious of Your Surroundings:

Ultimately, if it is your very first time be conscious of your surroundings and hold an eye on exactly where your fellow snorkelers and how far you have ventured from the boat. Do not push oneself also significantly or get carried away. It is only your very first time, and if this a single goes properly, I can assure you there’ll most likely be significantly a lot more.

Prepared to program your trip, grab my FREE  Trip Planner to assistance you program your trip in the time it requires to watch your favourite Television show!

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I was so proud of myself that I signed up to go Kayaking and snorkeling once again the subsequent day by means of Tom Barefoot Adventures.

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What is your greatest worry and have you attempted to face your fears?  Have you been snorkeling? Leave a comment beneath or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Beginners Guide to Snorkeling


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