Dream Date with Renaissance Mumbai at Emperor’s Court


Emperor's Court Powai

Emperor’s Court, the Oriental speciality restaurant of Renaissance requires you on a dream date with Mumbai. Particularly if, you choose to pay a visit to through lunchtime! I was in luck through my keep with Renaissance Mumbai when not only, did I get to luxuriate in a culture fascinated with meals but also, had the pleasure to interact with Chef De Cuisine, Cham Hun, who showcased Asia’s ever-evolving gastronomic congruence on the plate.

Emperor's Court Mumbai

As the name indicates, the Emperor’s court restaurant welcomes you to a sophisticated dining arrangement with most of the tables facing the Powai lake. The phenomenal views (from exactly where I chose to sit) left me dazzled for, as lengthy as, I was right here. That accompanied with several rounds of dry Martini, prompt service, excellent meals and ‘extremely’ valuable employees.

Emperor's Court Dry Martini

Even though I was right here, Chef Cham Hun decided upon introducing me to an array of Oriental flavours ready to perfection. The three-course set menu kicked in with a Chicken Hot and Sour soup evincing a precise balance of spicy sourness.

Emperor's Court Appetizers

Followed by a flavoursome-assortment of appetisers such as the aromatic crispy lotus stem, prawns salt and pepper, Chong Qing chicken, and Edamame SuiMui, the conventional Chinese dumpling. Thinking about that I am a substantial fan of seafood, the crispy lotus stem turned out to be a surprising standout. Definitely ‘magnificent’ caramelized-crunch ‘dusted’ with roasted sesame! What can I say, Emperor’s Court has the meals to match every single occasion.

Emperor's Court Mumbai Main Course

The most important course was a blast of flavours as effectively! I was overwhelmingly delighted by the set menu which left me at the will of the Chef. Only when you place trust is when you get to taste the flavours as in no way ahead of. For the most important course, I was shocked by dishes such as the chilli bean scallops, Kung Bao chicken and Chinese green, served with simplistic Yangchow fried rice and stir fry noodles that will go with any gravy. Even though the chilli bean scallops had been a fresh twist to the classic dish, the very-addictive ‘Kung Bao’ chicken was cooked to crisp, juicy perfection. On the entire, each and every dish was inventive, modern and exhibited a bold mélange of the Asian culinary heritage. You’d be slipshod to let go the rest of the menu, which by all indicates, is a willy-willy mystery tour via Asia’s regional cuisines.

Fried Ice Cream Renaissance Mumbai

Albeit, its the dessert from the final course that knocked off my socks! This gorgeous rendition of the conventional deep fried ice cream served with chocolate dim sum was the clear winner. In addition, this overdose of deliciousness flaunted each a melange of components and Chef Cham Hun’s refined plating abilities to excite the palate.

Chef Cham Hun

Anticipate lots of fascinating textures which will please each the modernists and the conventionalists in equal measure. Apart from, going to the Emperor’s Court also indicates that Chef Ham Sun and the kitchen will go to any length to prepare your favourite meal with exclusively neighborhood components cooked in a distinct style. Which, is what tends to make this, the very best Oriental restaurant in Mumbai, and also my most favourite.

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