My 2018 Travel Montage Video and a Year in Overview


Hofit Kim Cohen - Vanilla Sky Dreaming Travel Montage 2018

It is at the moment January 27th and I just realized I in no way genuinely completely shared my Travel Montage of 2018 — my year of travel.

I was just about to make a new YouTube video and rewatched my 2018 Travel Montage and was nearly brought to tears. Perhaps it is the song, the footage or just a particular power and vibe I got off of watching it that produced me really feel the have to have to share it right here on my weblog.

The truth is, I nearly didn’t even make that video… I honestly didn’t even want to make that video. If you try to remember towards the finish of 2018, I was going via a mid-life crisis so to speak when I shared with you guys that I Need to have Modify! A Total Life Makeover!

I was in complete distress more than how items ended up turning in 2018 even even though I had set such great intentions for the year and it began off fantastic the very first half a year and then turned into a mess towards the finish of June and into the finish of the year.

I was stuck and didn’t even know how to repair the planet about me AKA my life. Quite a few of the items have been out of my handle, which includes the passing of my pals from Higher On Life as I was attempting to Dealing With Grief: The Passing Of My Pals (Higher On Life), my internet site acquiring hacked, travel plans becoming canceled, heartbreak, anxiousness, attempting to balance and several far more that I do not want to get into simply because I’m in a much better location now and thankful.

But I pick to make the video anyways simply because I wanted to appear back at it and remember…remember mostly the great, try to remember a time and location and hopefully look back at it one particular day and try to remember there was great, there was compassion, there was appreciate, smiles, laughter, tears and there was development.

2018 has been one particular of the hardest years of my life but there have been also alot of great and with that becoming mentioned, right here is my 2018 Travel Montage.

I appreciate you guys! Thanks for supporting me and sticking by my side via this roller coast referred to as life.

Cheers to 2019 — to new beginnings, new adventures, new dreams and possibilities.


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