What Living in France as an Expat is Seriously Like


These days, for my American Expats series, I’m chatting with Diane, a New Jersey native who has been living in France considering the fact that 2012. Right here, she shares about French style, cheek kisses, and the truthful ups and downs of living in France as an expat.

I’ve followed Diane considering the fact that 2012, and hugely suggest her weblog for suggestions on living in France and finding out French. I particularly suggest her report on what we can discover from Bradly Cooper about speaking French, ahem.

Without the need of additional ado…

Diane’s background:

What living in France is really like

Bonjour! I’m Diane, an American initially from New Jersey. I moved to France in 2012 shortly soon after marrying my French husband, Tom. We reside in the Maine-et-Loire area, outdoors Angers, with our dog, Dagny. I perform in promoting and communications and also have a weblog and YouTube channel referred to as Oui In France. It is a living abroad life style weblog exactly where I share about my practical experience living in France (and not in Paris!) 

What living in France is really like

On culture shock: Tiny factors that have shocked me like extended Sunday lunches with the household, seeing horse meat at the grocery retailer, shops closing for lunch and not becoming open on Sundays, and so on. But I consider it is essential to preserve an open thoughts and to not view factors as automatically incorrect. Life abroad will be diverse but that is not necessarily a terrible point.

What living in France is really like

On finding out French: I consider it is a necessity to discover French if you strategy on living right here, each out of respect for the French and to make your life a lot easier. In a smaller town, it would be almost not possible to get by without having French. I had a low to intermediate level of French when I 1st arrived, and the hardest point was understanding actual people today speaking actual-life French. It is absolutely nothing like what we discover in college and hear in workouts or simple conversations. The speed, the slang, the vocab it was so overwhelming at 1st.

But it got a lot easier and now I can hold my personal no challenge. With blunders, of course, considering the fact that I’m often finding out.

On the expense of living in France: Certain factors in France are much more high priced, like gas and tolls, but other factors make up for it, such as reasonably priced healthcare, bread, cheese, and wine. You can get a 1BR apartment, possibly 700 sq. ft., in a good developing exactly where I reside for 450 euros/month. But preserve in thoughts I’m not in a major city.

What living in France is really like

On the climate: There are 4 distinct seasons exactly where I reside in western France. The summer time temperatures are equivalent to New York City temperatures but it feels hotter in France since air conditioning is not as commonplace. The winter, even though, tends to be warmer. There’s lots of rain and temperatures hover about the forties.

What living in France is really like

On cheek kisses: Alternatively of a hug or a “Hey!” with a wave, the French greet every single other with a kiss on every single side of the cheek, which is referred to as the bise. The bise nevertheless does not really feel all-natural to me — it is excessive! — but you just have to roll with it. I put on glasses so it is often a discomfort when you encounter an individual else with glasses. 

On French style: General, French females have a tendency to be a small much more dressy than Americans I’d say — tailored jeans, a button-down shirt, and dressy footwear as an alternative of a tee, destroyed jeans and flip flops — but it definitely depends on the particular person. Something goes. I locate that French females look to be confident in their style alternatives which is good to see. I on a regular basis see females more than 50 in mini skirts and heels, just rocking their personal style.

What living in France is really like

On healthcare: As a permanent resident of France, I get French healthcare like any citizen would, and a portion of my earnings go toward the universal program. Health-related costs are extremely affordable: going to a Basic Practioner fees 25 euros or so, and then 70% is automatically reimbursed by means of French social safety. Beyond that, you can opt for supplementary insurance coverage referred to as a “mutuelle” that will give you even much more coverage.

Essentially, French healthcare will not bankrupt you in the occasion of an accident and it is not tied to your job status. So if you or a household member has a really serious well being situation and you shed your job, you will nevertheless be insured. 

On feeling protected: I really feel protected right here, but I’m often vigilant and conscious of my surroundings just like when I lived in New York City. There have been a handful of break-ins on my street more than the previous couple of years, and just lately, an individual attempted to rob a handful of shops in my neighborhood with a knife.

What living in France is really like

On generating close friends: Creating close friends has been the hardest element of living abroad for me. I do not definitely have a social network exactly where I reside — French or any other nationality — and I’ve type of accepted that. It is not for a lack of attempting! I’m not religious but I’ve gone to church in hopes of meeting people today and signed up on meet-up internet sites, but it is tough to make close friends as an adult anyplace. It is certainly not a France challenge.

On the actual France: I really feel like foreigners have extremely romantic, idealized notions of France and the French. They look to consider that everybody is thin and lovely and trendy and they all just sit about at cafes drinking coffee and wine and consuming baguettes. Though France is lovely and charming, it is also a actual spot with actual people today and their challenges. But all in all, France really is beautiful and I locate the people today to be generous and type.

What living in France is really like

On living in France extended-term: I could see myself moving back to the USA at some point and I know my husband would like to have that practical experience as properly. But in the close to future? I do not consider so. We’d shed a bit of cash on our home and proper now France is house.

There are a lot of positives to life right here like the perform/life balance (5 weeks of paid getaway per year and healthcare that will not bankrupt you). But at times you by no means know and life can modify in an immediate. I’ll by no means say that France is my forever house or that the US is either. We often have choices and at times life requires an unexpected path.

What living in France is really like

Thank you so considerably, Diane!

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