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by Deborah Regen

In search of eco-friendly things that are light in weight, quick to use, and good for travel?  Nicely glad you asked! Right here are my most recent six picks. Take a appear for your self or take into consideration this present inspiration for the holidays!

#1  REUSABLE STRAWS. Plastic straws may perhaps be on their way out, and that is a fantastic issue. We have way as well a lot plastic garbage nowadays in our landfills, our rivers, and, sadly, even in our Earth’s oceans. It is killing wildlife everywhere. 1 fantastic resolution is to carry a reusable straw with you. Then you can slurp down your favored smoothie or iced coffee with the bamboo straw as an alternative of the throw-away plastic straw. Just clean it when you are carried out, preserve it, and reuse it. Basic! A brand named Bambu tends to make and sells a six-pack of bamboo straws, and it comes with a thin metal brush for cleaning the insides. Bamboo wood is quite sustainable as it grows swiftly, demands tiny water, and does not need to have fertilizer!  Though these bamboo straws are in the end compostable, with fantastic care they will final you a decent although. An eco-friendly and very affordable present item for everybody on your vacation list.

#two REUSABLE UTENSILS. Right here is a further option to all these single-use plastics when you are on the go! It is a reusable utensil set. How about a single that is quick to clean, is produced from sustainable bamboo wood AND comes with its personal storage case?  Amazing!  So verify out these eco-friendly utensil sets for adults and youngsters from To-Go Ware brand. The adult set involves a pair of bamboo wood chopsticks. They are best for travel, camping, kayaking, bicycling, or hiking adventures, a picnic outdoors, or merely to preserve at your workplace desk for use at lunch time.  Reasonably priced and rated hugely by consumers.  A thoughtful present anytime for your close friends and possibly for your personal household as well!


#3  FILTERING WATER BOTTLES. Protected and potable drinking water is a massive dilemma in several nations you could pay a visit to, in particular in regions like SE Asia or sub-Saharan Africa. The majority of hotels and tour guides in such locations offer you their consumers bottled water. When made use of, these bottles will probably finish up buried in landfills exactly where they will leech chemical substances into the ground gradually more than hundreds of years till they are totally decomposed.  Millions of tons of these plastic water bottles that do not get recycled go into the ground each year.  We can do far better.

Irrespective of whether you are traveling overseas or going hiking or camping close to dwelling, a fantastic notion is to bring a reusable water bottle with you, a single that is fitted with a filtering straw or equivalent device. These items get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other nasties from the water you pour into your bottle from the area tap or maybe collected from an outside lake or stream. Any non-salt water supply. A handful of minutes later, the water is secure to drink.

The filtering water bottles shown under are produced by a firm named Sagan Life. They are fantastic for filtering up to 250 gallons of water ahead of the filtering method desires to be replaced. Even far better, they are on sale now for 25% off!  Verify them out!


#four BIODEGRADABLE SUNSCREEN. Did you know that several common sun lotions and sunscreen items include lots of sythetic chemical substances and that most are not biodegradable?  It is a single issue when you take a dip into the pool, which is man-produced and complete of chemical substances itself. It is really a further issue to go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving in a organic water habitat such as a lagoon or the ocean. Even although these items get absorbed into your skin, a bit remains on the skin surface. When you are in the water, skin cells containing these chemical substances slough off and at some point float downward, coating coral reefs and sea grasses that reside on the sea floor, and contributing to die-offs. The marine creatures that rely on coral reefs and sea grasses for meals and shelter are also negatively impacted.

It is worth your although to study extra about out there biodegradable items, preferably these produced employing only all-organic components, that will guard you against damaging UV sun rays although also defending marine life from damaging synthetic chemical substances. Yes, these items do expense a bit extra than the common retailer brands due to the fact components like organic necessary oils do expense extra than low cost laboratory produced synthetic chemical substances. But if you believe about it, your physique is also absorbing all these synthetic chemical substances and fragrances each and every time you slather on the common lotion or cream. If you care about individual wellness, the wellness of your little ones and household, as nicely as the atmosphere at significant, take into consideration a handful of additional dollars as revenue nicely spent. 

It is also helpful to know ahead of traveling to particular locations in the globe, like the quite common Xcaret marine park in Mexico, that you will be turned away at the entrance if you do not have a biodegradable item to bring in to the park. They are critical about defending their wonderful organic coral reefs!  If you do come unprepared but nevertheless want to invest in a ticket and go in, they are only as well content to sell you an acceptable sunscreen item suitable there – at a jacked-up cost of course!  Do not say I did not warn you.

So let me introduce you to this brand of biodegradable and reef-secure sunscreens named Stream2Sea

. They are primarily based in my dwelling state of Florida in the USA. They sell numerous items for adults and youngsters in each tinted and non-tinted formulas plus bigger bottles for refills.  A tube of sunscreen as a stocking stuffer or a wrapped present this year?  Why not?


#five ECO-FRIENDLY POLARIZED SUNGLASSES. Absolutely everyone loves a new pair of polarized sunglasses in particular if they are genuinely cute, and these are genuinely cute!  Even far better, the examples shown under are produced with repurposed bamboo and recycled plastics. Now that is eco-friendly! The brand is named SOLO Eyewear. The firm is identified for ethical employment policies PLUS they donate 10 % of their annual income to enable bring eye care to poor and underserved populations. Just click on the button under for the catalog and you will see various designs for either guys or girls. By the way, these sunglasses can be bought with or without having a prescription. Require a present for a buddy preparing a winter trip to some far away tropical location?  Excellent timing.


#six ECO-FRIENDLY Clothes. The apparel sector worldwide has gained a reputation for low wages for workers, often operating in unsafe or illegal perform spaces, contributing to environmental pollution, and extra. It is tough but not not possible to obtain accountable and eco-friendly clothes brands that stand apart from the crowd. 1 such brand that produced a fantastic name for itself in the previous decade or two is Patagonia. You are likely familiar with their line of outerwear like jackets or waterproofs. And now right here is a new brand named Totally free Fly. They make clothes from sustainable bamboo viscose fibers and use only factories certified by a international auditing authority with rigorous modern day requirements for worker wellness and security. In the image under you can see an instance of brief and extended sleeve women’s tops from Totally free Fly. They also sell bottoms and accessories for each guys and girls. Bamboo blended fabrics are good for travel due to the fact they are wrinkle-resistent, really feel soft against your skin, have organic moisture-wicking properties, and do not retain odors.  A fine travel present certainly!


Satisfied Holidays!

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