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One more summer season day in Skiathos Island.

Infinity Blue Restaurant sits on top rated of a cliff.

Dutchman and I had no precise plans for the day except for dinner. We have been eyeing to consume at the Infinity Blue Restaurant close to Kolios Bay. We decided to verify out the beaches with the rental scooter. A mini island road trip with the bike =)

The island is quite smaller. You can attain the other side of the island in half an hour with the scooter.

The well-liked Koukounaries Beach.

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It has been a whilst given that we have been right here so I can not keep in mind the facts any longer, on the other hand, I keep in mind Dutchman and I surveying the southern aspect of the island for the beaches with the rental scooter. Right here are the beaches we have found.

Koukounaries Beach

Possibly the most well-liked beach exactly where just about every summer season vacation tourist visits. The travel firms in Old Town Skiathos have been promoting 1-day beach excursion trips to Koukounaries. You go with a busload of other vacationers for a day on this beach.

This is not truly our kind of beach so we did not keep right here for extended.

Agia Eleni Summer time Beach

A truly good beach that we extremely advise. There is lots of sunbeds, music, and. a very good atmosphere. We’ve stayed right here one particular complete afternoon till sunset when nearly absolutely everyone has left. Undoubtedly, one particular of our favourite beaches

Banana Beach

This beach is not effortless to get to! It is situated on the other side of Koukounaries. A single has to go via gravel roads and there was some building website going on as effectively.

The beach is beautiful, precisely the kind we would like to devote an afternoon, on the other hand, we have been also early in the season. When we arrived there, the owner of the beach bar was just opening it up. Dutchman and I favor a functioning beach with at least a beach bar as an amenity.

Tzaneira Beach and Kanapitsa Beach

A cosy bay beach visible from the key road so you can think about why Tzaneira can effortlessly get busy. Absolutely everyone knows about this beach. We visited but did not keep. If it was not that busy we would most likely devote a very good couple of hours right here.

The place is good but its proximity to the key road and that it is quite visible requires the novelty out of this beach.

On the road…

Kanapitsa Beach

Additional ahead of Tzaneria Beach is Kanapitsa Beach, an additional busy beach as effectively but not as busy as Tzaneria Beach. Each beaches are situated side by side with a cafe restaurant on the beach front.

The view about the cape just soon after Kanapitsa Bay:

Right here we are taking our scooter to all roads imaginable on the island. This is the benefit of renting a two-wheel car than a automobile. You can virtually go anyplace. Specially in Greece, quite a few of the good beaches are situated on a bay under a cliff and not straight accessible by a automobile but effortlessly with a motorbike.

This is, by the way, a dead finish road, so we turned back.

Vromolimnos and Troulous Beaches

I have lumped all the photos under for each beaches. We identified Vromolimnos considerably nicer, cozier and smaller sized than Troulos. So we stayed at Vromolimnos Beach, in truth twice since we loved the bay place, the vibe and that it was not also mass oriented. There is also a cafe on the beach with music.

Agia Paraskevi Beach

This is a wide an open beach with quite tiny shade (from the sun) providing. It is either you rent one particular of the parasols and sunbeds or you bring your personal.

We identified this spot a bit a lot more on the mass tourism side. There are huge hotels nearby the water which occupies a very good aspect of the beach ground with their “only for guests” beach parasols, sun beds, and lounge locations. We have been not enamored at all. We walked about a bit and decided to move on.

We believed the scooter was broken since it did not commence up any longer. Poor Dutchman had to push the point for half a kilometer below the heat of the sun (whilst I followed walking). Small did we know that it really is not firing up since there is no gasoline. The gasoline meter was not operating at all as it shows that we nevertheless have some gas.

Anyway, fortunately, the terrain in this aspect was elevated, so after we reached greater ground, we could sit back on the scooter’s saddle and go with the flow. You know, the law of gravity, what comes up need to go down. And there was a gasoline station just a couple of a lot more hundred meters away!

Maratha Beach

Maratha Beach is an additional favourite of ours since it really is situated in a smaller bay. It has the similar vibe as Vromolimnos. There are parasols and sunbeds for rent and a resident cafe terrace on the beach.

Extra sightseeing ride with the scooter…

Right after the beach hopping scooter ride, we went back to our apartment in Skiathos and just stayed place on the pool, wading in the water just about every now and then, and then back to the lounge bed to study. Then it was time to prepare for dinner.

Infinity Blue Restaurant

Dinner was at theInfinity Blue Restaurant close to Kolios Bay. I saw this restaurant advertised on the pamphlets as effectively on Tripadvisor as a fish/seafood specialty restaurant. The key catch of this spot is truly the views and open seating on the elevated terrace.

We arrived earlier than typical as we have been not confident if the restaurant is well-liked. I hate generating reservations, therefore. Right after all, it is not even higher season but, so we took our probabilities, but arrived a bit earlier. As you can see in the photo’s the guests have but to arrive so we could pick which table we want. Despite the fact that the tables by the railings have been currently marked reserved.

I use a lot of style style accessories when I am on summer season holidays or when I am travelling to a a lot more adventure kind of location. It is most effective to leave actual jewelry at property or use them only for shorter city-like company and leisure kind trips in Europe.

The restaurant appears more than to the Bay of Kolios.

We began with some bread with dip and olives.

Then we moved on to our Greek Salad starter. Dutchman and I shared this. We are fantastic fans of Greek Salad and I do not know why, but this salad is most effective eaten in this nation. I have attempted consuming this salad in other restaurants (outdoors Greece) and even right here at property (moi generating it), it just does not taste the similar! It has some thing to do with the taste of the nearby components.

Then our mains came with some warm grilled pita bread we also ordered.

The Dutchman had some stewed beef, not confident if this was Kokkinisto, but the stew was not soupy but thick which the Dutchman in fact preferred. I, on the other hand, ordered for some, what else, seafood. Shrimp Saganaki in a quite wealthy tomato and feta sauce concoction. I am glad they added a smaller rice portion since feta can be quite salty.

I typically take photos quite fast so I do not be concerned considerably about acquiring the ideal angles or what. I just swiftly take my pocket camera out of the bag or pocket and shoot the object or view in query ideal away. I never ever bring any camera accessories, just the tiny pocket camera that I can effortlessly hide away when not required.

For dessert, we have been treated royally by the restaurant to some tiny sweet to rinse our palates and liqueur tasting from the home, each homegrown and produced in Skiathos. What most effective to take the chocolate cake with almonds and syrup with coffee. Then close the dinner with a nearby spirit.

One more one particular of our quite very good dinners on the island.

The service right here was fairly quick. The waiters I noticed have been also a notch a lot more seasoned and refined in service excellent compared to the usual tavernas in the Old Town. They are professionally educated right here I guess. Costs are also a lil bit greater than your usual Greek taverna.

We stayed a bit longer till it got dark and we could see the complete moon hovering above us.

Travel Period: June-July 2017
Location: Skiathos (South), Sporades, Greece

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