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This is a single of our favourite beach chill days in Skiathos.

Agia Eleni Summer  Beach.

Lounging the entire afternoon till early evening on Agia Eleni Summer season Beach in the Koukounaries and then followed by a good dinner at Salt &amp Pepper Restaurant nearby….

Ah, I reckon, just a standard day in the Greek Isles =)

Dinner at Salt &amp Pepper Garden Bar Restaurant.

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Ah, just a different warm and sunny day on Skiathos island…

We identified Agia Eleni Summer season Beach a handful of days earlier than this pay a visit to. We have been on our scooter surveying the southwestern portion of the island for beaches. Maintaining in thoughts the good beaches for us to come back. Agia Eleni Summer season Beach was a single of them.

There are a quantity of things why we appreciate this beach and these are:

    –   The beach is not crowded
    –   The lounge beds are fitted with soft beds
    –   The waters are calm and excellent for swimming
    –   There is a bar restaurant
    –   There is (superior) music
    –   There is wifi!

From Google Maps:

The beach is quite trendy, has a lot of power and attracts a young following. There are a quantity of lounge regions with hammocks, beds, and bean bags which speaks to the millennial and younger crowd. Have been each Gen X and not Babyboomers so we just match in proper.

I have been reading critiques on the internet about this location and it was quite exciting to see the substantial quantity of complaints about the rude employees and owner. I am not confident if we encountered this, but then once more, we did not consume right here or purchased drinks. I did obtain two ice cream and that was it seriously.

June to early July is nonetheless low summer season season so this beach is not crowded at all. I am fairly confident that its distinctive in the course of the peak summer season season right here.

We took loads of photographs!

The bar restaurant played some seriously superior music, the sort of music Dutchman and I would listen to. Music tends to make the planet go round, so possessing music on the beach resort is quite higher up on our list of a superior beach. But in involving, I tuned in to my personal downloaded music, from time to time.

The lifeguards on Agia Eleni are female and attractive, which could likely be the beach resorts’ promoting and brand campaign to attract guests. #baywatchbabe

At nearly 50, I assume I have provided up dreaming a wonderful bod like when I was in my teens and 20’s. There is far more to life these days than possessing a match Coca-Cola physique absolutely everyone would envy. I have grow to be far more content material due to the fact honestly, I can not say no to a mouthwatering “Fruits de Mer” lunch for instance. My metabolism is also seriously slow and I blame aging and genes due to the fact of this. Plus there is the endless procrastination of operating and working out. I have stopped operating due to the fact of the winter, so I have a different month or two just before I (officially) begin getting active once more. So a lot of excuses but I do not care. I reside life how I want it to be =)

I was also reading my initially Nicci French book, an English husband-wife group who writes psychological thrillers. I study the “Als het Zaterdag wordt”, a single of the Frida Klein series which is named “Saturday Requiem” in English. The story and writing were okay. When I completed reading a book although on vacation, I ordinarily leave the book behind, so I was not confident why I brought this back with me to the Netherlands.

Dutchman is reading the book now because he saw some constructive critiques about the couple author, but however, he is possessing a tough time enjoying this book.

That is me. Very good morning sunshine!

Pillows and bean bags on the beach and this is the beach (cocktail) bar.

Ice cream is scrumptious when eaten on a hot beach.

These girls have been collectively with a group of guys and they have been playing the game the entire afternoon. Young men and women are active, although oldies like Dutchman and I choose to just watch.

A single of the boat cruises on the island. We also did a boat cruise to Skopelos and Alonissos islands.

We spent till quite late on the beach. We likely left just just before 20:00, just sufficient to see the sun altering to yello and orange as it goes down the horizon. The golden hour is some thing Dutchman and I often appear forward to when on the beach in the Greek Islands. We wait till the final rays of the sun have left the beach and there is only a handful of men and women left. In some cases we would be the final men and women to leave. We like that.

We have noticed the Salt &amp Pepper Garden Bar Restaurant from the road so we believed we will give it a attempt on this specific day. The restaurant is situated close to Troulos.

The restaurant has some beige rockwall going on that reminds me of residence building back in the Philippines in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Cheers! That is my actual hair there. No weblog dry, no stretching, no hair lotion, just all-natural curly hair.

The meals right here was quite superior and it shows in the quantity of guests that evening. Patrons just kept flowing in, hour just after hour that evening and we can fully grasp why.

The calamari I ordered was crispy but juicy and fresh. This was a single of the very best seafood I have had on this vacation. I also loved the dips they gave us for the bread. Dutchman’s souvlaki was also proper on with the flavours. We seriously enjoyed this dinner. We liked the entire atmosphere of the location as effectively.

Writing and seeing these photographs created me now yearn for the summer season…

We have been provided some dips for the bread, so we did not order starters any longer. We seldom do anyway. The bread and dips are generally portion of the cover charge currently.

I ordered some kalamari. This was beautifully cooked. Scrumptious.

The Dutchman had some chicken and pork souvlaki with pita, tzatzikii, and fries.

Just after dinner, we moved to the bar region for our coffee.

The restaurant as you can see was really complete.

Travel Period: June-July 2017
Location: Skiathos, Koukounaries (Sporades Islands), Greece

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