The City of Danao is discovered in Cebu and is regarded as as a 3rd class city in the province. With its about 33-kilometer distance from Cebu City, it is inevitable for individuals not to lead to this location soon after some wandering time about. Yes, even though the name of the region may possibly not ring a bell for most of the vacationers, they also have scenic locations and landmarks that they could be proud of. As a traveler, I would like to share with you a certain landmark discovered in this city, and I am certain that soon after reading this report, you will be pretty excited to see the location in the future.

The Sto. Tomas de Villanueva parish church was established back in 1671, and it as constructed to honor the patron saint, to whom the church is devoted. The feast day comes every single 3rd of September. With such extended existence, and its potential to withstand the test of time, the church gradually gathered a higher status and reputation amongst the vacationers. Think about becoming in a location constructed for a lot more than 300 years ago? Is not it excellent and nostalgic at the similar time?

As the years went by, the church had added components beneath the supervision of the hardworking parish priests that they had. In 1843, the crucero or also identified as the suitable and left wing of the church was constructed. This was initiated by the parish priest, Fr. Manuel Fernandez de la Virgin del Rosario. In 1887, the sacristy of the church was also constructed beneath the supervision of the parish priest, Fr. Fidel Moreno de San Hilarion.

The church also homes the impressive belfry. The top rated aspect of it served as a mounting region of a mechanical clock. Later on, it was converted into an open window exactly where guests could take a peek of, enabling them to see the church in an even a lot more gorgeous angle. As the years go by, some components have been changed from the original structure. Starting from woods and clay floor turning into strong rocks and at some point, tiles. The paint and all other interior and exterior had some alterations due to distinct situations. But regardless of these adjustments, the church remained to be a picturesque residence of God, housed in the middle of the city.



The cool vibes not just inside but also outdoors the church us a thing that I appreciate when I came right here. As I stroll towards the door of the church, I can not support but really feel that as if, I was back in time exactly where all the things was so straightforward and peaceful. Even just for a handful of minutes of becoming there, I came to understand how extremely incredible it is to be in a location just like this 1. A location exactly where I could sit, appreciate the silence, appreciate the beauty of the church, and be at the residence of God. If you occur to pay a visit to the Danao City, I urge you to pay a visit to the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Church. I am certain that you will also really feel the similar serene feeling.


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