How to Program a Trip to a Location You Know Nothing at all About


I’m sitting in a surf camp in a remote, dusty beach town on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, preparing a couple of days’ respite from the often deafening isolation. And the pressure is higher.

Howler monkeys are swinging overhead. An iguana is inching closer, creating menacing eye speak to. And a pal just emailed me an hour-by-hour weekend itinerary in a Google spreadsheet. The possibilities I bail mainly because I cannot commit to the seven thousand tours of the exact same cloud forest are not slim. I cannot even commit to the breakfast burritos en route there.

What if I wake up wanting an Açaí bowl?

In spite of my rather detailed day-to-day to-do list, I’ve in no way been a great deal of a planner. Rather, I’m someplace closer to a commitment phobe—at least when it comes to travel.

A trip planned for two weeks from now, let alone two months from now, does not give me anything to which I can appear forward. It offers me irrationally crippling anxiousness.

Costa Rica Surfboards
Surfboards on Playa Cocles in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

I’m extra of a go-with-the-wind traveler. It is not uncommon that I book exact same-day flights, discover accommodation upon arrival or sign myself up for adventures I’d in no way anticipated. And I’m a enormous advocate for this sort of traveling.

Seasoned travelers will assure you that strict itineraries are absolutely nothing quick of imprisoning. Scheduling your day-to-day doings and onward travel must be performed from the ground. You are bound to meet other travelers, uncover distinct excursions and encounter unanticipated feelings about areas that’ll nearly definitely derail you from itineraries.

But there is some level of figuring out you must do to assure that you make the most of your time. And to make confident you are not blindly and blissfully finding your self into difficulty.

Ideally, you will commit your time enjoying your trip—not with your nose stuck in your guidebook or, extra most likely, your telephone.

Figure out Your Transportation Routes Just before You Travel

When you do not necessarily have to have to know exactly where you are going, it is valuable to realize how you will be finding anyplace.

Navigating public transportation can be 1 of the most tough but rewarding experiences although traveling. A thing that is so basic at residence becomes inconceivably complicated when you do not speak the language or fairly grasp the lay of the land.

Apps like Google Maps, Embark and will show you navigation routes by various modes of transportation, such as by foot or by auto. Meanwhile, utilizing apps like Rome2Rio will enable you realize all of your selections for traveling from Point A to Point B. You can evaluate your least expensive and quickest routes, as properly, just before you even get there.

Riding the train in Serbia.
Riding the train in Serbia.

When traveling on the ground in a location that is foreign to you, it is intelligent to contemplate all of your selections and not just go with the least expensive 1. Traveling by bus could imply that you commit much less revenue, but you could have a far extra complex journey.

To save myself hundreds of dollars on travel and accommodation, I’ve lately booked a multi-day bus journey from the Galapagos Islands to Lima, Peru, for instance. I will not be there for a couple of extra weeks, but the program is a complex 1 that expected sophisticated booking.

It includes various overnight bus connections with numerous distinct carriers, some of which I had to book on numerous distinct web pages. There was not direct route, but I discovered all of these bus routes on Rome2Rio and employed Google Maps to decide the beach towns in which I’d break along the way.

Certain, the preparing took me a couple of hours. And, confident, the bus journey will imply I sleep on back-to-back overnight buses and consume gas station meals most nights. But it saved me at least $500 when I contemplate all of the expenses.

You have to determine what level of adventure you are prepared to take on—whether that is chicken-bus level or air conditioned minivan-level.

Occasionally, splurging for a shuttle with a tour firm is an simpler (and safer) bet, but you will forgo some prospective entertaining.

Book Handy, Clean and Comfy Accommodation in Advance

Booking accommodation is not effortless to do from afar offered that you do not know how easy, clean or comfy a location is till you get there. That stated, it is a very good notion to book at least a day or two in advance so you have a location to settle when you arrive.

If I’m staying in 1 location for awhile, I’ll book the week or two that I program to be there. Due to the fact I mainly backpack, having said that, I normally in no way book extra than 1 night’s keep. When I arrive at my location, I’ll drop my backpack and scope out the scene.

Apps like Hostelworld and are best for obtaining hostels and hotels, although Airbnb can, of course, be employed for a extra genuine, residence-share experiences.

Aside from utilizing apps, having said that, speaking with locals and other travels who can give attempted-and-correct suggestions is extremely valuable.

As a seasoned traveler, I can inform you this:

  • By no means book the celebration location if you are seeking to sleep—and seeking to prevent bed bugs. Celebration-celebration hostels (as opposed to social hostels) could be entertaining to pay a visit to, but they’re not normally so entertaining to sleep or bathe in.
  • When you are reading evaluations, normally sort them by the worst evaluations 1st. The very good evaluations are normally somewhat equivalent (terrific consumer service, comfy beds, laundry on website, and so on.). But the poor evaluations are exactly where you will dig up the dirty facts (bed bugs, sketchy evening guard, no hot water, and so on.). Of course, some travelers have larger requirements than other folks, and there’s a opportunity that these guests are overdramatic. But you can normally inform how a great deal truth lies in the damaging comments by the quantity of and consistency inside them.
  • Take place into account. When you could save revenue by staying just outdoors the city center, for instance, you could finish up spending extra on traveling to and from there. Based on the location you are going to, you could not even have effortless access to the most important attractions.
  • Scope out social media posts of your selections. Beyond reading evaluations across numerous booking web pages, you must take a deeper dive on Instagram or Facebook. When booking evaluations could give you an notion of what a hostel or hotel has to give, social media will give you an notion of the vibe each and every 1 boasts. Of course, these accounts are curated to appeal to particular demographics, having said that, so be confident to verify their tagged pictures, as properly.
  • Look at the expenses of added positive aspects such as complimentary breakfast and on-website laundry if you program on staying lengthy term. When seemingly insignificant, these can add up rapidly. And you will save your self a lot of time for exploring when you can simply drop off your laundry and grab a bite on your way out the door.

Get the Scoop on Neighborhood Security Just before Obtaining out the Really hard Way

Your security is crucial, or you will not be enjoying any component of your trip.

Study the news. The created globe has a reputation of worry-mongering when it comes to travel to underdeveloped nations specially. So be wary of what you study in huge-scale, international publications.

Supplement your day-to-day dose of news with a rapid scan by way of neighborhood outlets, as properly. You can search these on the net, most of which can be translated. This way, you can get a much better really feel for the pressing troubles with which locals are in fact concerned—and hold tabs on something that hasn’t produced international headlines.

I was traveling in Colombia final month, living in Medellin and preparing a weekend in Bogota. When researching what to do in Bogota, I discovered news of a bomb that changed my plans. The bomb didn’t promptly make international news (even though it at some point broke in outlets like the BBC and CNN), but I did study about it 1st in neighborhood sources.

Looking out over Guatape, Colombia
Seeking out more than Guatape, Colombia

On the contrary, although I was traveling in Costa Rica an American lady was kidnapped. The news produced international headlines, which indicates that I heard about it by way of my parents just before anybody even talked about word of it on the ground. When the news was definitely horrific, it was an isolated incident that didn’t necessarily imply I was in danger, as well. But, of course, family members and pals be concerned, and the media tends to generalize and, as a result, exacerbate poor factors that occur “over there.”

For a extra correct assessment of your security, you can attain out to anybody you know who lives there or has lived there on social media or web pages like Couchsurfing, a neighborhood of travelers and hosts from about the globe.

When you can attain out to tour businesses and hostel or hotel owners about specific neighborhoods in advance, some could have partnerships with organizations there. As such, their recommendations will inevitably be subjective.

Communicating with other travelers who’ve visited neighborhoods, cities or even nations about which you are curious is valuable, as properly. You could meet them in a nearby nation or city just before you go. Or you may perhaps attain out to them on Couchsurfing, Facebook groups and by means of trip evaluation forums like TripAdvisor.

They’ll know much better than other folks what security precautions to take as a traveler in specific. This could incorporate skipping a pay a visit to to a specific marketplace exactly where vacationers are frequently pickpocketed, but exactly where regulars and locals could not be bothered.

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Identify Currencies and Exchange Prices in Your Destinations

Currencies and exchange prices can be confusing, specially as they’re normally altering. You must head to a bank or safe ATM when you arrive at your location to take out money. But you will have to have to know how a great deal to take out in the neighborhood currency just before you even get there.

  • Apps like GlobeConvert presents reside exchange prices with an offline mode, so you can use it although there even when you do not have WiFi.
  • XE Currency is one more cost-free app. This 1 makes it possible for you to view reside mid-marketplace prices by means of an interactive chart. It is accessible up to a 10-year time period.

If you have money to exchange (as opposed to taking revenue out from the bank or an ATM), you are much better off taking out money at an exchange firm at residence than you are at the airport or in touristy cities (exactly where most exchange booths are), exactly where you will most likely get the worst exchange price.

Improved but, exchange money with other travelers if you discover anybody with whom you are swapping destinations. Generally, you can discover Facebook pages designated for travelers, digital nomads and expats living in common tourist destinations. On these pages, you can communicate with other folks in the region who may perhaps be traveling a equivalent route and could use these Guatemala Quetzal you have been attempted to get rid of in exchange for their Costa Rican Colones.

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I’m on my way to Peru and just crossed paths with a traveler coming from there. She gave me her Sol in exchange for my dollars, which she’ll use right here in Ecuador, exactly where we now are.

You can also join applications such as Nomad List. This shares the ideal cities in which to reside and operate remotely. It is primarily based on the expense of living, world-wide-web speed, climate and other metrics. Additional valuable in this case, having said that, is that Nomad List boasts a Slack channel. There are extra than six,500 nomads operating and living in each and every city. You can simply discover other folks with whom to swap currencies just before you go, as properly.

Uncover the Nearby Secret Spots Just before You Arrive

You could currently hold abreast of the common tourist spots in the location you are going to. Your pals or family members have been there just before. And you recognize the names of these areas from your social media feeds.

But to genuinely get to know a location, you will want to understand exactly where the locals go. Here’s how:

  • Attain out to locals on web pages like Couchsurfing
  • Do a rapid Google scan to see if any locals have travel blogs you can study
  • Take benefit of social media platforms like Facebook. Verify out the events web page to see what’s going on in your region throughout the dates that you are there. And also take a appear at who’s attending currently.

I’m not a great deal of a planner myself. But I normally appear to social media to see what’s taking place in a location just before I arrive. Thanks to this work, I do not miss out. I’ve been to neighborhood rap battles in Morocco, flower festivals in Thailand, Day of the Dead parades in Guatemala. All mainly because Facebook let me know exactly where to be and when to be there.

When you get to your location, pull up a seat at a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall bar. And in fact make conversation with these about you. Possibilities are that most locals will be excited to inform you about their residence. And they’ll want to point you in the proper path so you can program the rest of your trip.

In spite of not understanding something about the location you are going to, you can understand how to make the most of it. It just requires a small investigation beforehand. You do not want to be preparing an whole itinerary. But it is sensible to familiarize your self with a location so that you can make moves.

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