Solo Travel in Tokyo: 10 Ideas For Your Initially Trip to Japan


As a solo female traveler, there are couple of locations you can go to that combine security and culture(shock) very like Tokyo, Japan. It is big, it is clean, It is quiet, It is crime-free of charge (far more or much less) and it is really various from any other city in the globe.

Wandering the streets of Tokyo, with its stacks of neon lights and indiscernible signage tends to make you query your personal state of thoughts. All the things you when believed with firm conviction — your logic, your culture, your sense of excellent and negative, funny and sad — turns into M.C. Escher staircases, twisting about in infinity loops, major, eventually, to absurdity.

In quick, absolutely nothing about this city tends to make sense — which is likely why I Enjoy it. It is like one particular huge juxtaposition. A city of contrasts blending the old with the new in a seamless mixture of historic temples and towering skyscrapers, pop culture and ancient tradition, beer and fruit juice (yes that is a preferred drink in Japan).

Quite a few individuals dream of going to Tokyo but have trepidations about going alone. On the other hand, I would argue that If you are new to traveling solo, Japan is one particular of the finest locations to start. It is secure and surprisingly welcoming.

In contrast to the huge cities I’m made use of to (*cough LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Cough*) individuals in Japan are really good, and will go out of their way to assist you (thoughts-blowing, appropriate?). Every person I encountered was really friendly, and overly beneficial (most of the time I didn’t even want to ask for assist, they would just see the confusion on my face and step in to help).

Getting a blonde hair, blue eyed, American it was challenging not to stick out like a sore thumb (physically). On the other hand, in spite of getting the only blonde practically everywhere I went, I never ever felt like I was getting watched or judged (except by kids who sometimes stared at me like I was a actual-life emoji or anything).

Eventually, I definitely adored Tokyo and can not advise this location hugely sufficient for everyone, specially solo female travelers. If you are going to Tokyo (or Japan) for the initially time, right here are some suggestions to assist you make the most of your travels:

Solo Travel in Tokyo: 10 Tips For Your First Trip to Japan



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