As a lady who has professionally created up in the air each as a Flight Attendant and a Flight Attendants’ Profession Coach these days, I usually appear forward writing an Airline Overview. The airplane is like a second household to me, counting thousands of hours in the skies this is why I recognize, I know and definitely appreciate the flight solutions.


Right after I got selected as one particular of the most influential travel bloggers in the globe, I not too long ago participated in TBC Asia, the greatest Travel Blogger Conference in Asia, which has been organised by Cinnamon Hotels. Sri Lankan Airlines took care of my trip. I was truly seeking forward to this knowledge, as this time I wasn’t on duty flying to Asia on a private jet but alternatively I got to knowledge my 1st ever journet to this aspect of the globe as a passenger. So there was anything fairly new to discover! 

My flight from Doha to Colombo was a evening flight, five hours extended which followed the 1st sector from Athens to Doha. So, I chose to fly Enterprise Class – and I usually do in such instances – as I cannot resist to a gourmet dinner up in the air as properly as a seat-bed at 40,000 feet! The AIRBUS A320/321 is one particular of my favored airplanes possibly mainly because I haven’t been flying on it as a flight attendant and I certainly think about it as the masterpiece of industrial airlines!


Sri Lanka is an amazingly hospitable nation. The locals appreciate their homeland and want to convey this feeling to any visitor by means of their fantastic client solutions. To be truthful, this was clear to me even from the 1st Welcome Aboard through boarding in Doha. I do have 13 years aviation hands-on knowledge and I can reassure you the flight attendants’ smile was definitely genuine.


Sri Lankan Airlines persons know how to effectively provide a straight-from-the-heart smile to all passengers. This can be spotted in seconds, think me! 



THE Very first WELCOME


The truth is, that you in no way have a second opportunity to 1st impressions and Sri Lankan Airlines truly had a wonderful accomplishment on that! The flight attendants did not only warmly welcomed me but have been also neat, with lovely hair and fantastic uniforms – like a piece of art – wearing superb, standard Sri Lankan Sarees. 


A warm, scented towel and an apple juice followed this lovely row of events to welcome me as a Royal in my flight to Sri Lankan Paradise. I didn’t go for the champagne as I knew that a scrumptious menu would stick to with each other with a glass of wine / or possibly two?





I chose s single seat subsequent to the window for an apparent purpose. Maximum Privacy is the essential and my decision was general appropriate. For the duration of the evening, the seat transformed into a comfy bed with a cozy fluffy pillow and a appropriate to size blanket –not a youngster blanket of 1,20m (which is the usual alternative in airlines).


Suitable subsequent to my bed there I had my individual “bedside – table” which is very practical specially for me that I commonly curry so considerably stuff in my handbag (crèmes, earphones, sleeping masks, socks, chargers, tablet and so forth.)


Sri Lankan Airlines gives a valuable amenity kit as properly, with a sleeping mask, socks and mini solutions. You got me I honoured them all!








I usually travel with my personal tablet with me, as a Netflix fan. Nevertheless, I appreciate checking what’s on board. So, I spent some time exploring the in-flight entertainment method, so I can have an opinion more than right here. There was a wide wide variety of motion pictures and series, each from new or classic productions, lots of music options as properly as fascinating documentaries. You can also use their usb outlets for charging your device which is a big neccessity, specially through extended hauls.

But I shouldn’t neglect the most crucial: WiFi Onboard! 


You have the alternative to connect to the WiFi, exactly where charges of courses apply. Not quite affordable I need to say, but figuring out currently that these connections are only feasible through satellite, this explains a lot. I chose the smallest package in order to upload some stories on my INSTAGRAM account with images from my scrumptious menu – hold reading, it is coming – and then, disconnect to appreciate my flight!






The menu was wonderful and complete of standard Sri Lankan and Asian meals. I chose Vegetarian, a Thai style Vegetable Curry which was a ideal match with my glass of wine. This was a great intro to all the upcoming curries I tasted all through the week in Sri Lanka.


The one particular factor that I fell in appreciate with even though, was the standard dessert Bibikkan. It was like a cake produced out of coconut and flour and you truly require to taste it if you ever travel to Sri Lanka! 




The client service was truly higher-level, the crew was there for all my small requests  –although I do not commonly hold the flight attendants busy as I am one particular as well and I deeply know these midnight duties. 


Lastly, regardless of the reality that it was a evening flight and all the passengers have been basically sleeping, I skilled a quite premium service. I recognize this as an benefit of the Sri Lankan Airlines obtaining persons in your group that definitely appreciate what they are performing is the most worthwhile factor for a enterprise! Properly Performed!



Το TBC Asia was organised by Cinnamon Hotels in collaboration with Sri Lankan Airlines. All opinions are mine, as usually. Simply because, if it is not appropriate for Maryhop, it does not make the edit Love! 

Translation: Adriana Argyropoulou


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