My experiences as a female backpacker to Pakistan


Effectively, these who say adventure is unsafe are unaware of the added benefits it gives. The added benefits traveling gives are a lot more than you can shake a stick at. I have been a peripatetic considering that my early childhood. Pakistan was on my bucket list from a even though and one particular day I ultimately decided to be the guest of this sensation nation. Be that as it may well, I got a demoralizing response from the persons about me when I broke the news that I am going to backpack about Pakistan. I keep in mind, one particular of my household members stated: “Pakistan, have you gone bananas”. And Charlie (my man) stated “Baby, are you really serious about this? Alright, just go but take care of your self all through your remain in Pakistan” and that is what I was pinning my hopes on. That line permitted me to be the guest of this lovely nation. Do not take my word for it and go see Pakistan your self and take pleasure in the tour.

Ideas for initially-time travelers to Pakistan

Entry requirement and documents

To set foot in Pakistan, you have to have these issues a valid passport, a visa, and a ticket and you are all set. Even so, do verify out for any further specifications for your nation from the Pakistan embassy close to you. After you have provided a as soon as-more than to all the aforementioned issues, you can quickly get into Pakistan. Up for a pro tip? Do contact your medical doctor and inform them about the period of your remain and ask for any medicines (or vaccinations against malaria, diarrhea or typhoid), if essential. I had to get myself vaccinated against the exact same illnesses ahead of I flew to Pakistan.

Packing your rucksack

Alright, packing is a thing actually important (you’d realize superior if you are a peripatetic). So, pack adequately. I imply do not more than pack in any case. Just hold adequate garments and footwear on you. The factor that is needing massive focus. I just kept a pair of jeans and footwear and that is that. You can uncover every little thing in Pakistan (virtually in all the cities) so why charge your self with a lot of luggage. Be that as it may well, if excess luggage is undertaking your head in, get the solutions of a reputed Cargo from Uthe K to Pakistan firm.

Moving about Pakistan

To be brutally truthful, acquiring about Pakistan is super straightforward. Yes, you have trains, buses, flights, autos, taxis. Every little thing is just appropriate there to cater to all of your requires. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, trains are your finest companion for longer distances (although travelling via trains is a bit slower in Pakistan, it took about 20 hours to get to Karachi from Lahore by Train). Even so, that was one particular of the most thrilling journey I ever had. In my opinion, use taxis or autos for shorter distances (that is what I did) in order to save a couple of bucks. And if you take the solutions of Google maps, absolutely nothing is a lot more fruitful than this in saving a couple of a lot more bucks. The fares for autos are frequently significantly less (about 250 PKR for 10 KMs) so it would be a wonderful thought to get the solutions of autos for shorter distances.

Meals in Pakistan

Alright, let me breath. Pakistani meals is listed amongst the most tantalizing foods about the globe. It is fairly equivalent to Indian meals. That stated, spice-packed, scrumptious, and wealthy every little thing is just appropriate in the block hole, spot on. Do not neglect to verify out the street meals in Lahore. It is incredible and low-cost. But, do not consume from the stalls which are open to dust and flies. I got a pal who introduced me with Nihari and Jalebi. And you will not think. It was just wonderful. Do attempt out street foods which appears hygienic. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Do not neglect Pakistani persons are listed higher amongst the happiest nations of the planet. So you can count on a cup of Chai (milk tea) from every person you spend a take a look at to. That is the case with even strangers or the persons you are meeting for the initially time down the street.

I keep in mind, on the second day of my take a look at, I was just wrangling about a street in Lahore and a group of university girls got me. They continued asking concerns about me and one particular of them sooner or later presented a cup of tea from her property. I told her that I had to leave the offer you due to the shortage of time. Nonetheless, they insisted for a cup of tea from a coffee shop nearby and I couldn’t say no for the reason that of their enjoy and respect. Yes, persons out there are actually hospitable.

And this is only one particular instance, I keep in mind a a lot of instances like this. A single of the most fascinating concerns I get asked about is “Is it comfy to take a look at Pakistan and meeting locals?” Alright, I can now make my even-handed strategy that yes, it is super comfy to take a look at Pakistan (although persons ask several concerns about you even though you are moving about, but that is not gross, that is their way of displaying affection.


It may possibly look a bit weird to you but bargaining is a popular act in Pakistan even though acquiring something. Though purchasing about for a hitch-hiking bag from the nearby industry in Lahore, I had been asked to spend the cost twice the the appropriate cost. Even so, with the aid of a small bargain, I managed to make a fair deal. Bargaining do performs in virtually each and every corner of Pakistan (and virtually for every little thing). I keep in mind a a lot of instants when I was asked to spend a lot more than the fair cost. An auto driver asked for 500Rs (for almost 10Kms) in Lahore. But, when I decided to move on to the subsequent, he presented 300 straight away. That is hilarious, is not it?

Do spend a contact to Northern Places

You would be being aware of why I am beating drums for Northern Places if your eyes would have spotted the landscapes there. Just about every region of Northern Pakistan has its personal special culture and foods so you would be leaving a piece of your heart at each and every single quit. I specifically enjoyed my take a look at to Skardu, Naran Valley, and Lake Saif-ul-Malook. The restaurant make on the fuselage of an aircraft crashed nearby in Skardu is basically an incredible location to have a cup of coffee. There was a huge crowd on the day I visited Skardu and it was certainly a memorable day, it actually was. Heed to Northern Places of Pakistan for a lot more exciting and you will not regret it. That is a provided.

Once more, I would say do not take my word for it and go see Pakistan your self. And think me, you would sing praises for this lovely nation for the rest of your life. Whoa!

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This post is written by Isla Oliver. She herself is fond of Travel and loves to share her experiences. At the moment, she performs for a firm that specializes in sending cargo to Pakistan from the UK. In her line of service, she has visited Pakistan many occasions, therefore she wrote this post on the basis of her expertise.


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