Sri Lanka is a blessed island – an irresisteble heaven on earth embraced by the Indian Ocean!

With a spectacular untouched tropical scenery all about the island, this nation actually tends to make you really feel like walking in an “Amazonian”- like nature and in common it has every thing stunning beaches, tropical forests, higher mountains, wild elephants, sea turtles, dolphins, whales and of course leopards!

The spectacular heartland delivers lifetime experiences also, with the tea and cinnamon plantations to be the most premium ones!


I have lately visited Sri Lanka in the course of the TBC Asia the greatest Travel Blogger Conference which is hosted in Asia by Cinnamon Hotels – as 1 of the 60 most influential Travel Bloggers in the planet – so I had this distinctive chance to discover additional about this nation!


I was selected to discover the southern aspect of the island, so I got to get pleasure from an astounding safari in Madu Ganga River, with Cinnamon island to elevate this practical experience to a entire diverse level. Sri Lanka is effectively-identified for the production of Cinnamon – the popular, genuine Ceylon Cinnamon – which is created exclusively in the nation, so I was truly in the heart of the Ceylon Cinnamon production. For a Cinnamon Lover like myself, that was not a easy go to.

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Pretty much 90% of the most effective cinnamon worldwide is created in Sri Lanka!

Ceylon Cinnamon is 1 of the most ancient and popular spices and had usually been utilized for its stunning taste as effectively as its healing properties. It is also an exceptional supply of Manganum, a particular spice with enormous anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial impact which is loved by millions of individuals in the planet – and I am 1 of them also!-


So, it was quite exciting for me to get to know the producing procedure of the genuine cinnamon by the nearby farmers who take care of their harvests just mainly because they know how beneficial this spice is. 

Actually, cinnamon is a thin layer in the inside aspect of the bark of a tree which is only planted in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has actually the exclusiveness of cinnamon.


I watched step-by-step the procedure of removing the bark from the tree trunk as effectively as the scraping procedure which removed the outdoors aspect till there was only a ,five millimetre skin. The procedure went on with the bark which was reduce in stripes. These stripes are dried in order to lastly generate the cinnamon sticks.

I feel there is no have to have to mention the astounding smells in the course of this procedure. I am a enormous cinnamon fan so this “ritual” was dreamy!




Our hostess also showed how they make rope out of the coconut fruit as effectively as the knitting of leaves for the building of roofs. As you picture, this practical experience was not only distinctive but also showed to me the makeover of merchandise which I get pleasure from in their final type and look at them as granted in my everyday life.


It was a easy however astounding ritual! If you take place to be in Sri Lanka – and particularly at the southern side – do not have second thoughts of going to the Cinnamon Island! Meeting with the locals and finding to know their habits, are two of my preferred factors in each trip I do and I certainly advocate you to do that also.







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