How to Tour Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios in the Exact same Trip


As a film lover who is arranging a trip to Southern California, you may possibly really feel torn in between going to Universal Studios Hollywood® to take its Planet-Renowned Studio Tour&#x2122 and also taking the Warner Bros.® Studio Tour. 

The superior news is that even if you are only going to Los Angeles for a lengthy weekend, you can certainly do each tours which are in absolutely diverse places.

Going to Universal Studios Hollywood

The Simpsons at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is one particular of the most common attractions in Los Angeles. Most persons associate the name with the theme park, but it is also a operating studio that has been providing studio tours due to the fact 1964.

Considering that then, Universal Studios Hollywood has added rides, shows, and extra primarily based on its most common films, from Harry Potter&#x2122 to Jurassic Park&#x2122.

The Planet-Renowned Studio Tour is the park’s wonderful, hour-lengthy backlot tram ride. You can certainly match it into a day that consists of a lot of roller coasters and character sightings specially if you acquire the Universal Express pass that permits entry by means of an expedited line (properly worth the added price on peak days).

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A day is definitely all you will need at Universal Studios Hollywood unless you are traveling with a die-challenging Harry Potter fan who you cannot really get to leave The Wizarding Planet of Harry Potter&#x2122 (it occurs).

A single issue you will need to know just before you go is that even if you are only definitely interested in Universal’s Planet Renowned Studio Tour, you nonetheless have to buy admission to the theme park — so acquiring discounted Universal Studios Hollywood tickets is worth it. 

The other tour solution is a five-hour VIP Practical experience tour complete of exclusive experiences, a private gourmet meal, front of the line access.

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Going to Warner Bros. and Taking the Studio Tour

Central Perk from "Friends" at Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Central Perk from Mates

For a definitely fantastic behind-the-scenes appear at the art of generating films and Television shows, you cannot beat the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

The little group tour, which is two to 3 hours lengthy, requires guests into genuine sets and sound stages that have been applied to make films like La La Land and shows like The Huge Bang Theory®.

You will also get to stroll about actual operating sets and see what the cameras see (and do not see), even though there will not be any one truly filming through the tour.

The most critical issue you can do when arranging out your studio tour is to get your tickets in advance and arrive at least 20 minutes early for parking and the safety verify.

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Touring Universal Studios and the Warner Bros. Studio in the Exact same Trip  

Taking each tours in the exact same trip is no challenge at all. You can take the Warner Bros. studio tour in one particular morning or afternoon, leaving the rest of the day cost-free to do a second activity and hit Universal Studios Hollywood the subsequent day.

Even if you strategy on taking the VIP tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, you will nonetheless have a lot of time for the rides — specially due to the fact the VIP tour tickets consist of multi-ride, front-of-line passes to all the rides and shows which includes the Planet-Renowned Studio Tour.

Touring Universal Studios and the Warner Bros. Studio in the Exact same Day

Shows at Universal Studios Hollywood

A lot of persons have asked me if it is probable to do each of these studio tours in the exact same day and though the rapid answer is yes, it does take some arranging.

Understanding that you are scheduling each parks for the exact same day, you are going to have fewer hours to discover Universal’s theme park. You could, for instance, book the earliest Warner Bros. studio tour of the day and then drive to Universal Studios Hollywood, take the tour, and remain till closing time, which may well be as late as 10 p.m. through the summer season.

Strategies for Touring Each Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios

Right here are some recommendations for generating the most of your visits to each studios:

Know What Tends to make Every Tour One of a kind

If you are not certain if you definitely want to do each tours, here’s a breakdown of what they appear like. 

Touring Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood's World Famous Studio Tour

The fundamental Universal Studios Hollywood tour is shorter, with pre-recorded commentary, and you will remain on a tram that holds extra than 200 persons for the entire tour.

About half of the tour is extra like an amusement park ride featuring scenes from well-known films. You cannot take a look at the theme park without having experiencing the tour due to the fact it is superb for all ages.

The VIP Practical experience Universal Studios tour is pretty diverse. As described above, it is about 5 hours lengthy, and you will be with an professional tour guide for the duration. You will see components of the studio that are closed to the public, tour backlot places, and discover the prop warehouse just before enjoying a gourmet lunch. You can then skip the line and get pleasure from the Planet Renowned Studio Tour.

Touring Warner Bros. Studios

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a two-hour tour. It requires spot on trams that seat 12 and is narrated by a reside tour guide. You will devote a lot of the tour off of the tram, exploring sets, sound studios, and stages (like Central Perk from Mates beneath), and there’s a lot of time to ask inquiries. 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Marvel costumes

There’s also a Deluxe tour, which consists of every little thing that is in the fundamental tour as properly as visits to the costume division, the house division, and lunch in the Warner Bros.’ Commissary Fine Dining Area. 

Pick out an Practical experience

If you are seeking for excitement, prioritize Universal’s tour. It has extra themed components, feels extra like a ride, and even has explosions — plus you can devote the rest of your day enjoying the park’s thrill rides.

But if you want to take a look at a operating studio to see exactly where the magic occurs, or you are a critical film buff, make Warner Bros. your initially quit. 

Strategy a Second Day at Universal Studios Hollywood

Critical Harry Potter fans will be happiest if they have extra than one particular day to discover The Wizarding Planet of Harry Potter.

And, specially if you are staying at one particular of the hotels close to Universal Studios Hollywood (Hilton Universal/Los Angeles or Sheraton Universal Hotel) it will be effortless to stroll or shuttle to the park at leisure.

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Time Your Drives

Fetching directions……

It is effortless to get from the Warner Bros. Studio to Universal Studios. Just try to remember that California visitors can be tricky. To miss peak visitors occasions, strategy to be on the road in between 10 a.m. and two p.m. If you do not have a vehicle, Uber and other common rideshare apps perform properly in Los Angeles.

It ought to take about ten minutes to travel in between the two Los Angeles attractions without having visitors.

Prioritize What You Seriously Want to Do at Universal Studios Hollywood

Things to Do at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles

If you certainly need to do each tours in one particular day and you want to devote time going on rides and watching shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, strategy your day out in advance. Do not attempt to wing it. Or, look at a Universal Express pass that permits entry into an expedited line for common attractions which includes the Planet Renowned Studio Tour.

Study up on what there is to do and see, make a decision what you certainly cannot miss, and verify out these points initially. Based on the time of year, you may well uncover you have added time to roam soon after hitting these need to-dos.

Split Your Day Strategically

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Batman

Here’s one particular extra solution for checking out each tours in one particular day. If you are prepared to do extra driving, you can split your day at Universal Studios Hollywood by shopping for tickets with the early arrival solution (which can only be completed straight by means of or be certain to acquire Universal Express tickets to promptly enter most rides and attractions.

Invest the initially four-five hours of your day taking the Planet Renowned Studio Tour and going on rides. Then, drive to Warner Bros. and do the fundamental tour (which you have currently reserved) at two:30 p.m.

You will be capable to get back to Universal with sufficient time to grab a bite to consume, verify out the shows, and go on any of the rides you missed in the morning. Or, assuming you are staying at one particular of the hotels close to Universal Studios Hollywood, head back for an early dinner and a stroll about CityWalk.

With a tiny arranging, it is effortless to do each of the upgraded studio tours in one particular trip. Plus, it is even probable to do each of the fundamental studio tours in a single day.

That mentioned, if your purpose is to loosen up and not have to rush about L.A., then strategy on going to Warner Bros. on one particular day and Universal Studios Hollywood the subsequent day. That way, you will get extra enjoyment out of each. 

Have you ever taken each studio tours in one particular day? I’d like to hear about how you did it!


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