Ghost ship in Koh Chang?


Did you know that Kanika is a substantial paranormal enthusiast? Effectively, she is. In truth, she wishes it was her day and evening job. So when we had been in Koh Chang, she researched if there had been any haunted or weird factors to see on the island. A speedy search led us to a couple of posts about a ghost ship in Koh Chang.

Intriguing! We decided to verify it out.

Finding to the ghost ship

As we had driven our way to Koh Chang, we immediately got in our automobile and created our way. It is positioned at the south-western tip of the island. All we had to do was adhere to the road all the way to the finish, previous Bang Bao towards Bang Bai Beach. On Google Maps, it is named The Galaxy Bang Bai Beach. The is or was the name of the ghost ship.

As we neared our location, we came across a guard post and a barrier. Outside, it was written:

“visitors spend 100 per person”

So wait, what? Are there non-guests right here as well? Can you remain right here? We had been a bit perplexed but our curiosity grew. We paid the entrance charge and continued driving. Inside, we had been met with quite a few elephant statues about the location.

Grand Lagoona Resort koh chang

A bit weird but OK. It looked deserted, which we anticipated but at the very same time, it was all properly kept. THAT we didn’t anticipate. We believed we would most likely have to hike by way of some forest location or pass a “Do Not Enter” sign.

As we drove in the house, we kept your eyes peeled for the ghost ship. It wasn’t lengthy ahead of we caught a glimpse of it in the distance. Our hearts had been racing with excitement and perhaps a bit of anxiousness.

ghost ship in koh chang

Is it definitely a ghost ship? Is it even abandoned?

Now, are there actual ghosts in this hotel? We do not know. We did some analysis and no one particular has ever observed one particular or described something of the sort. It is also not probable to come across out considering that the hotel is off-limits as a sign says “Do not Enter. Renovating.”

ghost ship in koh chang

It is also rather evident that it is certainly not a ghost ship of any sort. It is unclear if it is even abandoned due to the fact of the sign. If there are any renovations becoming performed, we didn’t see any activity.

Nonetheless, it was worth seeing what all the fuss was about. I was basically glad that this was it and that there wasn’t any true paranormal threat about it. I may well really feel differently at evening but men and women do remain about the house.

Yes, there are accommodations nearby

Just in front of the “ghost ship”, you will come across a rickety wooden property. That is the reception for the resort house – Koh Chang Grand Lagoona. Beginning about $80/evening you can remain in cottages and bungalows about the location. You will come across a lake in the middle and a attractive beach in front.

ghost ship in koh chang

Grand Lagoona Resort koh chang

There is even a swimming pool shaped like a pseudo boat. Very an fascinating notion. The complete spot is basically rather fairly! Quite calming, creating it rather a treat to discover and take images. Once again, not certain how I would really feel about it at night. I reckon it would be equally eerie.

ghost ship in koh chang

Is it worth going?

Paranormal or not, this is an fascinating web-site to see if you are in Koh Chang. We feel it is undoubtedly worth going to. The location is attractive, the beach is good, and you will see some fascinating boat chalets/bungalows. Some you can remain in or dine at, even though other people you cannot due to the fact they are renovating. Supposedly.

chalet bungalow

Of course, the ghost ship itself is an remarkable attraction, even if you cannot go inside. We definitely enjoyed exploring this spot. In truth, want we stayed longer and took far more images and went inside one particular of these run-down boat chalets.

Would you go? Have you been? Let us about your practical experience in the comments under.


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