Is It Protected to Travel Alone to Egypt as a Female?


Almost everything you hear and study on line generally says: “You can’t go to Egypt alone and you must always have a man with you.”  I have a tendency to disagree with this statement as the reality was way various for me.

Please note that this post is primarily based on my knowledge primarily based on my two trips to Egypt (initial as an 18-year old, second as a 29-year old). I totally fully grasp if some other ladies could really feel differently.

What Type of Solo Travelers Go to Egypt?

I assume just before answering the query about no matter if it is protected to travel to Egypt alone, you need to have to fully grasp what sort of persons go to Egypt independently. Why?

Basically for the reason that as you can picture the expectations could be various for a trip to Egypt exactly where you will be wandering via ancient globe treasures and studying about its history, or Iran exactly where you can’t drink, and a backpacking trip to Koh Rong in Thailand.

Every single other independent traveler I met in Egypt was mature, interested in essentially embracing the knowledge and diving into an adventure out of their comfort zones, rather of searching for the subsequent McDonalds and other points from the Western globe.

I met and saw a lot of travelers who have been genuinely interested in ancient history and listened to their guides, and weren’t just interested in taking their subsequent Instagram shot just before swiftly moving on.

I guess if you are not into old architecture you could get bored immediately after day two. But trust me, seeing so nicely-preserved ancient graffiti and big pillars is such a one of a kind knowledge that can blow me away every single time I pay a visit to Egypt.Egypt solo female

Is It Protected to Travel Alone to Egypt as a Female?

I had the nicest knowledge in Egypt and although some could say that ladies get harassed, I didn’t really feel that way at all. Let’s make one thing incredibly clear right here: Egyptian guys are certainly flirtatious. They’ll inform you that you are stunning and that you are the queen of Egypt. Smile and carry on walking as they’re pretty harmless. Ninety % of the time that is all they want from you.

Egyptians are seriously 1 of the nicest and most hospitable persons on the planet. Random strangers have been usually satisfied to assistance me. Positive, some wanted to get some cash, but for every single particular person that wanted some cash from me, I met five that selflessly wanted to make confident I was ok.

I’ll give you 1 instance, but I have a lot of a lot more. When I went to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo I arrived in the course of their break and had to wait nearly an hour outdoors, in the heat and sun. A man who was passing by overheard my conversation with guards and immediately after a rapid chat he presented to stroll me to a good regional industry.

Clearly, I was skeptical at initial. Does he want some cash? Does he want to kidnap me?

The man swiftly realized what could I be pondering and assured me that he does not want any cash and he’s essentially in a hurry to pray, but I’m in his nation and he desires to be valuable, so if he’s ever in my nation somebody else will assistance him as well.

Men and women actually think in karma in Egypt. He helped me stroll across the street (which at this square was a scary issue to do), introduced me to a industry guy and politely stated goodbye and fantastic luck.

The industry guy quickly presented me a tea and just before I could even assume that now I’m going to be forced to get one thing from him, he stated that I certainly do not have to shop right here. We talked for a bit and in the finish, he walked me back to the museum. I guess it is good to say yes and accept the kindness of strangers on your travels.

What to Put on in Egypt as a Female Traveler?

Do you need to have to put on hijab in Egypt? Nope. Will it assistance you with the vendors? Nope. Will it assistance you blend in? Not actually, you will be conveniently spotted as a tourist anyway.

You could be shocked by what I’m going to say, but immediately after my trips, I’m not totally confident about getting to cover up head to toes at all instances. I packed lengthy skirts and lengthy-sleeved blouses and every single time I place it on, locals I created buddies with created exciting of me asking if I want to be Egyptian.

I was dying of heat at the pyramids and the guide basically told me to really feel at residence and eliminate my cover up if I really feel like it. He assured me that he does not really feel offended and every person about me is a tourist anyway.

When I looked at how other vacationers have been dressed, there wasn’t any pattern. Some ladies have been completely covered up which includes their heads, other people have been wearing baggy pants and loose shirts, but there have been a lot of ladies in shorts and normal t-shirts.

Some girls even wore their yoga pants and sporty brief tank tops, which I personally identified pretty strange, but even they didn’t get especially harassed. (I essentially sat down and did some persons watching from a cafe 1 day.)

That stated, use your prevalent sense. Do not put on bandage dresses, or transparent shirts – be comfy but modest. When I travel to Middle Eastern nations I normally stay clear of wearing branded garments that scream ‘USA’. In my knowledge, you will be harassed a lot more by vendors if they see you are wearing a fancy outfit from Revolve or one thing that screams branded and pricey.

I normally get some regional outfits wherever I go (locals loved me wearing Moroccan dresses in Morocco), but this time every single regional kept telling me that obtaining a lengthy dress like regional ladies put on would make me appear like a weirdo. I ended up obtaining a shorter 1.

What will assistance you, even so, are sunglasses. Sunglasses are a ought to, not only for the reason that it is vibrant and sunny out but also for the reason that they make it much easier to stay clear of producing eye get in touch with with guys on the street. If you uncover your self with out shades, do not appear guys in the eye. It is thought of a type of flirtation.

Bring a jacket as nights are colder, so you will be freezing with out it.

If you are organizing on getting into a mosque, be ready to eliminate your footwear at the entrance. Make confident your shoulders and upper arms are covered with a scarf or lengthy sleeves. Some mosques, like Al-Azhar, essentially present covers for ladies, but it is greater to be ready.

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