Anthony Bourdain’s Greatest Lesson: Fuck Your Comfort Zone


It is a weird, lonely feeling when 1 of your heroes dies. All of a sudden you really feel as if a element of your self, pretty possibly the most passionate element, has gone off and died with them. The discomfort feels as although your heart is gradually enclosed by thousands of tiny needles all at after. The feeling is even weirder if you under no circumstances met your hero in true life. In spite of the truth that I under no circumstances met Anthony Bourdain, I believe most of the globe can agree that he under no circumstances felt like a stranger. He felt like element of the family members he felt like a gruff and fierce version of ourselves.

I vividly recall the initial time I fell in enjoy with Anthony Bourdain.

I was preparing for my trip to Morocco and decided to expand my education by watching his Tangier episode of Components Unknown. Everybody had been raving about the show and I believed it would deliver a fresh point of view on Morocco that guide books and blogs couldn’t teach me.


So I place my personal computer away, I grabbed a glass of wine and clicked onto Netflix to see just what was so entrancing about this “bad boy” chef playing reporter. All it took was the opening line. Bourdain transported me into his globe with an intrinsic quote from American writer and Moroccan dweller, Paul Bowles, for me to grow to be hooked and learn my newest idol:

“I’ve usually wanted to get as far away as doable from the location that I was born. Far each geographically and spiritually. To leave it behind&#8230”

Was he speaking to me? Did he just study into my goddamn soul? Never ever had I ever been touched in such a profound way as I was in the course of that episode. He expressed a enjoy of travel that was not just about fairly photographs and exploration. It was a darker side that not only showcased the tumultuous history of Tangier, but what it felt like to travel there as a tortured soul. The desperation that comes with seeking for your self in a distinct location and wildly operating from a thing that you can not even place a face to.

I binge watched Components Unknown that evening. I became obsessed with his potential to weave history with existing events, culture and meals. He did so in such a way that not only revealed his intellect and artistry, but with a direct, blunt attitude. No fucks offered, if you will.  

Ultimately, I had to quit watching. There was a thing about him that reminded me a tiny as well significantly of myself. Wanting to runaway, working with distractions to escape your reality, his inherent require to use creativity as an outlet for discomfort. Small did I know at the time just how significantly discomfort he was in that he would ultimately take his personal life just four years later.

Anthony Bourdain; Parts Unknown

Anthony connected with persons about the globe in such a way that we all wanted to be explorers. We wanted to come across our personal adventures and make our personal relationships with persons we didn’t know. But aside from the many cuisine and the diverse cultures that Bourdain explored, every single episode seemed to have 1 factor in frequent: leaving what you know behind and experiencing a thing outdoors of your comfort zone.

Getting outdoors of your comfort zone indicates consuming maggot fried rice or warthog anus (yes, he did essentially consume these points), even if you believe you are going to be sick.

Getting outdoors of your comfort zone indicates hearing a person else’s point of view that is vastly distinct than your personal.

Getting outdoors of your comfort zone indicates traveling to a location that tends to make you scared.

Getting outdoors of your comfort zone indicates letting go of every thing you believed you knew and getting okay with getting out of handle.

Anthony Bourdain taught us to embrace getting out of handle in a way that would make us, as humans, connect with 1 a further. Lacking handle was merely apart of life and you could opt for to fight against it or ride with it. Bourdain chose to ride in the type of scrumptious meals, extraordinary conversation and a lot of cursing.

He taught us about letting go and lacking handle not just by means of his function, but by living this credo on a private level. From his heroin addiction to his lack of economic stability to his travels to remote and hazardous locations, Bourdain wasn’t 1 to play it protected. Frequently on the brink of self-destruction, so significantly of his life was out of his handle. 

And that was okay. For the reason that what we located in the chaos and the disorientation was a thing larger than ourselves.

Anthony Bourdain; black and white portrait

I suppose what tends to make this so painful is that this rings correct for most of us. In our darkest hours we all really feel the similar factor: that we’re out of handle and there’s nothing at all we can do about it. Maybe that is why we connect with Bourdain’s show on such a deep level. Comfort is our personal worst enemy and it is the discomfort we really feel by means of exploration that tends to make us really feel a tiny bit superior about this wild fucking ride we get in touch with life. Bourdain taught us that by deciding on to leave what we know behind and going into components unknown with openness and acceptance that we could lastly really feel peace and a sense of serenity. We could lastly really feel a connection that is higher than ourselves.

Devoted fans are posting some of his greatest quotes all more than social media, which I as well am about to do (simply because it just feels so damn suitable).

“As you move by means of this life and this globe you modify points slightly, you leave marks behind, on the other hand little. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you. Most of the time, these marks — on your physique or on your heart — are gorgeous. Generally, although, they hurt.”

What tends to make us who we are are the points that are beyond us, beyond our handle. The only way to get by means of them is to relish in the discomfort. And we’ll be all the much more fascinating, gorgeous and compassionate for it.

Anthony Bourdain; young chef
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