The Clumsy Traveler’s Epic Holiday Gift Guide for Every Type of Traveler


Happy holidays, clumsy travelers! It seems like there are more and more products filling up our homes and ad space these days. Some awesome, some totally garbage. So how do you know what to gift the special traveler in your life? Let me help you wade through all of the sales and holiday nonsense and present you with the most epic holiday gift guide for every type of traveler!

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The Beauty Queen

Dr. Jart+ Mask Heroes Sheet Mask Pack $36

You’ve heard of the Korean skin care rage, haven’t you? Dr. Jart+ has some powerful products that tout the amazing benefits straight from Korea. And guess what? Most of their products are vegan as well! Their rubber masks are absolutely legendary and perfect for those long flights. But their 6-pack of sheet masks help everything from wrinkles to brightening to hydration.

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment $105

This God-sent of a product is one of the best treatments out there for dull, dry and sagging skin (basically all of the things that happen due to constant traveling). And while the lactic acid does wonders to remove dead skin cells, it’s also cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan. Sure it’s a tad pricey, but it’s the perfect gift to get an all-in-one treatment with a single product–no lugging around 2 cosmetic bags full of product for Janet!

Naturopathica Holistic Holiday Gift Set $49

Naturopathica is one of the leaders in all-natural health and skin care routines. Ranging from herbal remedies to holistic skin care, there’s nothing that Naturopathica can’t do. So why limit yourself to a single item? Gift your beauty-lover a variety of holistic gift sets, whether you provide them a tranquil bubble bath or some much-needed moisturizing nutrients. Prices range from $49-132, there’s a gift set for almost every budget!


Odacité Hyperpigmentation Serum $39

Quite possibly one of the most powerful serums I’ve ever used! Whether I was using the hyperpigmentation serum or the deep wrinkles serum, I noticed results literally within 20 minutes of putting it on. If you want to gift your friend a powerful facial booster to help feed their skin the nutrients it desperately needs, give them this and they will love you forever! Although it’s a tad expensive for $39 for only 5 ml, it’s well worth the investment, seriously I’m obsessed.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo $21

Most will agree that you ain’t a real traveler if you haven’t traveled with unwashed, 5-day old hair. But spray a little dry shampoo in those roots and no one is any the wiser! My go-to dry shampoo is the drybar detox brand, simply for its amazing quality and it’s perfect 1.4 oz. travel size. (I’ve also seen it for $10 at the checkout area at Sephora, keep an eye out!)

FARMACY Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm $48

Sleep? What is sleep when you’re traveling? From flying, to differing time zones, to partying all night, travel and sleep don’t really mix. That’s why FARMACY’s Sleep Tight balm is the best overnight serum! The balm melts into a dreamy oil-gel, absorbing into the skin while you sleep to lift, firm and combat signs of aging. The ingredients are also paraben-free, all-natural and cruelty free!

The Fashionista

Hollis and Raye $24-$140

Who says we can’t still buy BFF necklaces? Especially if they look as good as Hollis & Raye! Founder and jewelry-maker, Kristina Catanese, brings luxury jewelry at incredibly affordable prices. Made of gold filled or sterling silver pieces, her necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are not only high-quality, but provide a dainty chicness to any ensemble!

ADAY Shore Thing Turtleneck $98

Are you friends with an over packer? Gift them a piece from A Day! These sustainably sourced and handmade clothes are not only good for the environment, but work as wonderful staple pieces in a limited wardrobe. The Shore Thing Turtleneck is comfortably cozy this time of year and is easy to pair with just about everything!

Reformation PJ Set $98

Have you met a woman yet who isn’t in love with Reformation? It’s beautiful designs alone are worth swooning. But the fact that these are sustainably sourced textiles and completely green practices make this a dream fashion line. Now all you need are these jammies to dream in!

The Photographer

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 $59

This wouldn’t be a proper guide without an Instax Camera, would it? These high-quality cameras pack well, provide a few flash options and offer a type of nostalgia that those fancy DSLRs just don’t have. Plus, they’re actually affordable.

GoPro HERO7 $399

As much as I wanted to add a DSLR to this list, I knew a GoPro was better suited. Why? Because it’s more affordable, it’s easier to pack and it’s perfect for every traveler. From action-packed water sports to casually capturing city scenes, literally everyone should have a Go Pro.

DJI Osmo iPhone Gimbal $299

Got a YouTuber friend on the rise? Maybe you know just an average joe is attached to their phone. Either way, help them capture perfectly stabilized video for their next viral video. DJI is the premier photography and video brand with the highest quality gimbal on the market!

The Health Guru

Twice $19

So nice, they named it twice! If you want to give your friend the gift of a healthy smile AND help individuals around the world, this is the perfect gift! Twice includes two toothpastes, one in the morning to wake you up and one at night to calm you before bed. They’re made of all-natural ingredients and donate 10% of each sale to the Glo Good Foundation, helping provide dental health to impoverish places around the world!

Crystal Bar Soap $8

Gift your giftee the power of health AND magic with the crystal soap bar! Made of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, this soap is not only perfect to take along your travels, but you get a magical keepsake at the end! Add a lil extra something by purchasing their zodiac crystal to show you really care.

OLIKA Hand Sanitizer $18

What happens when you combine an aesthetically-pleasing, Scandinavian design with a quality hand sanitizer? You get the cute, mini bird sanitizer pump by OLIKA! Combining both hand wipes in the bottom compartment and a liquid sanitizer, you’ll never feel gross after using the airplane bathroom ever again! OLIKA’s ingredients are also all-natural and moisturizing, surprise, surprise.

Honeyfeet Yoga Mat $69

This sustainable yoga mat is the perfect gift for that yogi that escapes to those luxury yoga retreats in Costa Rica or Bali. Honeyfeet founder, Greer Von Muellner, decided to create eco-friendly mats made of biodegradable cork! The cork is antimicrobial so you don’t have to worry about bacteria sticking to your mat, unlike traditional yoga mats. Honeyfeet Yoga mats come in two sizes, so make sure to get the smaller one for your travel-lover.

The ‘When in Rome’ Traveler

Passion Planner (use code ‘CLUMSY10’ for 10% off) $30

Travel bloggers and digital nomads alike will appreciate this one! Working on the road can be disorienting. But when we have a place to organize our thoughts and plan our days/lives, we make leaps and bounds in our careers. The Passion Planner not only organizes your day into hourly increments, but helps you plan your longterm goals so you can actually turn them into a reality!

Serenflipity $13

Is your giftee a phone addict? Can’t travel anywhere without constantly taking pics or tweeting? Get them out of their head with this experiential travel game! These easy-to-pack cards have fun and thoughtful prompts that get you to really enjoy traveling in a whole new way. It’s actually pretty addicting!

The Five-Minute Journal $23

Rituals are important, no matter how #blessed you may be. That’s why the Five-Minute Journal is the perfect habit for the avid traveler. Recapping your memories and expressing gratitude all within 5 minutes per day makes journaling suddenly much easier.

The New York Times 36 Hours in Europe $20

Got any weekend warriors around here? Sucker for a good airline deal? If you want to inspire your giftee with some of the best things to do when traveling, gift them the famous 36 hours book! While the European edition is my favorite, there’s also a North American one as well. (Just don’t forget to check back in with your favorite travel blogger!)

The Tree Hugger

Final Straw $25

Plastic is one of the biggest culprits in the decay of our beautiful planet, especially plastic straws. Harming not only the planet itself, but the many creatures that inhabit it! Luckily, many communities are banning plastic straws, but what alternative do we use instead? Final Straw! Final Straw is a metal, collapsible straw that you can wash in the dishwasher and carry with you. Best part is that you’re saving the environment!

Bindle Water Bottle $39

Bringing a water bottle on your travels not only helps a traveler save money, but is great for the environment as well! The stainless steel Bindle bottles hold a hefty amount of liquid (at 24 oz) not only keeping it at the right temperature longer, but helps store your extra knick knacks in the bottom compartment! Perfect for hikers or quick walks around the city.

Stocking Stuffers

bijou Lucille Candle $29

You wanna feel a lil’ less homesick? Bring a bijou candle with you and transport yourself back home (even if you’re thousands of miles away). Made of 100% soy wax, the female business owners of bijou want to bring you luxury candles at affordable prices. I can’t forget to mention that every candle has a super-cute, feminine name because “women are magic.”


Who needs coffee when you can have gum instead? FLY GUM is an energy gum formulated to energize jet lagged travelers and help keep pilots alert. The brand uses a liquid core made of natural caffeine made of green coffee beans and B-vitamins. With instant energy from the caffeine and not the sugar (it’s sweetened with natural xylitol instead), your traveler will save money on their coffee habit!

billie $9

Ever heard of the pink tax? Shout out to the patriarchy for charging women MORE for products and services we need, such as hygiene products, dry cleaning and car repairs, simply because we are women. Billie creates a visually appealing razor, made by women, for women. The monthly subscription keeps razor costs down and their awesome lathers are eco-friendly and vegan, too!

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