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Quan Spa Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that thrives with chronic fatigue syndrome, pushing me to preserve unearthing new techniques of rejuvenation. Throughout my current remain with Renaissance Mumbai, I was pleased to be introduced to their in-property wellness centre “Quan Spa” featuring ‘intriguing’ Ayurvedic remedies along with, a ‘large’ menu of relaxing aromatherapies, scrubs and physique wrap. Quan Spa derives its name from a Chinese word which means ‘Spring,’ which is what this Spa endorses to have its healing origins rooted in the ancient therapeutic approaches. And so, to soothe the travel weariness in the most ancient way, I booked myself 60-minute aromatherapy which, was later combined with a Hot stone massage, upon request.

Quan Spa lobby

Quan Spa is an internationally recognised oasis of exceptional service and enriching experiences. Anything you will encounter when you 1st enter their spacious and soothing lounge immersed in uncommon tranquillity. It took no far more than 10-minutes for me to fill the pre-spa type which provides an insight into our life style assisting the therapist pick out amongst most effective-suited creams, oils and massage procedures. It is assured that no matter which service you opt for, Quan Spa at Renaissance Mumbai will support you restore balance while harmonising energies. What far more, the educated therapists apply the masterfully blended “wellness principles” of the East and the West for you to realize utmost Nirvana.

Quan Spa Locker Room

Possessing mentioned that, my customised-massage at Quan Spa unfurled with a splendid pampering session with personalised consideration. Firstly, I was accompanied to a locker area exactly where I was supplied a robe, along with, a separate compartment to temporarily shop my belongings. Following performing the robe-altering ritual, I was produced to wait in a fountain-facing lounge, having said that only, for a brief though. Then came the moment of ‘elation’ when I lastly had the likelihood to enter the area exactly where my therapist worked towards producing this Spa expertise a memorable one particular. Think you me the subsequent 60-minutes had been sheer indulgence!

Quan Spa Waiting Lounge

The massage started with me reclining downwards on my abdomen which permitted the masseuse to knead the aching muscle tissues and knots of my physique. She embarked with massaging my overtired legs just before, moving to my back and then towards my shoulder muscle tissues, extricating just about every ounce of anxiety from my anatomical existence. (In amongst, she kept enquiring about the threshold of the discomfort) Due to the fact this hero aromatherapy therapy was fused with a 30-minute back and neck “Earth &amp Ocean Hot Stone massage,” it propounded the added benefits of each worlds. Though aromatherapy released all round tension, the tantalising hot stone massage left me feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. Collectively, the volcanic basalt stones and therapeutic important oils worked wonders on my physique and soul.

Quan Spa Room

Whether or not you are staying at Renaissance Mumbai or going to Quan Spa for a routine session, the hot stone massage need to prime your need to-attempt chart. Not only does this therapy ‘instantly’ melt away tension, but also, eases stiffness by boosting blood circulation and escalating metabolism. How is this completed? Smooth, water-heated stones had been placed along my spine till neck to market “deeper muscle” relaxation. My therapist mentioned that the direct heat of the stones permits her to access the deeper muscle layers. Which, is how she finds the anxiety points and heals them with the stones. I had the most luxuriating and sedative 60-minute  experience at Quan Spa, a thing I propose everybody to attempt at least after! Not to mention, the aromatherapy and hot stone massage also stimulate the nervous program wherein, the neuromuscular procedures relieve muscular tension.

Renaissance Quan Spa Hot Stone Massage

Towards the finish of the rolfing, the masseuse softly tapped my shoulder to let me know that the hour was up. Even although I was due for a steam and sauna session soon after the session, I decided to give it a pass and as an alternative return to my area and soak in a extended hot tub bath. The shower washed off the residual oil from the massage, having said that, the fragrance of the important oil lingered about till the subsequent day. Most importantly, I slept like a child and felt feather light for the following couple of days. I can not wait to return, and I’m eyeing “Shirodhara” for my subsequent Ayurvedic therapy.

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