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When it comes to carry-on luggage, there is a thoughts-boggling array of selection out there, but not all carry-on bags are produced equal. Some people favor duffle bags, some favor backpacks, and some favor a conventional difficult-sided suitcase. The folks at Tortuga have come out with a pair of bags that aim to be your go-to carry-on bags when you travel. So how does the Tortuga Setout Duo Bundle stack up?

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The Tortuga Set Out Bundle is a two-bag remedy to your packing. This bundle permits space for all your essentials like laptop, chargers, and clothing with the laptop backpack though the other baggage remains in the duffle bag. Valued at $249 USD (price tag existing at the time of publication), this cost-effective travelling necessary is a major gun when it comes to travelling.

The Tortuga set out duo bundle consists of two bags:
1. Setout Duffle Bag.
two. Setout Laptop Backpack.

Let’s take a appear at each to see what they have to supply, and why the Tortuga Setout Bundle is worthy of becoming your greatest carry-on luggage remedy. Very first, let’s break down the Setout Duffle Bag.


setout duo bundle tortuga weekender duffle bag review
This bag is health club favourite, doubles as a terrific weekender bag, and is created to carry every thing you have to have without having sacrificing organization. It is valued separately at $149 USD.

Components/ Make

This sturdy bag is produced from polyester, buckles, and zippers with an injection of foam.


With its superior style and components, the Setout Duffle Bag provides the following options.

• A compartment for laptop and tablet. This space permits you to slip in your laptop or tablet without having mixing it up with other points.
• Its waterproof and dust-proof options imply that it is resistant to the climate circumstances of its main place.
• It also options a removable strap that is fitted with pads for comfort though carrying the bag.
• This bag also guarantees that your organization is intact with its internal pockets to make positive of this.
• You care about stashing out some funds this duffle bag has your back with its hidden pockets laced to its interior.
• One of a kind amongst all is its shoe space, which slides below to give you a travelling practical experience you wouldn’t get from any other bag.
• This duffle bag also has a particular compartment that permits it to pair with rolling suitcases.


Tortuga Setout Duo laptop backpack best carry on luggage

With its sleek style and tiny compartments for essentials, this is the ultimate air travel buddy. This bag pack is created for frequent air travellers who enjoy to travel light. Combined with the duffle bag presented by Tortuga, it is the ultimate travelling companion. For $125 USD, you get this bag at an cost-effective price tag.


This sleek beauty is produced with the exact same components as the duffle bag which tends to make it sturdy, comfy and at the exact same time cost-effective. These components are:

• Polyester.
• Major top quality zippers
• Buckles.
• Injected foam


The laptop backpack is created to accommodate the following options:

• Laptop and tablet compartment that permits you to slide in your laptop or tablet just like in the duffle bag.
• Components constructed to withstand stress from the climate.
• Properly believed out and aligned pockets to make positive you stay organized all through the journey.
• A water bottle pocket lined to the physique of the backpack to permit you to shop your water on the journey.
• Grab handles positioned at the best and side for straightforward mobility.
• Capacity to pair with a rolling suitcase. It has extensions constructed-in to make for straightforward pairing with a rolling suitcase.
• Ease of access. Its nicely sewed in apartments permits you to pack your clothing with ease and without having tension.


I’ve had the Tortuga Setout Duo Bundle for a couple of months now, and they each have actually stood the test of time. They’ve been to Mexico with me for three weeks, on a road trip across Canada, and even stranded with me for a evening when I was bumped from a flight in Toronto.

The backpack is extremely comfy and extremely sturdy. The very first issue that strikes you about the backpack is the top quality of the straps. Lots of backpacks endure from inadequate or flimsy straps, but that is undoubtedly not the case right here. I honestly believe I would have problems cutting these straps with a pair of scissors. Yes, the straps are that robust.

A duffle bag has constantly been my go-to item to use as a carry-on, and the Setout Duffle Bag is appropriate up my alley. I enjoy that the lighter-coloured fabric inside each the duffle and backpack make it straightforward to obtain what you are seeking for effortlessly.

My most significant be concerned was the straps on the duffle bag (What can I say? I’m a strap guy.) The way that the shoulder straps connect to the opposite ends of the duffle bag have been a bit of a sticking point for me initially, but when you basically hang the duffle bag more than your shoulder, you see why they are created the way they are — the straps assistance the duffle bag match more than the all-natural shape of your physique to make it less difficult to carry. It is a tiny complicated to clarify, but trust me — Tortuga knew precisely what they have been performing when they created it this way. It tends to make for a much more all-natural match for some thing that can be awkward to carry. Who hasn’t struggled with an overloaded weekender or duffle bag that slides off your shoulder? No worries of that right here.

General, I give the Setout Duo Bundle a substantial thumbs-up. Take a appear at the Tortuga site to see much more images and comparable things.

What do you appear for in a carry-on bag?

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