Introducing the JetsetChristina swimwear line: Watercolors by Kenny Flowers


Introducing the JetsetChristina swimwear line: Watercolors by Kenny Flowers

Nicely guys – it is official!!!! THE JETSET CHRISTINA SWIMWEAR LINE HAS LAUNCHED!!!! Considering that I very first announced this fascinating tiny side hustle on my instagram, you guys have been sooo extremely supportive and excited for the suits, which has created me all the a lot more excited. It is taken about a year to get to exactly where we are now, and, right after numerous extended challenging days at the factory in Colombia, I am so beyond proud of what we have achieved and the item we have created!

We did it!! There are 10 (TEN!!!) gorgeous one particular-pieces now offered on Watercolors Swim, and I’m so in like with each one particular of them. I decided to name them all right after gorgeous destinations about the globe, and I can not wait to see YOU ALL rocking them in gorgeous destinations about the globe!!

Considering that you guys have been floodin’ the DM’s with concerns about the suits, I figured I’d do a weblog post answering a lot of the concerns I’ve been receiving!

Exactly where and when can I invest in the one particular-pieces?

They’re all offered now on for pre-sale, and will ship mid-March! The suits are at present in complete-production mode in Colombia and generating their way to the states. Soon after the pre-sale, when you order, they will ship inside just a couple of days from our warehouse in Chicago. But, the advantage of the presale is we’re providing you all a Big discount in order to get the celebration began – every suit is $100 with free of charge shipping for the subsequent two weeks only with the code JETSETTERS!

Why did you make a decision to begin a swimwear line?

I’ve spent my whole life in a swimsuit. Developing up, I was a competitive swimmer (with continuous racing suit back tanlines…. swimmers, you know!).  And, these days, I commit most days in a bikini or one particular-piece as a travel blogger. I’ve often had a passion for swimwear, and have often had a bikini drawer overflowing with about 100 suits (seriously guys, it is an addiction).I have also had the chance to perform with numerous incredible bikini brands as an influencer to not only market their suits on JetsetChristina, but to give feedback on swimwear styles, which has only created my passion and interest in the market develop and develop.

My philosophy is the ideal days in life are the days you commit in a bikini. The days on holiday, when you wake up, head to the beach, and get all sunkissed and salty. The days you do not modify out of your bikini till the sun goes down and the tan lines begin to show.

Swimwear to me has such a transitive top quality – each time I appear at a suit I try to remember the unbelievable day I had wearing it. The locations I wore it, the memories I created in it. Spring breaks in college, pool parties in my twenties, chasing waterfalls with my besties in Bali, sipping rosé in the south of France.

And, when it comes to traveling, there’s never ever been something I’d rather shop for than a new bikini for a trip. With social media, and specifically Instagram, I, and most girls assume a lot more and a lot more about what we’re wearing on holiday, and we want to appear very good, stand out, and really feel fantastic!

I wanted to style a suit that was not only super flattering, but would really feel extremely comfy right after a complete day in the sun – no matter if you had been at a pool celebration, in the ocean, on a boat, at a resort, or playing beach volleyball with mates. In other words I wanted my suits to be FUNCTIONAL, but also appear in-freaking-credible on the beach.

I also wanted them to be, in the smart words of Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Adore, “the fantastic mixture of attractive and cute.”

Who is Kenny Flowers and how did this occur?

Kenny Flowers is a lot of issues – a man, a brand, a legend – and, oh ya! My fiancé. Kenny and I met in college and I quite promptly fell head more than heels for him. He’s sort, super-wise, super driven, and – as any individual who’s ever met him will attest to – seriously freaking handsome. We met our senior year of college and I was absolutely intimidated by him when he pursued me challenging, so I did the only point I could do – I buddy-zoned him – challenging. Rapidly-forward about five years, and we had been nevertheless ideal mates. (Sorry, Kenny!!) It was all for the ideal even though, I was living in San Francisco operating in Brand Marketing and advertising and he was off living in Bali right after quitting his significant NYC consulting job and was busy developing his Hawaiian shirt empire – Kenny Flowers.

Everybody believed he was crazy to up-and-quit his job and move to Bali, but also, we all knew he was a genius. He was operating a small business from the beach and literally LIVING THE DREAM. Kenny was not only developing a item that men and women had been worshipping, he was developing a brand that men and women wanted desperately to be a portion of. There was some thing about the Kenny Flowers story that men and women couldn’t aid but be magnetized to. Kenny absolutely embodied his brand and the KF life style – he had often worn tropical celebration shirts in college, and was determined to place a contemporary spin on your dad’s classic Hawaiian. So he moved to Bali (prior to Bali was the hot tourist location that it is now), and began churning out unbelievable, super higher-top quality, hand-reduce Hawaiian shirts (prior to each brand in America attempted to do the exact same point). And, even as Hawaiians have come to be increasingly common more than the previous couple of years – each buyer of his will inform you that Kenny Flowers Hawaiians are just distinctive. The styles are greater, the fits are greater, and they’re super, super soft. But I assume it is a lot more than that – the distinction is intangible. Kenny’s golden touch is everywhere, and his passion, perfectionism, and dedication to providing you a piece of paradise to put on with you at all instances, shows on every little thing the brand does.

But back to how I match into all this! Two years ago, Kenny lastly decided he’d had sufficient of my buddy zone and, on a fateful weekend trip he created to San Francisco, created his move. I was kinda-sorta dating somebody and, you know, had a entire life going on in SF, but, Kenny Flowers did what he does ideal – showed me how a great deal greater life could be. It was quite a great deal as if I had been living life in a boring J. Crew buttondown and place on a Kenny Flowers celebration shirt as an alternative, AMIRIGHT KENNY!? (Kenny’s rolling his eyes).

Anyway. I flew to Bali with my ideal buddy a month later. We had the time of our lives. Kenny asked me to keep. I didn’t.

I had a boss, a job, a LIFE. I believed he was crazy. But I was also crazy in like with him.

So, we created a program. He’d come to check out for 10 days in among a trip from Bali to the states, and we’d figure it out. He told me he’d move to SF. I was like, hmm, wait… but Bali sounds a lot a lot more enjoyable. We each knew at this point the clock was ticking on my corporate job anyway – I just required a push – some thing, somebody, to inform me that I could do it – that I could quit my job, travel the globe, weblog complete-time, and make my personal brand.

Kenny did a lot more than encourage me to give my all to Jetset Christina – he, with out being aware of it, gave me the security net I required to make the largest selection of my life. To invest in a one particular-way ticket across the globe.  I figured, if all else failed, I’d commit a couple of months in Bali with my boyfriend, providing my two largest dreams the shot they deserved.

I figured, if all else failed, I’d commit a couple of months in Bali with my boyfriend, providing my two largest dreams the shot they deserved.

A couple of months later, I was operating tougher than I’d ever worked in my life as a travel influencer. And loving each second of it. I was receiving paid to travel to corners of the globe I’d never ever even heard of, and staying in five-star, $2000 a evening hotels and overwater bungalows with private pools. I was performing what I like – writing and traveling, each single day. But I was also craving a lot more. I’ve often been somebody who desires 100 issues on her plate to really feel productive, and I thrive with a thousand projects going on at after. So, I began assisting Kenny with his promoting (perhaps a way to spend him back for the endless instagram-husbanding he’s carried out for me more than the years?!). This way, I could flex my branding and promoting muscle tissues, and aid Kenny make out his women’s line. It was a match created in paradise.

We made the most gorgeous Kimonos, and these adorable beach cover-ups for bachelorette parties and group trips. But, when Kenny’s mens’ swimwear line began promoting like crazy, girlfriends, sisters, mates, and moms of buyers had been begging for a lot more Kenny Flowers women’s stuff – we knew that meant it was time to dive headfirst into swimwear.

We began with one particular pieces for the reason that they’re my absolute favourite – and fantastic for the KF brand. They’re enjoyable, ultra-flattering, super cute, and versatile (most of our Watercolors one particular pieces are reversible from strong to print!).

Just before deciding to begin my personal swim line, I talked to a loooooot of mates and anyone who would listen about all issues swimwear. Though absolutely everyone agreed that one particular-pieces are attractive and trendy as ever, numerous expressed that they had however to obtain a one particular-piece brand that match them seriously, seriously nicely. And I understood. A single pieces might be one particular of the most enjoyable pieces of clothes in a girl’s closet, but they also might just be the hardest piece of clothes you could feasible style – right after all, ladies are not one particular size match all, and A single piece of swimwear that is just magically supposed to match us ideal? That is not possible, ideal? Nicely I wanted to modify that.

Why did you make a decision to make a “Medium Long” one particular piece size?

I heard from a ton of girls that they had been left out of the one particular-piece trend for the reason that their torsos had been “just as well extended for onepieces.” The quantity of instances I heard that from girls was CRAZY!!  It became clear to me there was a enormous gap in the swim industry for girls with longer torsos who identified it extremely challenging to obtain one particular pieces that match them. So I chatted with my factory, and we made a new size just for these ladies – a Medium Extended. It is offered in most of the designs, and I’m so excited about it.

Speaking of sizes, how do I know my size in Watercolors swimwear?

When ordering swimwear on line, it is important to know how a brand sizes their swimwear, as nicely as how to accurately interpret a swim size guide. Our size guide (offered right here beneath one particular pieces) has 3 essential measurements – all which you Need to have TO MEASURE prior to deciding what size you are – Bust, Waist, and Torso. The value of all 3 is so you can accurately choose your size from the biggest of the 3 measurements – for instance, though my waist would technically be an XS, my bust is a S, and my torso is a M, so I am a Medium. It is so vital that you know all of your measurements so you do not order the incorrect size, and so that it fits you completely!

Exactly where did the styles come from?

I wanted to style one particular-pieces that stood out on the beach. You all know I’m often photographed in my swimsuits, so I’m attracted to the suits that are vibrant, colorful, and with enjoyable prints that make an impression. BUT I also wanted the alternative to put on them as a strong colour, or a chic plain black as nicely – which is why we made most of them to be reversible!

Why are not the white one particular-pieces reversible?

Since white fabric is Tricky, y’all. I’ve had “white” reversible swimsuits prior to and the reality is that the second it gets wet you absolutely see via to the other design’s side. I am a enormous fan of white swimwear (right after all, it is the ideal to show off a tan) and the Rio, the Indio, and the Santorini are 3 of my pretty favourite styles, but I didn’t want to compromise when it came to that crisp white colour. I also talked to a lot of girls who expressed that they loved one particular pieces but hated that they never ever had padding, so we added light cups in the white one particular-piece styles so you never ever have to be concerned about your white swimsuit becoming see via.

Now that you make your personal swimwear, will you nevertheless be wearing other brands’ bikinis and swim?

YES! I’m a enormous supporter of so numerous swim brands – and, hello, Watercolors is only one particular-pieces! I’m nevertheless going to be wearing numerous, numerous bikinis from my favourite brands – and speaking your guys’ ears off all about the bikini brands I like on the weblog.

What was it like beginning your personal swimwear line?

Difficult. and SO. A great deal. Enjoyable. Verify out my weblog post on six Lessons I Discovered from Beginning My Personal Swimwear Line for a lot more on this!

Ask me a lot more concerns in the comments! I’ll add the answers to this post! and thank you guys so a great deal for your assistance on this crazy project!! It has been a wild ride and I’m SO EXCITED to see you all rocking them about the globe! If you invest in a suit, make certain to use the #WatercolorsSwim so I can see your incredible pics and share them on the Watercolors instagram!




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