When you hear Paris you ought to consider Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Renaissance buildings with amazing gardens, flowing Bateaux-Mouches below the Seine river, vibrant roads complete of street artists and of course, scrumptious macarons. That tends to make sense, as macarons have lengthy been connected to the city of light.

In spite of the truth that Italian men and women developed macaron cookies, the French ones had the thought to join two macarons and place crème in-involving and Voilà! That is how the popular macarons had been developed and how they ultimately stole our hearts!

In certain, macarons came from a luxury bakery in 1 of the most chic quartiers in Paris, in 1862. We are speaking about the properly-recognized LADUREE bakery, which is nonetheless popular and complete of macaron-fans. In truth, the primary recipe of macarons remains nonetheless the exact same with the 1 that only the higher society of Paris utilised to consume, a lot of centuries ago.  


The LADUREE Bakery had been the meeting point of the noble French till nowadays and it also launched the 1st tearoom in France, exactly where French girls had been permitted to have their cup of tea with, of course, macarons.




If you check out Paris, you need to -or possibly ought to- check out LADUREE bakery not only for its scrumptious strawberry, rose, millefeuille, framboise, chocolate, lavender, peanut and vanilla macarons but also to admire its decoration. It is like you enter a Renaissance palace space, complete of tiny gold and pale green particulars.


You need to –and certainly ought to- be patient even though. There are a lot of men and women who wait for the exact same explanation you do macarons. But, the LADUREE Restaurant, is also worth to check out for 1 hundred sweet factors! 

LADUREE Restaurant

On the other hand, athough macarons taste amazing, do not overlook to take a appear at its packaging. It is also awesome, offered the truth that LADUREE has worked with massive style homes, such as Christian Louboutin, for the design and style of the fantastic packaging and the replacement with a new 1, twice a year.


** Quiz of the day ** 

How a lot of macarons do you consider are sold in a day at the luxury bakery in Paris? 15,000 – yes, they’re truly 15,000 macarons!

Words: Sophia Maha
Translation: Adrianna Argyropoulou
Pictures: LADUREE, Pinterest

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