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If you like Road Trips and you are dreaming of going on one particular in USA, there are some areas that shouldn’t be left out of your schedule. Apart from the coastal and heavenly Los Angeles – San Fransisco route, which is one particular of my favourite, I propose you tick some “Real American” cities in your list as well.

There are for instance, some provincial cities, not cosmopolitan at all, but with wonderful hiking trails and dreamy sights. Someplace in North Arizona, there is a city named Web page and it is just like it came out of an encyclopaedic book.

I visited this city 3 years ago and I came back this year to re-go on this fascinating trip to Horseshoe Bend. Driving to Highway 89, crossing Nevada, Utah, Arizona and getting only a couple of hours far from the dreamy Monument Valley, I decided to make an epic cease at this exclusive spot! It is a all-natural marvel, a scenery surrounded by stones and red rocks, building as a result an actual horseshoe in which river Colorado flows. The river reaches this spot by means of the dam of Glen Canyon which holds lake Powell back.

It is just five km from exactly where Grand Canyon National Park begins, providing you the sense that you are actually in its location. In a geographical aspect, it does not belong to the Grand Canyon however it is like a peripheral extension of it, like several other Canyons in the location.

After leaving and saying goodbye to Utah, the highway 89 led me to the dream of Glen Canyon!


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eight Items YOU Want TO KNOW Just before Going to HORSESHOE BEND


When you are at the signaled location of Horseshoe Bend you will meet a substantial parking, which is typically… crowded. Do not be concerned, the Horseshoe Bend is a quite renowned sightseeing with thousands of guests each day. Be ready to even leave your auto out of the Highway 89. Valuable tip: do not leave any valuable objects at your auto as you will be far away and in all probability will not have time to get back in case somethings takes place. Having said that, there was police safety when I twice visited. But, just in case, be ready.


Be prepared to stroll extended adequate from the parking lot to the view point. The trail is not that tough unless the climate is as well hot. Do not panic even though. There are also indicators in diverse spots of the route that preserve you in track. 


#three. THE Best TIME

There is no negative time to check out it but the truth is that, every single hour delivers a completely diverse point of view!

If you genuinely want to check out Horseshoe Bend at the most effective probable time and with the most effective probable view, then you really should pick the time of your check out cautiously. The most effective hour would be in the early morning about 9-10 am, when the sun is correct behind you and assists you love the view, or in the early afternoon. A late afternoon would not be such a correct decision for the reason that of the sunset it is excellent but it will not be beneficial in your photo shooting or enjoyment of the view. If you are a specialist photographer, this could not be a trouble to you, but if you are not, then keep away from the sunset hours in your shots.

#four. THE Best SPOT

Each and every spot is correct. Each and every spot can give you a breathtaking view. Having said that, I personally choose the left side exactly where I can love the view extra quietly, when most of the guests attempt to locate the correct spot as well. Let’s not overlook that there are virtually normally photographers who stand with their specific gear on the centre, so this spot will not be quite hassle-free to you.

But do not hesitate to appear about, there are other attractive spots as well!





Initially issues initial make confident you have water with you. You will genuinely want it due to each the temperature and path. Also, you want to place on your trainers for the reason that of the dirt and bumpy road which is complete of tiny rocks wherever you appear at. Do not overlook your sunscreen specially in the course of summer season months and a camera to normally “carry” with you what are going to see there.


In basic, there are no guarding barriers in the Horseshoe Bend, apart from one particular in the centre. So be incredibly cautious of exactly where you re standing in order to take the excellent photo! The view is breathtaking as I currently mentioned, but if you are afraid of heights, I recommend you step a tiny back.

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There are public toilets in the parking lot. If your check out is in the course of the morning hours, you will in all probability meet hundreds of vacationers arriving, so this could be a trouble for the restroom. But do not be concerned there are several nearby shops in the city of Web page, which you can check out for the very same purpose.

#eight. ENTRANCE Charge
There is no entrance charge for the Horseshoe Bend. It is totally free.


I know that you currently have your snack supplies with you for this epic Road Trip, but you really should genuinely make a pit-cease at one particular of Page’s most effective American breakfast restaurants in the location. 

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I recommend this area as a important cease in your American Road Trip, for all the above factors and even extra! A trip like this, really should be spent authentically! Cross the compact, provincial cities, love the straightforward, each day life of the locals, with or devoid of the cosmopolitan spots of the cities, which of course in no way miss my stories as effectively! #ΤravelWithMary

Delighted ROAD TRIPS!



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