Every little thing you Want to Know Ahead of you Check out Japan: What I Want They’d Told Me


Just after going to Japan a couple of instances I have realised how accustomed I have turn out to be to the likes of singing toilets, shoe removal, identifying variations of tofu… you get what I imply. To assist you program your initially trip to Japan, I’ve compiled a list of every little thing I want I knew just before I visited Japan to assist make your trip a smooth 1!

Kyoto City Guide by World of Wanderlust

Maintaining your footwear on is offensive in quite a few situations

Leaving your footwear on when you enter someone’s home is a substantial no-no in Japan and can be thought of a sign of disrespect. This is also accurate for Ryokans on the tatami mat and quite a few restaurants exactly where you will be anticipated to eliminate your footwear close to to the door and transform your footwear to slippers (offered). If slippers are not offered your socks are okay, even so the floors are typically pretty slippery so beware!

The metro is not 24 hours

Even in Tokyo quite a few of the subways are not in operation 24 hours so be positive to verify in advance or be ready to catch a taxi in the pretty late evening about midnight and early hours of the morning.


A railpass is critical

If you program to do a lot of travelling about Japan and want to save each revenue and time, a railpass is entirely worth it. I would propose getting an limitless pass that enables you to travel on each the Shinkansen (bullet train) and JR lines (regional trains). The passes are priced primarily based on duration – i.e. three days, 7 days, 14 days, and so forth.

Often carry money

In Japan there are nevertheless quite a few areas that will accept money only. To keep away from the mad dash to the ATM, normally carry a tiny quantity of money on you for these tiny purchases and if you are getting one thing significant, verify with the clerk if you can use your card initially.

Tipping is not widespread practice

As opposed to in America, tipping is not widespread practice in Japan and is not anticipated. It is even so a excellent thought to obtain a tiny present (or superior however – bring 1 from house) for any person who goes above and beyond for you (i.e. tour guide).


A lot of Japanese individuals do not speak English outdoors of the cities

While most individuals you meet in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto will speak sufficient English to appreciate a conversation, quite a few locals in the far more rural places do not speak English or if they do, it is really restricted. The finest way to prepare oneself is to understand a handful of essential words to be polite and don’t forget, hand gestures go a extended way! Bowing your head is also a sign of respect when you meet a person or thank them for their service.

What’s the story behind the surgical masks?

Contrary to well known belief, Japanese individuals donning a surgical mask are not guarding themselves from illness but in truth guarding these about them (close friends, household, co-workers) from their personal flu or, even far more widespread, are guarding themselves from hay fever.


Ryokans are a must

Ryokans originate from the early 17th century Edo period and despite the fact that not the common way of life for most Japanese individuals these days, are a fantastic cultural practical experience for at least a evening or two. These Japanese Inns are exactly where you can sleep on a tatami mat, appreciate neighborhood cuisine in a common Japanese set breakfast and far more than probably appreciate public bath homes. The hospitality in ryokans is unrivalled and I couldn’t propose the practical experience far more! Right here are a handful of I seriously enjoyed:

Osaka – Yamatoya Honten

Wakayama – Jofukuin

Shiga – Racine Residence Harie


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