Why I am Finding out My Sixth Language with Rosetta Stone



On this extremely day, a decade ago, I was sat in my bedroom reading the dictionary.

I cannot say that with full certainty but it is additional most likely than not. It is how I spent virtually each evening as a fourteen year old. What type of a teenage girl spends her absolutely free time reading the dictionary? The answer is uncomplicated – the type of girl that feels like no one can realize her.

I do not imply that in an angsty, me-against-the-globe type of way. I imply that actually. Just prior to my fourteenth birthday my family members moved to Vienna, away from the security of our house in the Czech Republic. Away from the security of the only language I was fluent in.

I’d discovered expressing my feelings in my mother tongue challenging sufficient. What teenager does not? Becoming forced to come to grips with the brave new globe about me in a language I barely spoke felt downright cruel.

That language was English… and appear at me now! I’ve caught the beast, tamed it and now it does fancy tricks for me at the drop of a hat. English is not my only show pony either. I speak 5 languages – English and Czech, as properly as German, Russian and French.

When I was younger I collected vocabulary the way other folks gather stamps. I would hear a new word and really feel an quick have to have to possess it. It was an unquenchable thirst and the additional I discovered the additional I wanted.

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Finding out new languages aids you diversify your buddy circle!

Having back to finding out

But then a thing occurred. It wasn’t a dramatic realisation, just a gradual shift. Rather than becoming wiser I was expanding additional complacent with each year. All that finding out was replaced with an attitude of “I’m as well busy for any of this!”. Alternatively of reading the dictionary I would sit in my bedroom and blankly stare at my laptop screen, barely noticing exactly where one particular Netflix episode ended and the subsequent started.

What I’m describing sounds depressing. But primarily based on conversations I’ve had with close friends it is also how most young adults reside their lives. Just after a stressful day at operate who can blame us for wanting to decompress? No one, that is who.

My current travels about Africa have resulted in a couple of epiphanies though. All these thoughts-numbing activities, like binge watching series or going for cocktails, never ever finish in me feeling relaxed. It feels very good in the quick run but searching back on a weekend spent that way I cannot assistance but regret all the time I wasted.

More than the previous couple of months I’ve attempted replacing all that white noise with points that assistance me develop. Nothing at all as well strenuous – a dip in Lake Malawi in the morning, an afternoon spent volunteering or half an hour of language finding out anytime I discovered the time. And you know what? These tiny adjustments have created a huge distinction in my mindset.

According to research folks have a tendency to misunderstand self-confidence. It is not a thing you have that determines how effective you are going to be. Rather it is a reflection of previous overall performance. So beginning your day or week off on a productive note will set you up for achievement and vice versa.

What I’m attempting to say is: I want you to join me in placing down the remote and selecting up a new ability rather. I’m struggling to describe how significantly greater it feels due to the fact it is a thing you have to expertise for your self to genuinely appreciate it.

girl drinking red wine by the aqueduct of segovia
I guarantee I’m not just finding out Spanish to drink regional wine and admire their architecture. Promise…

Why languages?

I’ve not been shy about brandishing my multilingualism, but me getting a hopeless show off is only a component of the equation. The most important purpose I bring it up is a hope that I’ll inspire other people not to give up on languages due to the fact of a terrible higher college expertise.

I get it, my French professor wasn’t specifically a delight either – additional like nightmare fodder. But am I going to let her rob me of the joy that comes with speaking a different language? Mais non, ma chérie. Of course not.

The advantages of becoming bilingual can’t be overstated. Aside from assisting you come to be additional self-confident it also boosts your creativity and provides a new way of searching at the globe. In some circumstances this is rather literal. Take Russian for instance, a language with no word for the colour blue. One thing can either be described as light blue (goluboi) or dark blue (sinii), but there’s no in in between. That actually forces you to see the globe in a diverse light.

But it does not cease there. According to research bilingualism can stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia, which generally tends to make it a superpower. And on a significantly less critical but no significantly less vital note, speaking a foreign language will take your travels to a entire new level.

I’ll never ever neglect haggling more than the price tag of a floral dress at a market place in Beijing. “Tài guì le, tài guì le,” I repeated as the shopkeeper laughed. As well pricey. “Piàoliang,” I added prior to shrugging and turning to stroll away. It is gorgeous. I do not even count Mandarin amongst my 5 languages due to the fact my expertise of it is so standard. But even with that bare minimum I was capable to have a quick exchange, entertain a regional and bag a gorgeous gown for a fraction of your regular tourist price tag.

That is just scratching the surface even though. Genuinely sinking your teeth into a language and getting capable to have a proper conversation is exceptionally rewarding. To get expertise that great feeling once more I’ve decided to add a new language to my arsenal – Spanish.

How to get began

If you are a traveller like me or just somebody with a busy schedule, committing to a language class may possibly not be a viable selection. That is exactly where my additional current efforts to choose up a new language tanked. In my final year of university I went to the difficulty of signing up for a Mandarin class and placing down a non-refundable deposit prior to realising it was practically not possible for me to do that, run my weblog, operate a component-time job, finish my degree and get additional than 4 hours of sleep each evening.

Enter Rosetta Stone and their language finding out app, which I found appropriate prior to going on my African adventure. They have additional than twenty languages ranging from English, Spanish and German to slightly offbeat options like Hindi, Tagalog or Farsi.

You can download all your lessons offline which suggests you can study from practically anyplace. More than the previous couple of months I’ve actually established that to myself. From a propeller plane in Tanzania to a minibus in Ethiopia, a snazzy hotel overlooking a lake to a $eight/evening guesthouse, I’ve accomplished tiny bits of Spanish in the most unexpected areas.

Regardless of possessing a busier schedule than I’d had in years I nonetheless managed to full a surprising quantity of units. If I had to sit down with a notepad and a textbook I would have reasoned my way out of it. But getting capable to only devote a couple of minutes on the app at a time created me attain for it each time I felt a tiny bored.

I was a tiny apprehensive about utilizing an app due to the fact I’m so utilized to the old college textbook-and-blackboard strategy. But you know what? It won me more than in a matter of minutes. Rosetta Stone’s teaching strategy mimics how we study as youngsters. Rather than explaining points to us in a different language, it makes use of a mix of verbal and visual cues to clarify what points are.

You can watch the video above to see it in practice. But greater but, download the app your self! You can attempt it out fully for absolutely free and if you fall in really like with it I have excellent news. I have a discount code that will give you 50% off the total price tag. All you have to do is use my code which is “Sabina50”.

What do you assume? You have got nothing at all to shed, so why not join me on this tiny adventure and marvel at the points your brain can achieve!

Have you ever utilized a language finding out app? What do you assume of Rosetta Stone’s strategy? Let me know in a comment beneath, I’d really like to hear your take on this! 

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Rosetta Stone. As often all opinions are my personal and I’m genuinely loving the app. It is, as we say in Spanish, absolutamente maravilloso.



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