five Travel Apps That Will Save You Time and Dollars



I do not know about you, but I like a great deal. I when treated myself to a wonderful lace dress only to see it on sale for 50% off the subsequent day and it ate away at my soul for weeks.

To protect against this from taking place, I’m constantly on the lookout for a way to make my life (which is 99% travel) extra economical. Not only in the monetary sense – time is cash and saving time is frequently even extra precious in my eyes.

We millennials are continually berated for becoming glued to our phones but guess what? That is exactly where most of my time and cash saving occurs. There are hundreds of apps whose sole goal it is to make your life less difficult. From streamlining the travel booking method to creating certain you never ever spend a penny in foreign transaction costs, I’ve lined up 5 of my favourites to share with you.


I’ll start out with TraveLibro since it may perhaps just be my favourite app locate of 2017. As a frequent traveller I frequently struggle to keep in mind my trips in significantly detail. But not any longer! Thanks to TraveLibro I’m capable to preserve track of all my travel memories proper as they’re taking place.

I did this on my current trip to Slovenia, you can see my complete journey right here. Devoid of this app there’s no way I would have remembered the name of that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves fresh bread dipped in red wine for breakfast, or my olive oil tasting class in Šmartno.

But the most effective component is that not only can you record your travels in as significantly detail as you’d like – you can also access other people’s previous journeys. All of mine are here. If you need to have inspiration for your subsequent trip, TraveLibro is unquestionably the way to go!

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Wouldn’t it be good if somebody else place collectively a custom travel itinerary for you? If you currently have a individual assistant this app is not for you. But if you do not you will like TripIt!

After you grant it access, it pulls all upcoming travel information from your e-mail inbox. It then compiles it and presents you with a neat itinerary so you can access all your flights, train journeys and hotel bookings in a single spot. It also delivers significant information and facts like verify in and verify out occasions or flight duration.

Oh, and you can also save a copy of your travel IDs and significant contacts in a password or Touch ID protected folder. It could be a literal life saver.


I’m certain you have heard of the Skyscanner app currently but I want to share a handful of tricks you may perhaps not be conscious of. Initially of all, the Skyscanner app (as properly as the web site) lets you set alerts that go off anytime the cost of a flight you had been searching at alterations. That way you will not have to overpay for your subsequent ticket.

But my favourite function is the capacity to search for a flight to “Everywhere”. After you input your dates the method will give you an overview of the least expensive flights readily available from your location. I when identified a return ticket to New York for significantly less than £300 – it was less costly than a trip to Malaga, Spain on these exact same dates!


I’ll get the poor news out of the way initial – LuckyTrip is only readily available to UK residents at the moment. But they program to expand and should really be readily available in other nations quickly. I actually hope they do since I hate not becoming capable to share all that goodness with the globe.

So what does this small app do? Oh, it just plans your complete freaking trip! Have I talked about it is no cost? All you have to do is input your closest airport and a price range for your trip, beginning at £150.

LuckyTrip will scour the World-wide-web and come back with a brief itinerary that contains flights, hotels and a bunch of enjoyable locations to take a look at although you are there.


I like Monzo extra than I like some individuals. Not terrible individuals, completely good individuals – that is how amazing this app is. Monzo is a lot extra than an app although. It is a bank account and a debit card that let’s you spend and withdraw money abroad with no foreign costs!

With my other UK card I have to spend a flat charge of £1.99 just about every time I want to take cash out although travelling. That’s… ludicrous. With my MasterCard debit from Monzo I can withdraw up to £200 just about every month for no cost, and with a three% payment thereafter. But I hardly ever need to have to take out extra as all card transactions abroad are no cost, with no a limit. Their conversion price is also a lot much better than any I’ve observed in classic banks.

You do not even have to be travelling to advantage from getting this no cost card. Anytime you order something from abroad and have to spend in the nearby currency, this will make the transaction significantly less costly. I regularly do this on PayPal for instance.

Dollars saving tip! If you’d like to save cash for travel, I also very advise you verify out Chip. It is a sensible app that connects to your bank account and puts cash aside for you, primarily based on your spending habits. It sounds a small scary but all the cash is ringfenced in a Barclays account so you wouldn’t shed it even if one thing had been to occur to the corporation. I’ve been capable to place aside extra than £2,000 thanks to Chip’s assistance.

But that is not the most effective component. The most effective component is the higher interest price you are capable to get by way of it – up to five%! You get added percentage points by referring close friends, which is a small annoying but it does operate. If you’d like to start out at 1% interest price alternatively of zero you can use my code: LOJ7WX. I will also get 1% for referring you, so if you are not comfy with that do not use the code. But I see it as a win-win circumstance. I’m in no way affiliated with Chip, I’m just sharing this app since I consider it is outstanding.

What other travel apps would you advise? Have you made use of any of the above? Let me know in a comment beneath, I like hearing from you!

Disclaimer: This post was kindly sponsored by TraveLibro, but I’d exalt their virtues even if I wasn’t collaborating with them. In other words – all opinions are mine, as constantly.



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