Portland’s Major 10 Bites of 2019


By Kacey Mya of The Drifter Collective

1 of the very best approaches to practical experience travel is by indulging in the neighborhood cuisine.

In Portland, Maine, there are several dishes crafted with fresh, neighborhood meals that every single visitor ought to attempt. Right here are the best 10 dishes that Portlanders really like — and guests will, as well:

1. Pancakes With Maple Syrup

The most crucial meal of the day wants to be scrumptious and satisfy hearty appetites. Pairing buttery pancakes with fresh fruit and neighborhood syrup to make breakfast is classic. For Portlanders, the pancakes are wonderful, but they are not necessarily the highlight. It is the maple syrup — which is made all more than Maine — that tends to make the meal.

Folks from Maine really like their maple syrup so substantially, they have a day named Maine Maple Sunday every year in March to celebrate the official state sweetener.

Potato Donuts

Common donuts are created with
yeast, salt, butter, sugar, buttermilk and flour — but then there are potato
donuts. This Portland staple has these identical components as nicely, but there are
also mashed potatoes thrown in, creating them heartier than your common glazed
or iced breakfast treat.

Folks in Portland really like that they can consume their savory spuds in a sweet way. The Holy Donut, created potato donuts a staple when they opened in 2011 and began cranking out 40 dozen a week — all created from scratch — prior to increasing to 100 dozen and far more. Now, they make more than two million donuts a year.

three. Poutine Fries

Poutine is also common amongst Portland potato enthusiasts, particularly when it originated just subsequent door. Initially from Canada, poutine is created with thick-reduce french fries, locally sourced cheese curds and homemade gravy. The dish is usually supplied as an appetizer or side and is gone inside minutes.

four. Hot Dogs

Carnival and fair meals have a spot on the Portlander’s plate as nicely.

Jazzing up a hot dog is some thing Portland requires pride in, particularly when inventive renditions turn out to be common. Produced with neighborhood beef, restaurants like Blue Rooster Co. and El Corazon are crafting franks featuring flavors like kimchi, peanuts, beans and guacamole. Adding a bit far more to the hot dog appears to give it a far better spot on the menu.

five. Crab Salad

Crab salad is a customizable dish, which can be supplied as an appetizer
or key meal. Crabbers catch and harvest their crabs off Portland’s personal shores,
so the crab is constantly fresh. Major a bed of fresh greens with it or use it to
dress up your pasta salad for some northern Atlantic flair.

six. Clambake

A standard clambake you could come across in New England is completed more than a fire-pit in the sand — but it can also be completed without the need of. It is created of mussels, clams, lobster and any other sort of seafood you like, along with corn, potatoes, onions and other veggies. It is entirely customizable, so it’ll probably differ a bit based on exactly where it is becoming served, but it is fantastic for these who want to indulge in a selection of seafood. Plus, it feeds several men and women at one particular time, so it is perfect for sharing at parties and particular occasions.

7. Haddock Chowder

Haddock and fish chowder is a further delicacy Portlanders really like. The dish was developed by Helen and Larry Mugnai when they opened Helen’s Restaurant in 1950, and it is been named a New England classic ever considering the fact that.

eight. Lobster Grilled Cheese

It wouldn’t be the very best bites of Portland, Maine without the need of mentioning

Lobster finds itself in several seafood dishes, but none are like the lobster grilled cheese. Seared amongst two thick slices of bread with melted butter and cheese, lobster grilled cheese is a classic created for Portlanders of all ages.

9. Lobster Pie

Apart from adding lobster to their grilled cheese, Portlanders have identified approaches to incorporate lobster into other dishes, as well.

Combining all the warm, comforting elements of pot pie with Portland
lobster, lobster pot pies are popping up on the meals scene and delighting taste
buds. It is like chicken pot pie, but it makes use of lobster tails and crab combined
with the chicken broth and fresh vegetables alternatively.

10. Lobster Rolls

Provided at several restaurants and meals stands, lobster rolls are one particular of the very best dishes when it comes to standard Portland fare. Blanketed with butter that highlights the fresh catch and seeps into the soft bun, a lobster roll is some thing every single Portland visitor ought to practical experience. It is one particular of the ought to-consume products when you check out Maine.

The Way to Portland’s Heart

Any of the dishes above are bound to turn guests into satisfied travelers. When stomachs are happy, so are hearts — and they’ll want to come back.

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