How to See Tulips in the Netherlands


Each and every year thousands of going to flock to the Netherlands to see the tulips in complete bloom. Every person desires to see the colorful fields of these majestic flowers. On the other hand, here’s a enjoyable reality about the tulips: they are not native to the Netherlands. 

The tulip was imported from Turkey in the 16th century. In the 1630s ‘Tulip Mania’ gripped the nation, exactly where rates rose till bulbs price as a great deal as homes till the industry all of a sudden collapsed. Since then they have been an inseparable element of Dutch culture. 

Best Ways to Visit Keukenhof

How to See Tulips in the Netherlands

The Ideal Time to See Tulips in Amsterdam

Let’s clear anything very first: though when to see tulips in Amsterdam is what most individuals are browsing for, there are no tulips in Amsterdam outdoors of the flower industry and special National Tulip Day when they set up a short-term garden on Dam Square and guests can choose a tulip from the garden to bring residence no cost of charge.

In order to see the tulip fields you require to leave Amsterdam and travel to a different region of the nation. Do not be concerned – it is not far at all, but due to the fact the Netherlands is a tiny nation traveling someplace by train for 30-45 min is thought of far. 

As you can visualize, tulips do not bloom for an complete year. Tulips start to bloom about late March and remain colorful till early May well, with the finest time to see them is the month of April. 

Best Time to See Tulips Netherlands

Exactly where to Keep for Going to Keukenhof &amp Tulip Fields

One particular of the most popular concerns I’m being asked more than and more than is exactly where must I remain to check out Keukenhof or/and tulip fields. Since these locations are not positioned in Amsterdam, if seeing the tulips is the major priority you could possibly want to contemplate staying in smaller sized towns outdoors of Amsterdam. Right here are a handful of hotel alternatives:

Hotels in Leiden: Boutique Hotel d’Oude Morsch · De Barones Van Leyden

Hotel in Haarlem: B&ampB Her Hart Van Haarlem · Brasss Hotel Suites

Methods to See Tulips in the Netherlands

Most web-sites and blogs will suggest you to go to Keukenhof to see the tulips. Whilst if you have time I consider you can absolutely go there as properly, there are far better techniques to see the tulips in Holland, just that numerous guests do not know about them.

Renting a bike and driving via the fields of tulips sounds far better than possessing to pass amongst a ton of other individuals, does not it? Plus, it is entirely no cost!

  • Alternative three: Bike By means of the Tulip Fields &amp Check out Keukenhof Right after

If you nevertheless didn’t have sufficient tulips and have some time left, you could possibly go to Keukenhof as properly. This way you will be capable to expertise each way. Recall, that there are numerous other enjoyable factors to do in the Netherlands even though!

How to see Tulips

Going to Keukenhof

The Keukenhof Garden is the most well-known and most well known touristy, way to see tulips in Holland. The Keukenhof is NOT open all year round but opens only when they count on their tulips to be in bloom. Every single year it modifications slightly due to the climate, but opt for April.

Whilst Keukenhof is not an genuine tulip field you possibly have noticed on postcards, it is nevertheless good to see as they set up patterns of tulips for visitors’ pleasure.  

Keukenhof Garde

How to Get to Keukenhof

The precise place of the Keukenhof is:
Stationsweg 166a
The Netherlands

There is NO direct public transport alternative from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof. Very first travel to Schiphol by train (15 min) and adjust to the bus. Alternatively, travel to Leiden (30 min) and take a bus or rent a bike.

Be conscious that on weekends the line for either of these buses is really extended. You may perhaps finish up queuing up to an hour. The exact same factor applies to enter Keukenhof – it gets really busy on weekends.

From Schiphol you can take the Keukenhof Express (bus 858 from 21 march 2019 – 19 may perhaps 2019) from the bus station in front of the airport. The bus is uncomplicated to discover when you stroll outdoors from Schiphol Plaza.

From Leiden you can take bus 850/854 from Leiden Central Station to the Keukenhof. The bus will cease in front of the entrance. 

Alternatively, if you do not want to wait for the bus, you can take a train to Sassenheim. Then stroll to the bus station in front and take bus 50 to the Lisse Eikenlaan, five minutes away from the entrance to Keukenhof. See for the schedule and the walking directions.


See Tulip Fields on Your Personal

In the appropriate time of the year you seriously only have to board a train or choose up a bicycle to see the tulips in all their glory in rural fields. 

Tulip fields are discovered in the Bollenstreek (bulb area) close to the Keukenhof, and in the Noordoostpolder and in the province of Noord-Holland.

I do not don’t forget driving to tulip fields by automobile, merely due to the fact parking, or the lack of it, will make factors difficult. 

If you are coming from Amsterdam I suggest either going to Leiden and renting a bike there. Whilst you can just rent a bike in Amsterdam, you want to stay clear of the hassle of paying further for taking it on the train (which you can not do in the course of rush hour anyway unless it is a foldable bike). biking tulip fields

From there you can bike straight to Lisse / Sassenheim which will take you about 30 minutes (15 km). You will know when you get there, as there will be lots of tulips about you.

Just before you hop off your bike to admire the tulips, do not neglect to lock your bike. Bikes in the Netherlands get stolen really usually and you do not want this to come about to you. 

PLEASE do not stroll via or harm the tulips fields apart from designated paths. This is the small business of the farmer so please be respectful. 

tulip fields netherlands

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