Trip Like A Rockstar At The Tough Rock Hotel Tenerife


The Hotel:

Considering that it initially opened in October 2016, Tough Rock Hotel Tenerife has been awarded numerous distinctions, recognizing it as the most effective hotel of the year in Tenerife and the most effective thematic hotel in Spain, and also ranking it amongst the most effective hotels in Europe. It has also been named amongst the “Best Hotels of 2018” (in the globe). In it is quick life, HRH Tenerife has garnered a spectrum of accolades, and the causes are evident from the moment you verify in.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Staying accurate to Tough Rock Hotel type, the HRH Tenerife plays house to a quantity of epic pool parties and concerts all through the summer season months. Each and every Saturday from June to October, guests can take pleasure in music and drinks outdoors by the pool at the weekly Lagoon Celebration, or catch 1 of the numerous concerts at the nearby stage.

If you miss the concerts, you have the alternative to channel your inner rockstar by renting a complimentary fender guitar and amp to use for the duration of your keep. Or, if you are not so musically inclined, you can take benefit of HRH Tenerife’s “Sound of Your Stay” playlist to take pleasure in a curated collection of tunes.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

In my opinion, it is these vast and varied amenities that set the Tough Rock Hotel Tenerife apart and tends to make every single keep memorable.

One particular of my favourite items about the Tough Rock Hotel Tenerife was.. (wait for it).. The area crucial! At verify in, guests are offered a bracelet that doubles as their area crucial (and can also be scanned for payment on any things charged to the area). Possessing a area crucial bracelet got me super excited, as I’ve been recognized to drop area keys everywhere I go. I also enjoyed not possessing to lug my purse to the pool or bar, given that I could use my bracelet to spend for drinks.

Upon employing your cool bracelet / area crucial to enter the newly renovated rooms, the lights and Television turn on automatically whilst music all of a sudden starts blaring in a grand gesture of welcoming that in no way ceased to amaze me, even by day three (it actually is the small items).


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