I Need to have Transform! A Comprehensive Life Makeover!


Hey guys, I wanted to share with you some factors that have been going on with me lately…recently I came to comprehend that I have to have a comprehensive life makeover.

I know that by means of a social media standpoint, life often appears to appear magical but we all know that behind the glamour, lies a particular person. A true particular person with demands and desires like everybody else.

As a particular person who often believes in getting genuine and sincere, by means of the fantastic and the undesirable. I’ve often felt like all through my life and my travel blogging journey that I will often keep and stick to my truth. I will often be me. Even when it is not fairly, even if it is not necessarily politically right. I’ve often shared with you guys my fantastic and undesirable travel experiences. But I really feel like this year a lot more than ever, I’ve shared a lot of my struggles and heartache with you guys due to the fact I think in the energy of getting vulnerable and human.

This year began off so differently. It began off with wonderful trips, wonderful lifelong dreams coming correct and I was on cloud 9.

I lastly got to travel to the Maldives, a lifelong dream. I also visited Thailand that is been higher on my list considering that I was a kid. I got to befriend my travel blogging part model and the particular person who inspired this whole travel blogging journey and grow to be her pal. I was producing a lot more dollars blogging and finding invited to wonderful blogging events. The Jetsetter Boss system was launching, a project I was so proud to be a component of from my boys of Higher On Life and a lot more wonderful factors had been taking place and I was well…high on life!

Nonetheless, early July factors took an unexpected turn when my fantastic mates from Higher On Life passed away in a tragic accident in Shannon Falls, Canada. My globe and life had totally changed from that moment. I by no means knew how it would all influence me or even how to cope with this tragic loss. Soon after weeks of not leaving my property and going by means of a dark depression and other factors that occurred in July (like a lot more deaths, my weblog getting hacked and a lot more). I felt a critical urgency for a key modify. It 1st began off with my weblog life and then as time went on I realized I wanted a lot more factors to modify than I’ve realized.

At 1st, I questioned myself, “how will I maintain my mates from Higher On Life legacy going? How will I make a distinction in this globe, how will I reside my life differently, how can I generate a lot more meaningful content material, how can I reside a greater and higher life. What do I actually want to be remembered for immediately after my final breath right here on earth?”, the inquiries went on and on. Some factors I believed I figured out, other folks I left for the universe and G*d to guide me to but eventually, I dwelled for these answers for the final couple of months…

Soon after my current trips to Vancouver (for the Higher On Life celebration of life), Palm Springs, Israel, Eygpt and Paris. I’ve been reflecting, considering and yearning for a modify. I took two key breaks from social media and the globe about me. I dabbled into poetry books, study a Tony Robbins book, watched shows and documentaries and traveled in search of inspiration and answers.

I maintain craving anything NEW, anything I cannot totally place my finger on.

But I just came to comprehend that I have to have and want I comprehensive life makeover.

I want to move out of my apartment, I want a new mattress, I want to makeover my bathroom, I want a larger property, I want an workplace, I want a new couch, I want a new space. I have to have a new automobile. I want a new laptop (thank goodness my dad just gifted me with a new laptop). I want a new telephone. I want a drone. I want new mates, I want to repair and rekindle lost friendships. Due to my travel life and attempting to run a enterprise all on my personal, I forgot about the tiny factors in life. I’m considering about toying with the notion of obtaining correct appreciate, anything I gave up on six years ago when I left Baltimore. It is anything I’ve been avoiding and nonetheless not totally confident how to overcome my trust by means of men and women and guys.

I want a closet makeover. I want to travel a lot more, I want to go back to locations I’ve been to and missed, I want to attempt living in a foreign nation, perhaps even understand a new language…I want to makeover my web page, perhaps even re-brand and I want to kill out undesirable habits.

I want the entire globe and I’m just not actually confident exactly where to commence.

I haven’t figured out all the information to all these factors I want to modify and do, but what I do know is that I have to have a life makeover. ASAP

Also Often…

Also frequently we get stuck in a life we by no means wanted and whilst everybody about us may well think that we are living the dream, it is just not correct and I know from previous individual experiences that the only way to generate a new drastic modify in life is by looking, exploring, relocating and altering our situations.

I’m going on five years of getting a travel blogger and I want the way I do that as nicely to modify. I really feel like I’ve been operating about the globe, chasing the globe and in a way I’m tired. I want the way I do factors in my profession and life to also modify. I want to attempt to uncover a balance involving travel blogging vs. true life. Also several occasions in the final five years, I’ve let my weblog and profession consume me. I spent just about every second of my awake hours functioning, functioning, functioning that occasionally I appear back and ask myself, am I even living? Am I undertaking factors “right”?

Instagram &amp Blogging 

I also do not really feel like I’m precisely exactly where I wanted or planned on getting at just about the five-year mark. I have key aggravation with the way factors have changed in the business and specially Instagram. I really feel like men and women do not travel any longer to essentially travel but to take fairly photographs which of course is also component of the job, a key component of the job but what about traveling for the sake of traveling, to make new memories, to expierence other cultures, to do wildly crazy and distinctive factors in distinct components of the globe, to connect with locals, to hear their stories, to understand, to develop and so on. I really feel like no a single does that any longer. I really feel like men and women generate unrealistic photos of locations that are so staged that generate an unrealistic expectation for the typical particular person but in a way, I really feel like today if you do not, you do not get alot of new followers and it is frustrating to me.

A One particular Lady Show

I am a a single-lady show, I shoot all my personal photographs, set up tripods, scout areas, edit my photographs, Insta-stories, shoot videos for YouTube, edit them myself, uncover my personal music for them (occasionally that alone requires hours). I create my personal weblog post, developed my whole web page, banners, thumbnails and search for best hashtags. I analysis subjects to create about, locations to see, factors to do, book my personal flights and accommodations and search for themed outfits to match areas. I pitch brands, I search for jobs/campaigns each day, engage with all my audience on my personal, comment and create back to every and just about every particular person who took the time to comment or create me anyplace on my social media due to the fact I care and you guys are SO critical to me but nicely, damn, this girl is tired. Overwhelmed. So occasionally I take time outbreaks due to the fact it is as well a great deal to deal with at occasions. It becomes insanely overwhelming.

The Truth Behind Instagram…

Several men and women that you see on Instagram have an whole group or companion they secretly travel with that does alot of factors for them and whilst I’ve believed of undertaking the exact same, I also really feel like I have to have to be correct to myself. To my demands and desires in life. I appreciate solo traveling, it is just what I do. Certain, I like traveling with men and women occasionally but I’m so independent, such a perfectionist that I want factors accomplished a specific way. I’m so employed to this life style, it is just about foreign to me to travel with other men and women due to the fact most men and women want to trip, they want to rest. I’m restless. I function when I travel. I’m a non-cease machine when I travel. I often really feel like I have to have to get so a great deal factors accomplished in such a brief quantity of time. Often or several occasions essentially I Want Want Want I had somebody taking my photographs, finding specific angles that I had envisioned and it upsets me that I cannot get specific shots but I often attempt to do the finest I can and occasionally I really feel like it is just not fantastic sufficient.

I’ve Wanted To Quit This Year Additional Than Ever

I’m not asking for anybody to really feel sorry for me. I’m not that variety of a particular person but occasionally its just good to let it out. It is good to share with the globe that not every little thing is as glamorous as it appears. I have several breakdowns, lately I maintain asking myself what am I even undertaking this for any longer. I really feel like occasionally men and women do not even care. I really feel like occasionally my profession and life is not actually going anyplace. I’ve wanted to quit this final half a year a lot more than I ever have in my whole life due to the fact I’m exhausted of chasing a dream, that light at the finish of the tunnel that I really feel like keeps finding additional and additional away from me.

Comparing Myself To Absolutely everyone Else

I’ve also lately a lot more than ever began comparing myself to other men and women and I’ve by no means accomplished that in my life. I came to lately comprehend it is due to the fact of my worry of failure and lack of self-confidence towards my profession lately and lack of self-belief. I think that we are the creators of our lives. We could not manage every little thing that occurs in our lifetime but we manage the outcome, the way we opt for to deal with factors. We are potent human beings, which can be a potent and disempowering issue, based on what you do with that energy.

How My Ideal Pal Helped Me Really feel Highly effective Once more

Not too long ago my finest pal came more than, whilst I was getting a single of my key meltdowns and I told him that I just want to quit every little thing and that I do not even know what I’m undertaking with my life any longer.

He knows me a lot more than anybody else in this globe. He saw that I was feeling powerless lately due to the fact of several factors that have been taking place in my life and my pressure level more than adjustments I have no manage more than. I didn’t comprehend that I was feeling powerless till he pointed that out and I was like “ummm…I guess you are right”.

He then stated, “OK Hofit, how do we get back your energy? How can we make you really feel potent once more?”, with tears in my eyes, I bursted out and stated: “I DONT KNOW!!!”. He then looked at me and stated, “Hofit, why did you start out undertaking this entire travel blogging issue, to commence with?”, with tears in my eyes, I stated, “because I wanted to travel the globe and inspire men and women to be courageous, comply with their dreams, step outdoors their comfort zone, make the not possible attainable, to see this globe, to modify it for the better…”, he stated “GOOD! Let’s refocus on that”. The a lot more I began to feel, the a lot more I realized he was right…

My Mission In Life

This was my mission, my target in life, what I’ve often wanted to do considering that I was a kid. It was to assistance men and women, inspire men and women, to modify their lives for the greater and above all make the globe a greater location and I’m committed to undertaking that. I have identified my souls compass and I want to get back to undertaking that in my personal way, not comparing myself to anybody else due to the fact I’m not like everybody else and I’ve by no means wanted to be like anybody else till lately when I was a bit lost immediately after my mates passing.  I’m committed to stopping the comparisons game.

I have a couple of enjoyable and thrilling tips on how I will be altering Vanilla Sky Dreaming, my weblog/Instagram/YouTube channel and I cannot wait to share with you guys in 2019!

I want to reside out my genuine life like often but now a lot more than ever and I cannot wait to have you guys join me on this journey.

I appreciate you guys! xoxo

Satisfied Holidays

Enjoy Normally,

Hofit Kim Cohen

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