My Time in Arizona – KORTNEY GRUENWALD


Each year, I travel to a new location for my birthday. Experiences more than material gifts is the beat I dance to for specific occasions. My final couple of birthdays had been spent in Italy, England, Germany, Denmark and Vermont. Each and every adventure offered memories I treasure, and produced my birthdays really feel like the tangible turn of a new web page and celebration of discovery. This year, I did one thing a touch unexpected (even to myself): I chose an old location.

Arizona hasn’t been property considering that moving to Europe immediately after college, and celebrating a birthday there? Even longer. Arriving in Phoenix this time felt drastically foreign compared to the other trips, which felt like a homecoming. So considerably life occurred considering that I boarded that plane to Germany for a new international life six years ago. Paradoxically, it felt like exploring a new location. It is various. I’m various. I had the uncommon chance to see my hometown by way of a new viewpoint, and discovered beauty right here which maybe my eyes had been immune to through my childhood. Sedona, which is my favourite escape in Arizona, felt like a sensory overload of pure southwestern magic. Have been these endless red canyons often so marvelous?

I was meant to fly property final with with Daniel, but I discovered myself with the choice to extend my trip…which I gladly did. It is only a couple of much more weeks till NYC is our homebase once again and although I’m excited to appreciate a couple of much more magical moments in Charleston, there is one thing poetic about preparing for the amazing madness of a concrete jungle by hunkering down in a location which celebrates mountain living, nature and wide open spaces (you know, like the Dixie Chicks song).

I’ve rather effortlessly slipped into an updated version of my old routine: an early morning hike, functioning from my favourite coffee shop (The Henry by Camelback mountain) and spending the evenings either reading or with mates. The excellent distinction is perform is my novel and brand, rather than studying for university exams and spending time in the classroom. I’ve also managed to make most of my dreams come true…and am in the middle stages of my greatest 1.

When I get back to the city, I know life will abruptly go from 65MPH to rocket speed. Life will revolve about the book. It is a dream come accurate, and I’m going to perform endlessly for the objectives surrounding it, but admittedly there are nerves. It feels like I’m about to board a lengthy flight in a windowless plane to a location I can image, but do not know the name of. Oh, and I’m the captain. Oh, and I’ll also be promoting my youngster in this location and hoping every person loves the youngster.

Needless to say, I’ll be treasuring these writing days in the desert and not taking a single sunrise, sunset or summit vista for granted. Nor the reality that this spot, Arizona, is exactly where a desert girl dreamed of traveling the globe and telling stories in the very first spot.



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