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In case you missed my five,000 ring-drops on Instagram, I’m in the midst of arranging a location wedding. My fiancé (woo!) and I got engaged in July final year and I right away knew we’d tie the knot abroad. I was SO excited, but someplace amongst frantic Pinterest board creation and mini meltdowns about getting old sufficient to get married without the need of anybody raising an eyebrow, I realised how complicated it was going to be to program a location wedding.

Seriously, it is tough. A single of the (numerous) factors we chose to get married abroad was mainly because it felt ‘easier’ than carrying out it in the UK but I now know that is not correct unless you do it in like, Vegas following 12 daiquiris (no shade btw, you are clearly living your most effective life if you do it that way). There have been a lot of disappointments and additional than a couple of tears (mine) throughout the venue hunting phase, lemme inform ya. In truth, at one particular point I realised that if Tom nonetheless desires to marry me following all the anxiety of obtaining a wedding venue abroad that I like, it’ll be a miracle.

I wanted to share the arranging procedure in case it assists anybody else arranging a location wedding and I figured diary-style posts are almost certainly going to be the most valuable format. So, here’s what’s occurred in the previous couple of months, from saying yes to paying the deposit on our dream wedding venue in Sorrento, Italy.

How we identified our location wedding venue

Selecting a venue for a location wedding is overwhelming. The challenge with deciding you want to get married abroad is that the planet is really actually your oyster, and the possibilities are endless. Initially, we focused on narrowing down our preferred nations.

How to find a destination wedding venue

Selecting a nation to get married in

The crucial items to look at when deciding on a nation for a location wedding are expense, travel time for your guests, legal formalities (is it quick for foreigners to marry there?) and of course, your individual preferences. What vibe do you want at your wedding? What need to the backdrop appear like? The meals? The decor?

Our only true criteria, aside from the place feeling ‘right’, was that it had to be a brief flight from the UK. Neither of us wanted to ask our households to fly extended-haul for our wedding, so areas like Mexico have been right away off the table.

I’d generally mentioned that if I ever got married it would be in Italy, but I was rapidly place off the notion by persons warning me how complicated it was for foreigners to get married legally there. I wasn’t keen on possessing to do a ‘real’ ceremony or signing of papers in England so I permitted myself to be deterred, and decided to alternatively concentrate on the Greek islands and, for a small though, Cyprus.

We (I) wanted our wedding to be intimate, rustic and non-stuffy so these nations felt like the most effective match. Both look like outstanding destinations to tie the knot overseas if you are from Britain and they also provide the most effective worth for revenue, in my opinion.

I began searching for venues I liked in Greece and Cyprus and practically paid a deposit twice, in totally diverse areas than the one particular we sooner or later decided upon! For a though I was fixated on Santorini and Mykonos but I’ve given that decided that though I unquestionably want to check out these areas one particular day, I do not want to get married in either due to the crowds and expense.

My dream wedding has generally been in the Tuscan countryside so I went back to that notion. I quickly realised that it would be a logistical nightmare and that I’d finish up arranging the whole vacation for every single wedding guest, so I had to abandon my Tuscan dream. But Italy was back on the table.

Destination wedding venue help

Discovering a venue in a location we’ve in no way visited

I researched the different wedding venues in Italy applying brochures from the travel agent, a lot of googling and applying place certain hashtags on Instagram (e.g. #SorrentoWedding, #ItalyWedding).

I need to have gone to our neighborhood TUI at least six instances, and every single time I sat there for more than an hour, pouring more than brochures exactly where nothing at all appealed to me. It didn’t take me extended to realise that I unquestionably didn’t want to get married in an all-inclusive hotel or in any of the other venues that higher street travel agents function with. It is almost certainly one particular of the least expensive and simplest strategies to get married abroad, but none of the venues they showed me felt appropriate.

I kept chasing my Italy dream and began looking for venues, like the millennial cliché that I am, on Instagram.

I then study every single on the net assessment obtainable and contacted the owners of the reception venue to verify they could do every little thing I wanted. Italy has some strict laws and we had to neglect about a couple of beautiful venues mainly because they didn’t permit loud music at evening.

I identified our venues. Halle-fcking-luja..

We chose Sorrento, a spot I’ve generally related with romance.


Planning a destination wedding in Sorrento, Italy: finding a venue


The most effective strategies to book a location wedding

We considered booking our ceremony by way of a travel agent and dealing with the reception venue ourselves, but sooner or later decided to book the entire issue by way of a wedding arranging organization that specialises in location weddings.

The difficulty with arranging every little thing independently was making certain we got each the ceremony venue and the reception venue on the exact same dates! I couldn’t manage the uncertainty.

I sooner or later went back to a organization I’d identified throughout my incredibly 1st google search for location wedding planners, Ionian Weddings. They had outstanding testimonials, and they just so occurred to have a package for our venues. Of course, they didn’t give the reception venue name (probably mainly because persons could then speak to the venue and program it independently) but I did cautious photo comparison and concluded it was the exact same spot I’d been emailing.

I paid the deposit.

Coordinating wedding venues and travel dates

We booked in January but have been told that the ceremony venue will not really confirm our wedding date till April, which is annoying but not that a lot of an situation mainly because we booked by way of a planner so they can move items about if essential. That is what I’m telling myself anyway. We’ve currently booked our flights and hotel but we did it by way of a travel agent who permitted us to just spend a deposit till our date is confirmed. That way we can alter our travel dates if essential.

I’m reigning myself in from my urge to send out tentative save the dates, just so something is taking place. Most impatient bride ever?

As a lot as I would have felt like a queen for organising the entire issue myself, I really feel a lot far better possessing a wedding planner on hand who has neighborhood contacts. The believed of attempting to supply an italian photographer, hairdresser and the million other wedding essentials (study: costs) I almost certainly haven’t even even though of however is just also a lot for a gal who often rocks up at the airport with no program for her trip. If you can do it, and navigate language barriers, time variations, and the Italian ‘tomorrow’ attitude, additional energy to ya. I can not.

By applying a wedding planner, I essentially have a catalogue of add-ons to opt for from so I do not have to do any of the legwork. Yes, they take a charge, but I’m pleased to spend it if it indicates much less for me to be concerned about.

Planning a destination wedding: how to find venue?


Going to the venue

I haven’t noticed either of the venues with my personal eyes. Persons warned me this was stupid, but I just had this feeling that when I knew I’d know, and even if the areas didn’t turn out precisely as I’d imagined, we could at least laugh about it.

I’d be additional than pleased to get married without the need of seeing the spot, but I was seriously craving a trip a couple of weeks back so we’ve ended up booking a couple of nights in Sorrento in April, 13 months just before our wedding day. We’ve currently paid a hefty deposit so we will not be altering our minds, but I kinda just want to scope the spot out. It’ll enable me visualise our large day and I’ll be capable to give our guests guidelines about the location. Plus, it turns out additional persons than we anticipated program to fly out to Italy for us, so it will be good to have some time there with each other just before the right wedding trip.


So yeah, that is exactly where we’re at. I doubt Tom almost certainly couldn’t inform you any of this (do grooms even require to be aspect of this procedure?) but I type of really feel like I’m obtaining there. And now, time to shop for my dress!

If anybody has any guidelines for arranging a wedding in Italy, I’m all ears. I’m also going to share as a lot of this procedure as doable for fellow quickly-to-be brides so if you have any concerns or items you’d like me to cover in future posts, let me know!

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