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I cannot think it. I can’t think that 2018 is behind us and right now is the 1st January 2019.

We had a beautiful low important Christmas and New Year complete of quiet moments, loved ones time and lots and lots of meals. We do not have a tendency to do a lot for Christmas and that is the way I like it seriously, though it somehow manages to be each manic and quiet at the similar time. For the initially year ever this year we woke up in our personal beds on Christmas Day- we ordinarily go more than to sleep at my Mum’s on Christmas Eve even although she only lives down the road, but this year we decided it would be much less hectic to wake up in our personal property. It was beautiful, mostly for the truth it was a lot calmer, so I assume that we will most likely continue to do that in years to come.

Maddie turned eight on Christmas Eve and we had a beautiful day celebrating her. We went to see Father Christmas at the Garden Centre in the morning, one thing which has turn into an annual tradition of ours, and we have been met there for breakfast by some of our loved ones and close friends. Then we went for lunch with my sister and her boyfriend, ahead of coming house to chill out for a bit, and then going more than to our annual Christmas Eve/Birthday Celebration at their godmother’s property. Christmas Day was spent at my Grandmas for Christmas Lunch, then the following couple of days we hosted Jon’s loved ones at ours. All in all it was a beautiful Christmas, topped off by a relaxing but entertaining New Years Eve evening at house with my sister and her boyfriend.

And now it is 2019. I felt it was only ideal to do a small post on right here to say hello to the new year and to acknowledge the arrival of a new a single. 2018 was a excellent year for us, I produced a small video of our 2018 highlights more than on You Tube if you would like to watch it. It produced me cry even though I was editing it and Jon even shed a small tear when I played it to him, there’s nothing at all much more bittersweet than seeing your kids develop so rapidly.

I also have a horrendous track record of creating targets that I do not preserve, but I cannot pass up the chance to at least attempt and make modest alterations to make myself really feel improved. It is the usual kind of ones I inevitably make each and every year, like attempting to consume improved, drink much more water and get a improved balance when it comes to my time. Only time will inform no matter if I preserve them up, but I am feeling determined and good.

I normally like to make some on the web targets when it comes to my perform on right here. I am so extremely fortunate and fortunate to be in a position to do ‘this’ as a job, I would in no way ever have dreamed almost eight years ago that this would come about. It definitely will not final forever, but even though it does I am enjoying each and every minute, and I just like to set myself small targets to support motivate myself. Once again these are the usual, hitting specific targets on You Tube and instagram (as even though numbers are not essential and engagement and the way you make people today really feel is much more so, numbers I guess do matter when it comes to performing this). Also providing myself set hours to be on the web, so I am not performing it till midnight each and every evening- which is undoubtedly not wholesome.

I stated this really similar point final year and I didn’t stick to it as a great deal as I would like to, but this year I seriously want to concentrate on this weblog. This was my initially child (immediately after my right initially child) and this space was what produced me fall in really like with the on the web globe. I’ve been writing it for just about eight years now, and more than that time points have considerably changed. Individuals do not necessarily go to blogs like they did ahead of, not when they can effortlessly and readily digest your content material and preserve up with your life on platforms like instagram and even You Tube. As a outcome I have concentrated much more on them, since of course I am going to concentrate on the points that people today look to appear at much more.

At the similar time although I have stated this several instances ahead of, but getting a weblog is the only point that is yours. Instagram could drastically alter it is interface tomorrow, or You Tube could shut down subsequent year (unlikely clearly but you get my drift) and all your really hard perform could primarily be lost. A weblog is the only point that you handle totally and that you know is not going to succumb to any alterations. I seriously want to concentrate much more on right here, but it is really hard to match it all in as we only have restricted hours in the day.

The other point is I nevertheless really like writing. I really like taking pictures. They have been my passions nicely ahead of videos. I am brimming with concepts for my weblog, I just need to have to somehow handle my time much more so I can do it. I stated it final year, but this year I seriously am going to attempt. Even if it is just two or 3 posts a month, I seriously want to create on right here much more. I am determined to, I have a complete list of concepts in my note book of posts I want to create.

Also I seriously want to have a weblog refresh, I have only had this current design and style a year (it was a year ago just about to the day that I changed it), but in all honesty it seriously is not as functional as I want it to be. I like the way it appears, but it is not specifically user friendly. Jon is going to uncover the time to gradually develop me a weblog that I really like and does all the points I want it to- but I do not want to rush into it this time, I will be taking my time and perfecting a best design and style.

And that is it seriously. Just some uncomplicated targets and concepts, and some excellent intentions for 2019. Only time will inform if I preserve to them, but I would like to begin off as organised and as productive as I can. We began the year off by going to our favourite pink wall for some pictures- I assume this could possibly turn into a yearly tradition as you can seriously see how a great deal they are developing up.


Delighted NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. May possibly 2019 BE Almost everything YOU HOPE FOR AND Much more. XX




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