What Living in Hamburg, Germany, as an Expat is Definitely Like


What living in Hamburg, Germany, is really like

Hey guys! Welcome to American Expats, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities about the planet. Subsequent up we have our very first Germany-primarily based expat — Jordan! Jordan has been living in Hamburg, Germany, for just about two years.

Right here, she talks about neighborhood German beers, the hip warehouse district, and how all the things is closed on Sundays.

Jordan’s background: Moin! (That is ‘hello’ in northern German slang.) My name is Jordan and I reside in Hamburg with my boyfriend. I perform in marketing, assisting main German providers launch their campaigns on the international market place.

I ended up living in Hamburg due to my German boyfriend. We met at a ball in Heidelberg, Germany, even though I was carrying out my Master’s. Soon after carrying out lengthy-distance for just about eight months even though I was living in Scotland, we decided that I would move back to Germany as the visa course of action would be much easier for me than for him.

What living in Hamburg, Germany, is really like

On Hamburg’s modern day vibe: Hamburg is not your conventional German city – there is not an old town due to the fact most of the city was bombed in the course of WWII. 1 of my favourite locations is the Speicherstadt. It is the biggest warehouse district in the planet, and it is filled with gentrified warehouses, narrow canals, and bridges.

Entertaining truth – Hamburg has a lot more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined! We actually are a water city. 

What living in Hamburg, Germany, is really like

On understanding German: I know very a bit of German as I studied it in higher college. The only trouble is that get so nervous speaking and have such a self-assurance challenge!

Understanding German is hard due to all the crazy German grammar guidelines. Most English speakers obtain German to be a tough language to learn  it demands a lot of perform to develop into fluent.

On generating buddies: At very first, it was somewhat hard meeting men and women  Germans are recognized for getting tough to get to know. On the other hand it helped that my boyfriend is German and a lot of his friends’ girlfriends reached out to me and attempted to contain me.

I also joined a bunch of expat groups on Facebook and began attending meet-ups  it is actually a terrific way to meet men and women.

On neighborhood beer: Renowned Hamburg beers contain Asta Alsterwasser, Ratsherrn, and Holsten. Other preferred northern German beers from the area are Jever and Flensburger.

On white asparagus: Spargel (white asparagus) is the “it” meals from April to June and Germans go crazy more than it! They make ‘Spargel’ all the things – soup, salad, meals, and so forth. I initially hated Spargel but now am absolutely obsessed.

On the relaxed life-style: Compared to life in the U.S., I consider life in Hamburg is actually laid-back. In common, Germans worth a healthful perform-life balance and employers encourage every person to use all their holiday days. I under no circumstances really feel overly stressed at perform or remain at the workplace actually late. It is anticipated that when you leave the workplace, you are performed with perform for the day!

On German cultural quirks: Germans are generally reserved, which made use of to bother me due to the fact I’ve really extroverted. In common, Germans do not do tiny. I’ve in fact grown to appreciate it due to the fact I can get all the things performed speedily and in peace.

Other neighborhood customs are hearty breakfasts (I like them now!) and recycling. I’m so obsessed with obtaining my 25 cents back for just about every plastic bottle that I carry bottles about on weekend trips so I can get the funds back.

On Sundays: I constantly made use of to neglect that Absolutely nothing is open on Sundays in Germany. I scraped by on some Sundays with really small meals right after getting forgotten to obtain groceries on Saturday.

On private security: Even even though Hamburg is the second-biggest city in Germany, I really feel 100% secure. The only crime you will see right here is minor choose-pocketing situations. On the other hand, I’ve under no circumstances had something stolen and under no circumstances really feel unsafe as a lady walking alone.

On the price of living in Hamburg: Hamburg is one particular of the most costly cities in Germany – there’s a lot of wealth right here. On the other hand, it is nonetheless less costly than living in the most main cities in the U.S..I’d evaluate the price of living in Hamburg (specifically rent rates) to these of a Midwestern city. 

On transportation: I ordinarily get about by public transportation or by foot. We do not have Uber right here but we do have a taxi-like service that utilizes an app named “mytaxi.” My boyfriend has a car or truck but we hardly ever use it – parking is horrible and costly in Hamburg, and the public transportation is fast, effective, and runs just about 24/7.

On terrific Hamburg neighborhoods for expats: I certainly adore my neighborhood of Eimsbüttel – it is largely inhabited by young adults, couples, and households. The neighborhood is really central and quickly connects to the rest of the city via public transportation. 

I like that I can go out to other components of the city at evening, have a terrific time, and then come property to my quiet neighborhood. It actually is the most effective spot to reside!

What living in Hamburg, Germany, is really like

Freiburg, Germany — a stunning city in Southern Germany.

On traveling in Germany (and beyond)I like exploring my backyard. The lengthy-distance train connections are incredible and I can get just about anyplace in Germany in beneath 4 or 5 hours.

As far as Europe goes, I consider I’ve been to just about 40 European nations in much less than 5 years. Gotta take benefit of all these low cost flights!

What living in Hamburg, Germany, is really like

On living in Hamburg lengthy-term: My boyfriend and I program to begin a family members in a handful of years and maternity leave is a massive incentive to remain in Germany. I would get 14 weeks paid in complete (six weeks just before the birth and eight right after), plus an additional 12 months at two-thirds of my salary. My boyfriend would also get two months of paternity leave at two-thirds of his salary. Thinking about the U.S. does not have any paid maternity/paternity leave, it is tough to be convinced to begin a family members in the U.S.

Moreover, I just like the pace of life right here. Every person and all the things just appears a bit slower and a lot more relaxed – there’s an emphasis on enjoying your self and embracing your totally free time. I actually like that and obtain that it is not as typical in the U.S.

What living in Hamburg, Germany, is really like

Danke schön, Jordan!

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