six Issues I discovered about swimwear from designing my personal swim line


six Issues I discovered about swimwear from designing my personal swim line

If you guys have been following along on Instagram, y0u know that, soon after wearing bikinis and 1-pieces 365 days a year, I decided to start off my personal Jetset Christina swimwear brand, Watercolors! It was 1 of the most thrilling and difficult points I’ve ever decided to do (you can study extra about how it all occurred right here), and I loved bringing you all along for the crazy ride from the conceptualization of the suits to exactly where we are now! I wanted to share a small extra insight into the method and give you all a peek into what designing a line was actually like!

six points I discovered about swimwear from designing my personal swim line 

A best 1-piece all about the match

Okay so possibly I knew this going into deciding to make 1-pieces, but when you are attempting on sample soon after sample at the factory, you realize  just how a lot goes into creating a 1-piece swimsuit match completely – and it is not simple to get the precise match you are searching for. When we would tweak 1 issue about the suit, it would fully modify the match, and there have been a LOT of tweaks that went into creating this design and style best. Going into it, I knew the most significant issue was that I wanted some thing that would really feel super comfy all day – whether or not you have been at a pool celebration, on a boat, swimming about in the water, or playing beach volleyball. I wanted it to be FUNCTIONAL, but also appear in-freaking-credible on the beach. I also wanted it to be, in the smart words of Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Adore, “the best mixture of attractive and cute.”

The greatest swimwear fabrics are produced in Colombia

Okay possibly I’m a bit biased right here, considering that the factory and fabrics I worked with for Watercolors is in Medellin, Colombia, but seriously guys I felt about 10000 fabrics prior to deciding on 1 for the line, and fell in enjoy with just about every single Colombian 1. You can really feel the distinction and you’d be shocked how a lot of of the most significant names in swimwear get their fabrics from Colombia.

Colors are the hardest portion of creating swimwear

As soon as you have a design and style, it really should be simple to get it on a suit, correct? Incorrect. Even when I had a design and style finalized on the laptop, it was a fully distinct and treacherous method to get that design and style onto the swim fabric. Just about every colour appears distinct as soon as you place it on fabric, and the second you believe you want some “coral” in your design and style, you understand you have to choose from about 100 corals. It is a headache and a half, particularly for a perfectionist like me.

Naming the swimsuits is the most entertaining portion

I had so a lot entertaining naming every single of the suits in our Jetset collection. I decided that they have been all going to be named soon after stunning destinations about the globe (naturally), so that you all could put on them in stunning destinations about the globe! I loved matching every single suit’s “personality” to a bunch of stunning locations about the globe. From The Zanzibar to the Rio, these suits will have you wanting to book a flight someplace exotic, stat.

We’ve all been reading size charts all incorrect.

Or at least I have!!! Did you know that you are supposed to study ALL your measurements and take the biggest 1 on the chart for your size? For instance – on our size chart right here, we have 3 measurements – waist, bust, and torsto. My waist is technically an XS, my bust a Tiny, but my torso a Medium – so I put on a Medium. I really feel like my complete life I’ve just gone off of 1 of these measurements, which is in all probability why I generally finish up ordering the incorrect size!

High quality Charges $$$$

In other words, excellent swimwear is not low cost. And I do not know about you guys, but I do not want my swimwear to be low cost. Superior fabric fees dollars, it is as basic as that. And, when you are acquiring a swimsuit that is produced by hand from an outstanding upscale all-lady-run factory in Colombia, it is not going to be the very same value as the suits you uncover at Target or Amazon that are produced in sweatshops in China.

I was fairly shocked by how a lot it fees to make swimwear, but I chose good quality more than expense-cutting just about every step of the way with these 1-pieces. My boyfriend Kenny laughed when I (of course) fell in enjoy with the most high-priced fabric – not realizing any of the rates. But good quality was so significant to me with these swimsuits mainly because I want them to final you a extended time – and a lot of, a lot of vacays!! I loved that the fabric we chose is salt and chlorine resistant – so it lasts way longer than your typical swimwear.

Whilst most of us are fairly accustomed to paying more than $100 for a swimsuit these days, if the pricing scares you – just recall that good quality in the garments we put on may perhaps expense extra, but you really feel greater wearing them. I also personally enjoy realizing the stories behind the perform that went into the garments and brands I select to acquire, so I’m not just acquiring from some anonymous firm, but rather investing in a brand that I enjoy. You guys can rest assured that if you acquire a 1-piece from Watercolors you are not only supporting me and Kenny Flowers, you are supporting a slew of fantastic ladies who have worked extremely tough to make this line best for you.  



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