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A new 5-star resort in St. Lucia feels like your personal private Garden of Eden

My hair nevertheless damp from a final-minute dip in the pool — a desperate try to make this mini-escape final just a wee bit longer — I stared at the fluffy clouds outdoors my airplane window contemplating the decadence of the previous couple of days. I had been invited to St. Lucia as aspect of an intimate press group I flew in on Thursday and was headed home Sunday night. Serenity is the newly opened adults-only 5-star-plus all-inclusive resort in Fort Vieux, St. Lucia. A 5-minute drive from the airport and I was transported light years away from function deadlines, dirty dishes and the tension of life. Road rage was replaced by smiling golf cart drivers. As an alternative of a cluttered home with an endless chore list, I had my personal sanctuary, with a butler, who unpacked for me, ironed with a smile, brought me a fantastic cappuccino each morning and typically tended to my each whim. Really various from my actual residence, exactly where I have a tendency to cater to everybody else’s whims. The sound of blaring sports or heated political discussions was replaced with the soothing cacophony of my private splash pool waterfall. Serenity is aptly named.

Extra than ever, we require areas like Serenity at Coconut Bay. It is an unparalleled haven exactly where couples can rekindle or girlfriends can reconnect. The romance aspect is a twelve on a scale of a single to ten, but it is also a setting that girlfriends will embrace for its beauty and supreme service.

The planet desires extra persons like Shebee, driver and guide extraordinaire — and Auntie Debbie, whose cooking expertise (and vocal chords) will blow you away. Throughout a “land and sea” tour of the island, Shebee inspired us to cheer, “One fantastic adore!” on cue, anytime he would say, “Love, adore, adore,” as he regaled us with his version of St. Lucia’s history and happenings. A highlight of the journey was possessing him decorate our swimsuit-clad, mud-covered bodies with darker mud at the Soufrière Sulphur Springs and Mud Baths (an add-on adventure that can be arranged by Serenity employees).

Dipping his hands in a bucket filled with the creamy black potion mentioned to have healing powers, he went to function, and quickly handprints and finger-painted polka dots turned our bodies into living canvases. When his paint-job was carried out, our group looked like extras from Broadway’s Lion King, prepared for the stage. We let the mud dry and posed for images prior to slipping back into a pool of hot ashy water to rinse off, our skin noticeably softer. Mother Nature’s spa remedy is a ought to for any person going to St. Lucia.

St. Lucia Serenity
Courtesy Serenity at Coconut Bay

The finest point about Serenity is the spontaneous joy that flows by way of the house. Even with just a couple of days there as a solo traveler, I witnessed so lots of unforgettable moments that are the stuff of great vacations. When you make a spur-of-the-moment choice to take a dip in the sea and you all of a sudden see the complete moon rise by way of pink and blue clouds. When the dashing kite-surfing crew senses your curiosity, hands you gear that you have under no circumstances observed prior to in your life, and patiently shows you how to pose with a kite so that you appear like a giant human butterfly. When gifted Chef Auntie Debbie breaks into a sweet St. Lucia ballad that tends to make your heart do a waltz. (Mark Adams, CEO of Coconut Bay Beach Resort &amp Spa, lured her out of retirement. She had her personal restaurant on St. Lucia for lots of years and was a experienced singer prior to that. Her cuisine is extraordinary, and her character divine.)

Guests checking into Serenity are led not to rooms, but to a single of 36 suites, or rather, “sanctuaries.” There are couples who may perhaps under no circumstances want to leave their personal private region through a holiday. Inside, oversized soaking tubs, stone showers and alluring mahogany beds beckon. The smallest villa is 1,200-square-feet the biggest is 1,900-square-feet. Spacious patios function hammocks, plunge pools, wet bars with refrigerators, and outside showers. Your private butler can provide meals (and what ever else you command) by means of a discreet passageway. The butler is summoned with a cell telephone, and ‘no’ is almost a forbidden word. If you do not want to stroll the flower-laden stone path to the Greathouse for dinner, meals can be served in your personal private paradise. When you are prepared to swap out the sound of the plunge pool waterfall for the sound of actual waves, ask your butler to take you to a single of the handful of beach cabanas that sit on a single finish of the mile-extended stretch of sugar-sand that is a single of Coconut Bay’s greatest assets. These sweet private pods are the ultimate in seaside luxury, only accessible to Serenity guests. Champagne? Chocolate-covered strawberries? Fresh sushi delivered in a picnic basket? Just when you consider it cannot possibly get extra romantic, an afternoon spent in a single of these cabanas will push the passion meter even farther.

There are also compact touches that count large. When you return to your sanctuary each and every evening to a heartfelt, handwritten message tucked into a towel sculpture. When Chef Eric joins you at the open-air, six-tables-only oceanfront restaurant, La Luna, and carves meat correct onto your plate, explaining each and every dish to the sound of the waves. When you ring your butler to request preparation of a hot bath, and upon your return, locate not only a tub complete of bubbles, but also a bottle of chilled bubbly waiting for you.

As soon as you set foot in Serenity, you also have the alternative of going to the rest of Coconut Bay, exactly where 250 extra rooms and 5 swimming pools provide a further vacation realm in two components: Harmony (adults-only) and Splash (family members-centric) exactly where a lazy river and water park add power and assortment to this beautiful St. Lucia holiday mecca. Every thing is inside effortless walking distance, but golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation. The restaurant selections at Coconut Bay are outstanding and incorporate Asian fusion, Caribbean fusion, pizza and barbecue. There’s also a compact spa for use by guests staying in any of the accommodations.

Your soul will really feel pampered just becoming at Coconut Bay (and specifically Serenity), but to support your physique catch up, you can opt for an open-air massage area with a view of the ocean, or love a spa remedy in your personal exclusive sanctuary space. For a twist on the standard hot stone massage, attempt a single with heated seashells. There’s also a chocolate physique scrub to remind guests of the island’s cocoa production. Just like at the restaurants, at the spa there are no terrible selections on the menu!

This dose of paradise will price you (prices get started at $999 per particular person per evening, but existing specials provide up to a 65 % discount!), but it is a splurge that is worth each dollar spent. And in the extended run, not in search of these possibilities for genuine tension relief exactly where you can be drenched in romance and restore your soul in a setting that emanates joy (and, yes, serenity!) will price you extra.

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