Chasing waterfalls in Southern Laos


Laos is identified for quite a few issues – lovely landscapes, friendly individuals, incredibly scrumptious meals, charming towns, and of course, waterfalls. Lots and lots of waterfalls. Amongst them is the common Kuangsi waterfall in Luang Prabang that attracts thousands, if not 10s of thousands of guests every year. Even though it is certainly a sight for sore eyes, there are a lot of other astounding waterfalls in southern Laos worth going to.

Now, we enjoy chasing waterfalls. We did it in Chiang Mai and fortunately for us (and you), we got the chance to do the identical in southern Laos. Right here are some of the most effective ones we saw that you can also verify out.

Let’s get the apparent and largest a single out of the way very first. The Khone Phapeng falls, which is a single of the major attractions of southern Laos. Even though it could possibly not be the prettiest waterfall in the nation, it is certainly the mightiest a single out there. It is also the biggest falls in all of Southeast Asia and that is saying a lot.

southern laos waterfall

The waterfall is situated in the Mekong river as it flows down quickly by way of Champasak province, heading towards Cambodia. The sights and sounds of the roaring rapids are amazing. The most effective component is that you can practical experience all of it although getting scrumptious Laotian meals at the View restaurant.

southern laos waterfall

Walking additional from the restaurant, you can truly go down and on to the rocks that jut into the river. A further amazing angle of the waterfall from right here. I personally enjoyed scrambling more than the rocks to get the most effective view.

khone phapeng

To enter the waterfall national park, guests need to spend 30,000 kip and is open each day from eight am – five pm.

Entertaining truth: Khone Phapheng Falls ranks third amongst waterfalls in the planet by imply annual flow price (11,610 m³/s).

Tad Fane was likely my preferred waterfall and it wasn’t just due to the fact of its sheer beauty and enormous 120-meter drop but due to the fact you can zip line across it! The thrill of going more than the twin beauties and the jungle under was just astounding.

Tad Fane

Sadly, when I zipped more than, I began spinning about, so couldn’t truly get pleasure from the view totally. It is rather an practical experience nonetheless.

Tad Fane

Even though Khone Phapeng is the biggest, Tad Fane is the tallest waterfall in Laos. That is a twofer cause to go to southern Laos I would say.

Positioned in the western side of Don Khone (a single of the 4000 islands) Tad Li Phi aka Tad Somphamit is a true treat. It begins off calm at the leading as the Mekong river meanders by way of rocks and boulders prior to constructing up speed.

tad somphamit

You can stroll along the stretch although observing the falls having stronger. The currents are rapidly and sturdy so be cautious although taking these photographs at the edges. They are indicators all more than to warn you as properly.

tad somphamit

Maintain walking down the trail, following the “gone to the beach” sign (go figure) and you will come to a sandy bank exactly where you can take a swim, chill in a single of the sala huts or grab a beer/cocktail at the bar. There is even a pool table. Excellent spot to rest up and refresh prior to heading back.

Also spelled as Tad Yuang, is a single of the additional serene and awe-inspiring waterfalls that a single need to go to. This is a single of the couple of we have pointed out so far that you can truly swim in but with caution as currents can often be sturdy. It is also a incredibly common waterfall to capture that fantastic Instagram shot with a selection of viewpoints across the location.

Tad Yuang Waterfall

We spent rather a bit of time right here due to the fact it was just so lovely and peaceful. Above the waterfall, you will uncover picnic places, cute bridges resembling the shire from Lord of the Rings and tiny pools to swim in.

Tad Yuang Waterfall

Nestled in the southern tip of Salavan province close to Tad Lo village is a single of the most surreal waterfalls I’ve observed. It is a wide multi-tiered waterfall divided into two by a significant rock in the middle. It is so wide, I had to use a pano shot to get all of it.

Tad Hang

Tourism Laos describes this waterfall completely.

“A 30-meter-wide, tree-lined waterfall crashing more than a 10-meter, tiered-rock wall into a series of rapids prior to settling into a calmly flowing river.”

You can also swim at Tad Hang. We even saw a local man, walking about on the rocks in the middle of the waterfall. It is a incredibly lovely and peaceful spot to go to with a couple of guesthouses and homestays nearby to remain at. Worth a trip right here specially if you strategy on staying a evening or two.

Which ones would you go to if you visited southern Laos? Also if you liked these photographs, do verify out our panoramic shots of other astounding web pages (which includes some of these waterfalls) in Southern Laos.


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