Attempting to do our bit for sustainable travel- Our household Grove of trees


A slightly diverse post from me nowadays but I believed it may be anything that some of you may be interested in if you travel so I believed I would share. Please note that this post is not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to share the charity as I have been carrying out a lot of analysis into sustainable travel more than the final handful of months. I actually am attempting to create much more frequently on this weblog once again this year, specially about subjects which interest me.

Travelling is our passion but what about the atmosphere?

Like several people today we are attempting to do much more we can to aid the atmosphere. This may be anything as straightforward as recycling much more, consuming much less meat primarily based meals, or walking as a great deal as we can alternatively of driving (all issues we are attempting to do much more of this year). There is a single factor on the other hand that does tends to make us really feel guilty and at at a bit of a dilemma when it comes to becoming much more greener, and that is travel. If you have been following me on social media, or this weblog, for a extended time you will know that travelling is our household passion. If I could I would pack our bags tomorrow and travel the planet, but firstly I’m a bit of a house bird at heart and secondly I do not believe our bank balance would let it.

But we do travel as a great deal as we can and we are extremely fortunate that more than the previous handful of years we have been provided some remarkable travel possibilities as a outcome of my weblog and social media. It is in my blood I swear, my Grandparents have travelled the planet (and nevertheless do in their 80’s), while my Mum is not as fussed. But I adore travelling, seeing the planet, and we have currently passed that sense of adventure down to our young children.

I believe travelling is such a optimistic encounter for young children and I could speak for ages about why I believe seeing other components of the planet and diverse cultures is so helpful to them. But at the identical time each and every time we set foot on a plane we are escalating our household carbon footprint. Yes there is the argument that these planes would fly regardless of irrespective of whether our household have been on them. But if everybody believed like that what modifications would we ever make?

For a extended when now I have been pondering about how we can decrease the influence we have when we fly, when also teaching our young children that it is crucial to have an awareness of the planet we reside in and the way we are potentially leaving it for future generations. We are taking little actions as a household but eventually plane travel does have an influence on our atmosphere. So how can I quit my slight feeling of guilt more than the reality we do go on a fair handful of planes, when also continuing to show our young children the planet (when we are fortunate sufficient to be in a position to do so)? The answer is our small grove of trees. But much more about that later…

Carbon is not just about flights…

Did you know that a return flight from London to NYC releases just shy of a single tonne of carbon into the atmosphere for every passenger on board?

Personally I uncover these figures crazy. But it is not just flights, there are so several issues that we do that raise our carbon footprint, from our every day commute, heating our residences, to the meals we consume. According to the Woodland Trust the 11.five billion sandwiches that are eaten in the UK every year are estimated to be accountable for a higher carbon output than eight million vehicles. And it is these silent and invisible emissions that are a single of the most important things that are contributing to climate modify across the planet. This is for the reason that Carbon is a greenhouse gas, which implies that it traps the sun’s power in the Earth’s atmosphere. The much more carbon that is released into the atmosphere the much more power that is trapped major to a greater general international temperature.

Little actions can make a distinction

Like I stated above it is effortless to say that flights would be operating regardless of irrespective of whether our household get on them, or that plastic bags are nevertheless going to be created by supermarkets regardless of irrespective of whether we bring a reusable a single in with us. I hold up my hands and say that as a household we nevertheless have a extended way to go in regards to particular issues. But we are attempting to do little actions. Some issues that you can do are-

  • Do not drive and take public transport or stroll wherever achievable. This is fantastic inside cause but we reside in the middle of nowhere and we have to drive to college. On the other hand I am attempting to stroll as a great deal as I can.
  • Reduce down on meat primarily based meals. We are not at a stage exactly where we want to reduce out meat absolutely, but because January we are attempting to consume much more veggie primarily based meals, I have fairly a great deal absolutely reduce out meat at lunchtimes and we have substituted at least two or 3 meat primarily based meals a week for vegetarian ones. It is excellent for our wellness and for the atmosphere.
  • Stick to direct flights to your location. (take-off and landing do the most harm), while I know that these can be the less expensive selection.
  • Use reusable water bottles and coffee cups. I purchased Jon a actually good reusable coffee cup for Christmas, and I take my water bottle with me everywhere now, while I am nevertheless guilty of enjoying a fizzy drink from a bottle as I favor them to a can. I attempt and get glass bottle fizzy drinks exactly where I can, while these are a lot much more pricey.
  • Do issues at house– we are mastering much more and much more about recycling, we for the most component use power-saving lightbulbs, or you could do issues like use a menstrual cup (I need to admit I do not but do this), or use much less wipes (yet another factor I am guilty of applying as well a great deal).


Back to flying- how can you calculate your carbon footprint?

Very first issues very first you can calculate your carbon footprint (while it is really scary stuff). This is just a single internet site I identified ( exactly where you can just uncover out your footprint for flying, or you can also uncover it for your household, your auto, your commute and so on as well. I am picking out to only concentrate on our flight carbon footprint for now. (I have place the flight calculator at the bottom of this post)

So as an instance when we flew to Orlando in October final year, applying this calculator I have worked out that just for me my footprint was roughly 1.two tonnes of COtwo. Just for me. For a single extended haul return flight. That is hence six tonnes of COtwo just for a single flight as a household.

 But what are we carrying out to decrease our Carbon Footprint?

Firstly I must most likely say, do I believe the little measures we are taking as a household in any way make up for the flights we take and the harm we do to our atmosphere each and every day in other methods? No not at all.

But to me I really feel like it is superior than carrying out absolutely nothing and it is about taking little actions and educating ourselves additional.

I very first began researching what we could do to aid a handful of months ago and a single way was donating to plant new trees. I had a appear at a handful of internet sites, which includes the Woodland Trust and other individuals, who all have typical methods of donating and hence offsetting your carbon footprint. I at some point decided on ‘Trees for Life’ for the reason that I actually liked the reality that you can set up your personal grove of trees. To me this felt a small much more specific than just donating and not being aware of, it is anything we can adhere to as a household.

Trees for Life is a charity primarily based up in the Caledonian Forest in Scotland. The core objective and vision of Trees for Life is to restore the Caledonian Forest and all its constituent species of flora and fauna to the Scottish Highlands.

There was a component of me when I was researching that wondered irrespective of whether I must choose a tree planting charity primarily based in England as of course that is exactly where we are primarily based, but I decided that to be truthful it does not matter exactly where it is as extended as we are attempting to do what we can. I actually liked what Trees for Life stood for and like I stated above I actually liked that you could plant a household grove of trees.



Trees for Life have calculated that about six trees will offset 1 tonne of COtwo. That implies that roughly for every return flight we do (this is extended haul quick haul will be diverse) for a household of five we would require to plant 36 trees in order to offset our carbon footprint. Personally I uncover that definitely crazy.


What is a household Grove of trees- and how do the trees get planted?

Like I talked about above I actually liked that with Trees for Life you could set up a grove of trees- irrespective of whether that was for a couple, household, memorial, or corporate. Right here is the blurb from their website… ‘Your grove of trees will be planted by Trees for Life to produce a gorgeous, wild forest. Bare hillsides will be transformed into wholesome young woodlands, wealthy in wildlife and protected for future generations. You will get an on line grove webpage exactly where good friends and household can add trees and dedications of their personal.’

Our private grove’s name is ‘The Ellison Loved ones Grove.’ You get to name it! Anytime we donate it will go towards assisting the Caledonian Forest. It is an crucial ecosystem and they are carrying out 3 most important issues- Functioning to naturally regenerate the current trees, Planting new, native trees, and Removing non native trees and invasive shrubs to give the original ones possibility to thrive. It also aids the wildlife- there’s red squirrels there!

We can donate to our grove as small or as normally as we like, and most effective nevertheless household and good friends can also donate as well, I believed it would be excellent for when we do not require Christmas or Birthday presents. It expense us £50 to set up our grove web page, then every further tree will expense us £6. Realistically we are not going to be in a position to absolutely offset our carbon footprint, on the other hand we can do as a great deal as we can and I really feel like this is the very first step to attempting to educate ourselves additional. We will undoubtedly be at the extremely least offsetting mine and Jon’s carbon footprint from the flights we take going forward.

It also implies we can teach our young children about the significance of searching just after the atmosphere for themselves and future generations, as effectively as also teaching them about their privilege and the reality that they are in an exceptionally fortunate position to be in a position to travel. We will not be in a position to travel forever, but when we are in a position to do so, we just want to do what we can to give back in any way achievable. 

NB: As talked about at the start off this post is in no way sponsored, I just believed it would be good to share in case it is anything you are interested in mastering much more about as well. I do not claim to be an professional, we are just exploring methods in which we can aid give anything back. I would really like to know if you have any suggestions or thoughts.






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