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Stirring up a large buzz for a modest town, the automobiles lined up Lake Street.  From news vans to dog-walkers, persons flocked by means of the grassy paths of Walker Canyon Lake Elsinore, California. Their mission: a snap in happiness-inducing poppy fields.

I’ve been chasing the California Super Bloom myself, and identified this to be 1 of my preferred spots.

In this post:

  • My very best photo of the California Super Bloom
  • Common Overview of Walker Canyon Lake Elsinore, California — Spring 2017
  • How to get to Walker Canyon Lake Elsinore
  • A comparison amongst the super bloom flowers in Lake Elsinore and Anza Borrego Springs
  • California Weblog Posts you could like

The photographs in this post are a collaboration amongst myself @StephBeTravel and @EmilioMag

How to get to Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore CA

Irrespective of whether you are coming from San Diego or Los Angeles, take the 15 Freeway and exit Lake Street. Turn away from the city — directing oneself to the clear trails off the road.

Look at a routed hike up the mountain — thriving with wellness and beauty.
Alternatively, descend off-the-beaten path… beyond the very first trail … to a canyon much less wandered (pictured).



Pictures at Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore


Per usual, sunrise is the very best time to shoot, but as the day gets brighter, the sky gets bluer!

 Sporadic purple flowers inside the fields.

You will notice that Lake Elsinore has yellow, white and purple flowers… in addition to orange poppies. 



Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore Vs. Anza Borrego Springs, California

For these of you who adhere to my adventures on Instagram and Snapchat, you know that I’ve explored the California super bloom in each Lake Elsinore and Anza Borrego Springs.

The “best” place depends on what you are searching for.

Walker Canyon Lake Elsinore has a lot more dense, complete fields. There are a lot more flowers and a lot more hills to discover. These are a bit random — just off the highway in the middle of no exactly where.

Anza Borrego was good for a a picnic simply because there had been so quite a few empty spots to lay down a throw.

(You do not want to place a blanket more than reside flowers… that would destroy the fields!)

Anza Borrego has much less flowers, on the other hand, it has a folk town nearby and full campgrounds.

Anza Borrego also has some good mountains.



Choose fallen flowers, not from stems.

A friendly, public service announcement that it is illegal to choose flowers. Pick from these fallen for your photographs. As they say, take only memories, leave only footprints 🙂



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